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FlexiShield Dot LG G4 Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the LG G4, this FlexiShield Dot case in black provides a perfect fit and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53071
$8.10 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 23 customers

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Good transaction
Good, prompt transaction with a good quality product
Received the package and happy with it.
Sorry about my recent reviews........big apologies.
Love this case my new lgg4 phone took its first fall from about 5 feet onto concrete path was ln slow mo as it fell hit first on corner then come to rest on its back there was the smallest mark on the corner of the case.recomend a good toughened screen protector as well. Very impressed case gives added grip and cut outs in all the right places.
What a phone case, just WOW
My first true love, other than Jessica in middle school, is this phone case. This phone case has more than Jessica though; I can hold it in my hand, we always spend the night next to each other, and it will never ever leave me. I could not recommend this phone case enough. In all seriousness, excellent phone case. Could not recommend enough.
Fits great
Pros: Fits the phone perfectly, nice color, nice texture.
Cons: Seams on the side from the mold are sharp and uncomfortable. I had to file them down with a nail file.
Great item posted on time and really happy with the good service and communications. Thanks, I will be back
Good value for money
Feels great in my hands
It gives the phone basic protection, but it feels like you're holding your G4 without the case.
Great grip

Maybe a little too thin, but I was looking for something like this
It doesn't fit 100% snuggly, but does its job
Quality of the material is not bad considering the price

This case is good if you want to avoid bulky cases and still have a great grip. Since its so thin I recommend using a tempered glass screen protector.
I Like it
I Like it. It feels like, looks like, acts like and fits nicely like a phone case. It's a good phone case. A sturdy phone case. Makes a good case for you to buy this case.
just fine
Fits phone just fine. No problems and enjoying it.
Ok, I was completely drawn to the fact that it was a pretty colour case but it turned out to be awesome. I drop my phone a lot and having a brand new LG G4 nearly gave me a heart attack when I first dropped it and this case definitely has saved it, many times!
Good quality inexpensive phone case
Shipping took a bit longer than I expected, but the phone case I ordered for my LGG4 is solid, fits perfectly, and looks good.
this is a great softback tactile case, not only looks good, but feels good to when on the phone and held, none slip and creates no sweaty hand, like some soft gel like case, the phone looks smart and keeps it slim and non bulky.
perfect fit and well worth it, good value and quality id recommend this case. !!!!
The case fits well without pulling the back cover
The case fits well without pulling the back cover (leather) off the phone if you remove it. It is not as grippy or soft as I had hoped but does the job well. It offers protection to the screen and camera lense which really is what you want it to do.

MobileFun delivered the order really quick - it was here within two working days. Great price and service - I will order again. Thanks!
Nice colors
Beautiful case the only thing wrong is it came bent on the side and didn't sit right and it got dirty and the dirt doesn't come out :(
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kathy

Sorry to hear the item was damaged in transit, please contact us for a replacement.
The case looks nice, it feels nice and it came relatively quickly. Would have been nice to have a tracking number but that's okay. No problems here.
Good case
Very good and flexible case! Good grip and perfect for the pocket. I would recommend!
Great value, decent quality
Looking for something that was a little more protective than my aluminium bumper, but not as hardcore as an otterbox or similar brought me to this case. For the price it is very decent. Soft rubber which has a nice enough finish and adds a lot of tactile grip to the phone. Sadly, the edges are a little rough, and there are still some mould marks around the edges.

Fast delivery, overall very happy.
Seems pretty good
Case arrived today and it seems pretty good. Nice tight fit, good feel to it and the phone still looks smart. They always make out these cases to be ultra thing but lets face it - you phone it's got a case on! But it's not overly bulky and the cut-outs for the camera, mics etc are nice and neat. Also the texture (but harder/more plastic than I expected) gives it needed grip.

Overall I'm pleased but time will tell as to whether it stays as firm and tightly fitting.

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