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FlexiShield Skin for Nokia Lumia 925 - Smoke Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the Nokia Lumia 925, this black FlexiShield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39631

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 4.7 stars from 32 customers

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Great fit
Great fit
Great fit
Great fit
Dropped phone and it didn't break choice as☺
Product as good as expected
Because of its flex quality it accords considerable protection to the phone which is otherwise very slippery.

Cons : It fits just a wee bit above the glass level of the phone making it slightly difficult to access the corner keys on the keqboard.

On the whole a good product and I wouls recommend the same.
Perfect Fit!
I needed to buy a cover for my Nokia Lumia 925, as without one, the phone was just too slippy and move too much on different types of surfaces, and slip out your hand.
I went onto the Nokia website to look for a cover for my Lumia 925, as they don't actually sell them - well they didn't at the time I looked in July'14 anyhow.
After a Google search, came across mobilefun.co.uk and saw this white Lumia 925 cover option.
I was sceptical at first, thinking it wouldn't fit, or the quality would be poor, but I was totally shocked when it was quite the opposite.
It fitted perfectly, and looked great! Had loads of compliments, as it actually looks as if its built into the phone it fits that well.
Only cons, the buttons on the side of the phone, i.e. screen un-lock, and volume buttons - it would be ideal if the phone cover had cut out slots for these buttons, as it can be a fit fiddly to sometimes press these buttons through the phone cover - but it doesn't put me off the cover.
Excellent case
I have to say the case is great and the reviews helped. Keeps the phone from slipping out of your hand. It does have a see through look to the case as I thought it would be a solid colour but this does not detract from how nice it fits and looks.
Nice fitting - poor colour.
Effective case but it looked a lot more like a solid black on the images which it isn't. It was bought to hide scratches that occurred after dropping it and only just manages to do this although in some light the cover is see through enough to make the scratches visible through it.
Flexishield Skin
Excellent skin cover for the Nokia 925, similar to the free one that came with the Nokia 800. If you've dry skin hands, this cover re-affirms your grip on the phone, but will still slip comfortably into your shirt pocket.
happy with the product.
it fits perfectly and is protecting my nokia well i think.
Great Phone Cover
I only had my phone 1 month, I let it slip out of my hand and broke. It cost me 100 euro to get fixed. I decided to buy this cover and it is brilliant. The phone doesn't slip any more and feels more confortable and safe in my hand. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Spot On
The new Lumia phones are so shiny and slippery that I was afraid it wouldn't be long before mine fell onto a hard floor and broke.
With the FlixShield skin, I have already dropped it a couple of times without any adverse effect.
Great Case
This is an excellent protective rubber case, not bulky in any way, excellent grip and fits the Nokia Lumia 925 perfectly. Forget about the hard cases that cover the true shape of your phone. Already have a Blue one for personal use. Great product and low price. Definitely recommend.
An Essential Accessory
The new Nokia is so slippery that this is essential and exactly what I needed. My previous Lumia 800 came with one as standard.
This is an excellent cover, rubber feel, excellent grip and fits the Nokia Lumia 925 perfectly, just ordered another one in Black for work and already have a Blue one for personal. Great product and low price. Definitely recommend.
nokia smokey blue 925 cover
I am really happy with cover. Its sturdy and protects the phone. Could not find cover in any phone shop. Great to your door delivery. Little bit difficult to manage controls but overall I am delighted.
"Fits Like A Glove"
I have purchased flex skins from lots of different websites before,and from famous auction sites as well.
But never as a skin fitted so well and the quality been so good as this one i purchased from Mobilefun.
It fits Perfect(Skin tight), and feels great as if it would never slip out of your hand.
This item was out of stock when i tried to order, but i left my email and within days Mobilefun emailed to say the item was back in stock. a few clicks from the email and it was ordered. Two days later the skin was on my phone. Thanks to Mobilefun.
I can recommend this 100%.
Fits in perfectly
Purchased Nokia Lumia 925 Flexishield cover. Fits in perfectly. Got it in 10 days as promised. I was unable to get a cover from many stores locally as the mobile is a new model. I find this cover fitting in snugly and of good quality. All the ports have good access in this cover. Highly recommended.
Cool case
Better grip fancier, shinier phone. This case is awesome!!!
Good cover, feels like a tough gel. The colour is dark grey, not black. I was under the impression it would enclose more of the device in the front, as it appears online. Overall its a great cover for a great price.
FlexiShield Skin for Nokia Lumia 925
The Flexishield skin for the Nokia Lumia 925 is the perfect fit, feel and look for the Lumia 925.It gives you more grip so that you will have the confidence to hold it up without it slipping. It is tight fitting so you know you are not carring a "brick"! and the Lumia 925 still looks like a quality classy phone.

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