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FlexiShield Skin for Google LG Nexus 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the LG Google Nexus 4, this black Flexishield gel case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
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 4.6 stars from 86 customers

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Great product!
Looks great and is very durable! Fits on easily and its definitely the best looking phone cover I've had yet!
Great product!
Looks great and is very durable! Fits on easily and its definitely the best looking phone cover I've had yet!
Great product
It looks great, is a comfortable fit and lightweight yet sturdy, and its probably my favorite case I've had yet for my Google Nexus 4 phone! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Great product
It looks great, is a comfortable fit and lightweight yet sturdy, and its probably my favorite case I've had yet for my Google Nexus 4 phone! I highly recommend it to everyone!
I am really pleased with the phone cover. It fits well and the phone still looks great. Just wish I had bought it before I cracked the back, although it hides it completely. Would definitely recommend.
Flexishield Skin for Nexus
Great little cover for the Nexus. It was a very timely purchase as the phone was dropped a couple of days after the cover arrived. Phone survived the fall and no damage. The lip in front of the screen protected it perfectly. Would definitely recommend this product.
Smoke Flexi Shield Skin
The colour (smoke)is smart and sophisticated. The case is quite thick and having dropped it down the stairs once already, I know it does the job of protecting the phone!
My only worry is if, I were to scratch the screen of the phone as this case only protects the edges and back of the phone.
Good value for the high quality of the case.
It's a great case!
The case fits my Google Nexus 4 very well - no gaps and no added weight or bulk. The case is smooth but not slippery and my phone feels secure when I'm holding it in my hand. Smoke color is as described. Would recommend!
Good Experience
Every thing was good. Price, ease of ordering, prompt delivery, good product.
Excellent product
Short review: The best product I've had so far :)
Good product
Definitely worth purchasing. Fits very snugly on the Nexus 4 but is easy to get on and off. Has a nice tactile slightly rubbery feel to it, which makes holding the slippery N4 so much easier. And very slim too. Definitely a good purchase for an every day cover.
Durable phone cover
It looks well with the phone, the frost colour doesn't hide the phones own colour, durable, good fit.
Arrived really quickly after ordering.
Perfect for my phone!
The cover arrived within a few days in perfect condition, exactly what I needed for my Nexus 4. Very happy! Phone looks great and is protected.
Beautiful, elegant yet cheap!
I've ordered 3 items from this site. A GenX Nexus 4 Bumper, Flexiframe Clear/Black Nexus 4 Bumper and this one. The Flexiframe Bumper looked the best on my white Nexus 4 giving it a Stormtrooper-esque look, however in terms of build quality, this case wins. It gives my phone a simplistic look while protecting the phone's fragile glass back. I really recommend this case.
discrete tidy cover
I was initially worried about the size of my new phone and reluctant to order a cover that was going to protect but be larger than the device.
Fear not, this is perfect in my eyes. Neat and feels great. Not sticky to hold, just right. Smoked transparency suits the device. Would recommend for those who don't want to bulk their device but give protection. One of my cheap charger micro usb doesn't fit as perfect as all the others but that's a back up for emergency charging anyway. perfect delivery speed and service. Will use again, thanks MoFu!
Fits the phone snugly without adding to the bulk of the phone and provides much needed protection for the back glass cover. The semi transparent design means that it doesnt detract from the styling of the phone. Also affords a better grip to what is a VERY slippery phone. Would recommend!
Great value, good quality and feel, and very prompt delivery - pefect
The flexi jell cover and surround fits my phone like a glove, giving it a high quality look and feel and very adequate protection. Price was amazing and I wasn't expecting the quality to be high - but it is. All cut outs in the right place and doesn't take away from the smartness and lines of the Nexus 4 at all. Good stuff.
Really good!!!!! :)
Case material is really nice to touch. On the back piece it's soft and has a matte feel. It's also really rubbery and bendy, in a nice way.

Then around the edges its still a little rubbery, but clear, shiny and harder to squash. This is what protects the phone from when you drop it!

You can easily see the "Nexus" logo through the back.

All of the holes are in the right place for the different ports etc.

