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FlexiShield Case For Samsung Galaxy S3 - Pink Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. In a stylish pink colour.
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 4.2 stars from 56 customers

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Fitted beautifully
Bought for the wife's phone which now looks like a proper girl's phone.
Good case but a bit tight
The case is good, with a simple design and gives a lot of protection to the phone.
My phone had the battery cover book flip case. I didn't like it and cut the front part. However, the design of the cover is a bit more thick on that side and, because the case is made to fit tightly to the phone, it didn't work well with that cover.
My solution was to get rid of the cover an use the phone only with the case. It had been working fine until now.
Great service
I ordered 2 phone covers from mobile zap. The we're such a great price and great quality. I was emailed every step of shipment etc. Overall very happy :))
Fits the bill perfectly!
This is the fourth time I have bought cases from this company as they "do exactly what it says on the tin" and are a fantastic price. The delivery service is also really fast. I am a very happy customer.
Quick delivery. Fits snugly. Protects the corners.
One small negative is that the volume key is a little bit difficult to operate.
Love the fexishield case will probably have 2 have more!
Good service, product a bit hmmmmm!
Hi, first time using Mobile Fun, good choice of products. I ordered two Flexi Shield covers for a Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. Both arrived as promised but not the same as each other. S4 cover has a cut out for the buttons on the side of the phone while the S3 covered them up and the cover has a different, rougher texture. I'm getting a bit fed up of the S3 cover as the slightest touch brings up the shutdown menu. Generally when using the camera function I end up accidently operating the zoom function or shutting the phone off. Any suggestions, please? Thanks Eddie.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Eddie,

Thank you for your review, and we're sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your purchase. This case was designed to provide all-round protection to the Galaxy S3, even protecting the buttons and ports etc.

If you are not happy wit
Great case!
Lovely color, great case, arrived fast!
Not very well thought-out
It works well enough when protecting the phone from bumps and scrapes. However, whoever designed it forgot to leave any holes for the buttons. When pressing one of the volume control buttons, therefore, it's very difficult to keep the case from pressing on the other one too. In the end I cut out the holes myself, because without them it was unusable.
Not bad for the price
Cheap but not the bottom of barrel, the vol. and pwr buttons are completely flush(don't stick out) and it is not raised(thicker) around the camera, unlike higher end cases.
Besides the things listed above its the same as the higher end silicon (or tcp) cases like belkin ... reviewed after 2 weeks of use .
Everything you need from a skin style case
I had used a FlexiShield case on my last HTC, lasted forever so sought out the same for my new SGS3. Provides excellent impact protection from accidental drops as the rubber soaks it up. Fits like a glove with access to all ports. Only negative is it covers side switches causing occasional accidental volume adjustment. Also 'clear' case is NOT clear but frosted.
Lovely case for the price
I got this when it was reduced to only £1.99 from a tenner and it is amazing for the price. Fits really tightly, but not so that you cant use the controls, or take it out easily. Blue colour is lovely and it feels really nice in your hand. I dropped it on the wooden floor in my living room and it survived without a mark. I do feel confident that it would survive a drop on the pavement but I'm not about to volunteer to find out!
Gel case
This gel case is very good. Its very hard wearing and if I let my phone drop it will protect it. However its so secure on to the phone that when I try to remove it, it removes the back cover too. Im concerned about this cause Im afraid that it will break the back cover at some stage. Also this case makes it difficult for me to control the volume button at the side of my phone. It also wont connect properly into my usb port in my car. I have to remove the case each time.
Perfect fit
Perfect fit on the phone and gives good protection. Great price.
Waste of money
Sure it's not expensive but I did expect it to be useable. The hole for the headphone jack doesn't line up properly which means I have to wrestle with it to get any headphones connected but as it turned out I shouldn't have wasted my time as the volume button only turns the volume down and not up due to the poor moulding. It also likes to rip the battery cover off the phone when it's removed. Poor show!
Great case!
This case is slim yet protects my new phone very well. I have bought a few of these for various phones now and whenever I get a new phone the first thing I do is come to MobileFun and search for FlexiShield.
Brilliant protection
This easy to fit clip on flexi back cover for the Samsung G3 is a definite must have to protect your new phone. You don't need to remove the back cover just clip it over, however this does mean that the phone is now slightly thicker however along with a good screen protector this flexi cover is all the protection you need. The added bonus is that the phone is now easier to hold as the flexishield is non slip and gives a better grip. Lovely colours too, will buy more.
Decent case
I bought this case as I was looking for a clear gel case to protect my S3. I initially purchased a cheap one from eBay but it was frosted white instead of clear so I returned it. This one I'm pleased to say is a lot clearer but isn't perfect. It also differs slightly from the one photographed on the add in that it has two little holes on the back in the bottom left corner. Initially I thought this might be for heat dissipation but a friend seems to think its for a lanyard attachment. The case protects the phone well and adds hardly any bulk to the phone. Buttons can easily be pressed through the case and all ports are clear. The case fits snugly so much so that when you remove it the battery compartment cover sometimes comes too.
Good product
Good product doe's what it should fits well my only gripe is it could do with a cut out for the volume switch and off/on switch but did it myself so happy days.
Good Protection. Based on Previous Experience.
The case appears to be slightly thinner than my previous Flexishield, which fitted my HTC Desire like a glove. Although this may be due to my new Galaxy being thinner? The case has also got a gloss finish, whereas my previous one was Matt, although it was a different colour. However despite it's apparent thinness, it's still a reasonably tight fit, and is definitely cushioned at the corners.
I've not tested it's ability to protect my new S3, when dropped from any great height, apart from a few carpeted steps. Although I expect that will happen sooner, rather than later.
However, after my previous phone, encased in a Flexishield, survived a fall down a (carpeted) flight of stairs unscathed, I fully expect this one to do likewise.
Definitely an item worth giving serious consideration to buying, if you're looking for something to protect your shiny new Galaxy S3.
Although do bear in mind, the Blue version, is more expensive, than any of the other colours available. Just like the phone it's self, funny enough.....
Tight Fit
Case is good quality and a good tight fit. As case has a shiny gloss finish inside, it made it incredibly difficult to fit squarely as it grips the instant it makes contact with the phone surface. Because of this, it now looks like there's water trapped between the case and phone which spoils the look somewhat. Otherwise it does the job it's designed for if slightly overpriced considering the final look.
Disappointing Product
I bought the clear version of this product and from the moment I tried to fit it I was disappointed. It did not fit well. Added to this was the fact that on contact with the back of the S3 you had air pockets that you could never get rid of that made it look terrible.
When you buy a lovely phone you want a case that compliments the looks of the phone and protects the phone too. It does not look good, especially in the clear version, and the fit could be a lot better. Not great really!
Fits perfectly
I've had lots of these cases over the years and they've nearly always been excellent. This one is no exception, it fits perfectly, is easy to remove (like for putting the phone in a car cradle) and has all the wholes in the right places. Only 2 comments I have are that volume and power are not holes, just thinner at those points but I'd prefer to feel the buttons more so I would prefer holes, I might cut them out later. Also, the S3 back is such that when you take this case off (and this'll be any case like this) it has a tendency to pull the back off too but you just need to take it off from the right corner each time, not a big issue though. Worth every penny, discrete and protective without getting in the way.
Perfect Fit
Great product, it does what it says on the tin. Very strong and gives protection to the phone without adding much thickness. The fit is perfect for my phone I can't think of a better product.

Only negative I have is if I try taking the cover of it pulls the back cover of the phone.

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