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FlexiShield Skin For HTC Desire S - Solid Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
FlexiShield Skin for the HTC Desire S
  • Mobile Fun ID 29062

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 3.9 stars from 19 customers

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Not bad but ...
The case offers a good level of protection, is well made, represents good value for money and looks good. But, it is now quite difficult to operate the on/off and volume buttons. You need to press really hard.
A bit dissapointing
The actual case wasnt the same colour or texture as suggested in picture.
It was more orange and not gel like.
The back was hard and the on/off button wasnt exposed (which would be a good idea to prevent water ingress) but the phone was hard to lock/unlock or turn off and on as a result.
Offers good protection but impairs usability
After reading all the positive reviews, I was pretty disappointed with this case. It is a very sturdy case so would imagine would offer great protection ... but the casing was way too stiff and started to get annoyed with the casing.

When pressing the button at the top (power/standby) it would take 3-4 pushes for it to spring into life even if pressing very firmly. The volume control button was the same. My husband also struggled with this so was not just me.

I have now bought an alternative case.
Solid buy, but use a design update
First of all, I must say the service of mobilefun is excellent.
The delivery of this item took longer than expected, so Mobilefun shipped the other items earlier, preventing me to have to wait for those items.
The product is indeed a solid buy. The material is dureable and gives solid protection without making the phone bulky.
The fact that it is slighty transparant is very nice feature, since it does not turn the phone into a graphite black rubbery "thing".
The used material improves the grip on the phone significantly.
But, I found that the material covering the on/off and volume button prevented me to use them properly. I cut away the material with a Dremel and I think that is a huge improvement.
If not for that design mistake, I would have given it 6 stars (seriously, I think it is that good.).
An excellent buy
Easy to fit, protect you phone and keep it looking good. This product "does exactly what it say in the description."
An all round good buy.
FlexiShield Skin For HTC Desire S
fitted in seconds and offers excellent body protection for desire s
also huge improvement with gripping the phone,solid buy
Fits like a glove
Protective case fits like a glove (as expected) good product and delivered promptly.
Flexishield Skin for HTC Desire S
Very pleased with this item well consructed covers rear of phone completely, gives good solid protection. Highly recommended.
Excellent service.
Exactly what I was looking for
Call me awkward if you want, but I like to keep my phone looking nice so having a case to protect the body is really important. This case not only looks good but is so easy to fit and adds extra grip on the phone as well.
Flexishield skins are a must. This one looks good and is a perfect snug fit on the desire S. It doesn`t come off like the silicone skins when you slide it in you pocket.
An absolute must
To ensure the longevity of any hand-held electronic device I always feel it is necessary to have some kind of cover. This case is ideal, as I have already dropped it a couple of times and the phone continues to work with no scratches. The desire s was already beginning to scratch and wear away at the corners and so the cover now keeps it looking new. It also makes typing on the keypad easier with a firmer grip. Otherwise unobtrusive. Very promptly delivered. Could have come in some other colours to make it look a little bit more individualised.
Good purchase
Does what it says on the label - good protection for the Desire S. Fitting was no bother and I am well pleased with this.

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