Slides in and out of your pocket easily, yet harder to slip out of your hand and onto the floor.

Feels really nice and dare I say 'expensive?' in your hand.

Does not detract from the beauty of the device itself.

Looks and feels a lot more expensive than it was.

I like that the packaging was cheap, because my money went into a nice case rather than some throw-away packaging!

Can't believe I ever spent more than a tenner on a phone case after buying this one.

Update: I dropped my phone on the floor outside my house at the weekend - not a scratch on it! :)

Recommend this case over anything else I've seen.
Very slick bumper, it looks like part of the phone, it doesn't add to the size and it feels very comfortable. Only downside would be that it makes pressing the power button a bit harder. Great price too!
Just the Job
Excellent bumper/cover which protects the back of the phone as well as the edges. Fits perfectly and only slightly increases the size of the phone. As another reviewer commented, the cover feels smooth to the touch and is not tacky like some gel covers. Have not drop tested it - trying my best to avoid that! Would definitely recommend.
perfect fit
The nexus 4 has a fragile looking front and back so needed more protection than wrap around edge only product but didn't want full armoured case as I have small hands. This flexible skin fits like a glove around side and back with a fine lip over front. The lip will protect from scratches when set on flat surface. The rubber like skin also gives protection if dropped although probably not foolproof if dropped from height on hard floor. Perfect midrange protection and buttons still accessible.
I'm very happy with the FlexiShield Skin for Google LG Nexus 4. It fits like a glove, giving perfect access to all the ports - headphones, charging port etc. It's also kind of slim, resulting in carrying it in your pocket easy. And putting it face down is no longer a worry, as there is a beading to prevent scratches on the face. I would highly recommend this!
does the job!
It's a slim, snug fit and looks good on the phone.
Just the job
Fits the phone perfectly, looks smart and - most importantly - provides good all round protection including a slight rim at the front. Also has a pleasant feel, not as slippery as the glass phone back but not tacky like some gel cases. Would recommend.
Does what it says it does
What else can I say? It looks grand, fits really well and is very easy to slip on or off. In fact, for me, it makes the little buttons on the Nexus 4 actually a bit easier to find(!) and use. But then I am getting on a bit these days.
Just the job
Good product, does exactly what it says without affecting operation or styling. highly recommended.
Does it's Job
I would say that this is an average nexus 4 case at best. The aesthetics are average, the nexus logo is visible on the reverse but the stiffness of the button covers make it a little hard to push them. Also being made out of a flexible material there is some bulging at the sides giving the illusion that the phone is wider somehow. It does it's job but is very average. If nothing else is in stock then I would say this is the emergency 'must protect my phone at all costs' option.
Gripiness about right
The skin is not super grippy, but it means I can still get the phone in and out of my pocket easily and most importantly, can now rest the Nexus 4 on my knee or slightly sloping table without it slipping off. It is a snug fit but the flexibility of the silicon material means it can be fitted and removed quite easily, if needed. It requires a little extra force to operate the power and volume controls, but I have not found it to be a problem at all using my short thumb and finger nails - it's not quite so easy using the fleshy tip of thumb or finger, so very long nails might be problematic (I know nothing of the strength of nail extensions etc). The skin has a small lip to protect the screen if you want to put the phone face down. The various cutouts seem to be about the right size to me. It looks like it will provide some shock protection, especially on the corners (not tested, thankfully). I am very pleased with my purchase.
great protection
I have dropped my Nexus twice to the floor, onto tarmac and this case saved the phone... NO DAMAGE !
What more can I say.
Very quick service.
Excellent case.
I bought this as an alternative to the official Google Nexus 4 bumper.
i wanted something to protect the back also, as this is made of glass and felt the bumper wouldn't be sufficient.
I had FlexiShield case for my old HTC Desire and was very happy with it so opted for one for my new Nexus 4.
It does a great job. Phone fits nice and snug and doesn't make the phone that much bigger.
Overall I would rate this product as a 5 Star.
perfect choice
I looked at lots of other covers and decided to buy this one and it was the perfect choice. Allows you to use the phone just as if there was no cover on it at all.
Flexishield Skin for Nexus 4
Cheap, protective, much more grippy than the shiny phone back and have saved my phone from smashing having been dropped once already!
Great value protector for Nexus 4 smartphone
Like a lot of previous reviews I was trying to get the bumper for the Nexus 4 phone which was constantly sold out. Thought I buy this one as the price was right and the reviews favourable. I'm so happy with this case I'm not even going to bother with the bumper. Fits snug and all the cutouts are there
prefect phone protector
This phone skin seems ideal, soft plastic but not silicone soft, a good fit on the phone protecting all around the edge and also giving protection to the screen when laid face down. All buttons are covered but can be pressed as easily as without the case and all ports and mic holes are uncovered. Has the added benefit that it gives the Nexus4 some extra grip and stops it sliding off things because of its slippery glass back cover.

A good compromise between a full case and a minimalist protector.
Excellent service from this company, I cannot beleive how quickly they have dealt with this purchase, I am more than satisfied with the product and the service, brilliant, I am just about to order another item from you as I finish writing this. Thank you.
Great product
Really good cover, fits great, also great service, speedy delivery and good info re order updates
Fits like a glove!!
Its not often I submit a review on things I buy, unless of course I need to have a moan! But after having finally managing to get my hands on the Nexus 4 I didn't want to risk damaging it, so I purchased this case. I was a little apprehensive as I really didn't want to put a cover on such a beautiful phone, however the case in my opinion does not damage the looks of the phone in any way. Great product...and great service too....
Great All-Round Case
Before purchasing the product, my concern with it was aesthetics and how well it would protect the phone.

In hindsight I needn't have worried about either. The transparent sides allow you to find any and all buttons and ports. The back is a sleek, smooth and slightly transparent smoky grey colour.
The good build quality of the phone and the extra layer of protection the case provides cements my confidence in my phone's durability.

My only qualm is with the accessibility of the audio jack. Perhaps I have some thick audio cables but mine took some DIY and a pen knife to get them to fit in comfortably. My earphones however fit fine. Also, the case overlaps onto the phone's screen and causes some bubbles in the screen protector to appear but that may be more an issue with the screen protector.

Overall, with this case, a decent film to cover the screen and some DIY, my phone feels invincible, functional and it retains it's good looks inside the plastic casing.
Slim and tight fit
I needed a case due to the unfortunate circumstance in which the back of my case had cracked, so needed some extra protection and quick. I ordered Next Day Delivery on Saturday afternoon, expecting dispatch that day, however I did not receive the item until Tuesday, which was annoying since I paid the extra out of urgency. Regardless, the case is exactly as described, and fits snug to my Nexus 4. The smoke effect of this case works well with the gloss black, not completely covering the crack, yet this actually looks quite interesting now. The price I paid was fair, as the case feels like it will be very durable, and does not add too much bulk to the phone. Overall, great buy, although a shame about delivery options.
Great case!
Fits the phone perfectly, and all the cut-outs are nice and large so that, for example, the camera and flash are not obscured or a USB plug's insertion is not impeded. The lip on the front edge just raises the screen above flat surfaces. It feels less slippery than the phone itself, without appreciably adding to its bulk and I like the way the case allows the phone's branding to show through, though the 'sparkle' feature isn't visible: ho hum. The case covers the on/off and volume buttons, and this is where I had a problem. On first fitting, phone switched off and the button cover continued to press the on/off button so that it wouldn't switch on again. Twenty seconds with a craft knife had the button cover cut out and it's just about perfect now. The volume buttons are little stiffer to press, but not appreciably so. All in all I am very pleased with this case and would thoroughly recommend it.
Great product
Great service, super fast delivery, couldn't fault the item, which is a great fit for my nexus 4, and the company were very professional.
Perfect fit for the device
Instead of waiting forever for the official nexus 4 bumper to come back in stock, I thought this gel case would do the job for a while. But after seeing it in the flesh and seeing how well it fitted the phone, I'm definitely going to keep it as my main case! Recommended to anyone who just got a nexus 4 and needs a stylish, durable and perfectly fitting case:-)
Snug as a bug in a rug...
Fits perfectly, and has all the holes in the right places. Most importantly the micro-USB cut-out is large enough to take even the fattest of USB cables, if you don't have the original Nexus 4 cable around.

Also, the headphone socket hole is large enough for a variety of headphones.

The case has a nicely raised lip running all the way round, which sits higher than the screen, so you can have the screen face-down on flat surfaces if you need to.

The hole around the camera does not interfere with the camera or flash in anyway at all.

It feels like this case is very well made and durable and will last a long time.

The case covers the on/off and volume buttons, and makes them a little stiffer to use, but I think this is a good thing as it can prevent accidental pressing.

Overall. I am exceptionally pleased with this case, and I am a very fussy monkey!

Buy it!
Superb fit good quality.
Now my phone feels safe.
I just upgraded my phone to the Google Nexus 4 and I wanted a case that would be grippy and give the phone some protection. I previously had a FlexiShild Skin for my HTC so I knew it was a good product. The case gives the phone that little bit extra protection if you drop it, although I wouldn't take my chances by trying. It also has a nice secure feel to it when in your hand. The front face of the case protrudes out a little from the front of the phone to give a little bit of extra protection to the screen. I purchased the smoke tinted case, and I really like the way it allows the branding of the phone to show through. All function buttons work perfectly through the skin. All in all, a really good product for a great price. Recommend.
Reasonable for the price
The case fits well, and seems to provide good protection (the real test would be to drop the phone - but I'm not going to do that deliberately!). It certainly solves the too-slippery problem caused by the glass front and rear on the phone itself. My one criticism is that the holes for the speaker and camera are perhaps a little larger than I would have made them.
Great Cover! Great Fit!
This is a really good cover. Been looking for a cover for my Nexus for a long time.
Saw some of the other reviews and decided to try it.
It fits the phone well and feels great. I have to agree with one of the other reviewers that the Unlock button doesn't always respond when pressed. Its not that bad really. I just put a small piece of clear plastic wrapper in there and its all sorted. The extra lip on the front protects it from getting scratched when placed down.

Overall great cover! I would recommend purchasing it.
Would Recommend
Brought this for straight after buying my nexus and it has done a great job. Great fit for the phone, nice to hold. It raises the screen of the a surface when placed screen down. The buttons are still easy tl press. Phone gets a bit hot in the case while charging and it makes the phone feel a bit bulkier. Apart from this its a great buy.
Good fit
Excellent fit case, easy to get on and off, feels like its protecting it as it should. Only snag is that it makes the power button hard to press, the plastic here needs to be a lot thinner. I tried cutting out the button cover piece but it makes it harder to press because its so small now. Overall good
A Decent Choice
Having been lucky enough to obtain a Nexus 4 in early December, I also ordered a 'Bumper Case' from Google Play.
The naked phone was quite slippery, so I fitted the Bumper, which looked great, but I was disappointed to find that it was still just as slippery along the edges and it only took one close shave for me to decide that I needed a gel-type case.
I chose the FlexiShield Skin as it looked good. It fits the phone perfectly and once fitted I was able to handle the phone with more confidence, as although the sides of the skin are shiny, they still provide plenty of grip. It does hide the attractive pattern on the back of the phone, but I am very pleased with my purchase.
good protection
After managing to get a nexus 4, I was in that difficult position of a naked phone. I needed some protection fast! This case is just the job without adding too much bulk to the phone.

It is a perfect fit and is clearly designed for the nexus 4. All the required openings are in the correct places. I feel much more confident holding my new toy with this case on.

The case adds a raised lip around the edge of the phone, allowing you to place the phone face down without the screen touching the table. The opening for the rear facing camera also prevents the lens and flash from touching the surface it rests on.

This was going to be a short term case until I got a proper one. But it is better than I expected, and may take some beating.
very suprised
very good quality and fit.delivery excellent.
flexisheild casing
love the simple clean design, really protects and compliments the nexus 4.
Good quality overall
Just got this case earlier this week and I'm pleased with it. More flexible than the other gel cases I've used in the past. Would recommend this.

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