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FlexiShield Case for HTC One M7 - 100% Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the HTC One M7, this 100% clear Ultra-Thin FlexiShield case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage while adding next to nothing in size and weight.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39130

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 4.7 stars from 101 customers

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Very Good
Simply super,
Really nice!
I bought it because I wanted a case that showed off my phone while still offering some protection against scratches. It fits perfectly and has a nice texture. Looks like it will last me a long time!
Excellent service. Thanks.
Receive my item in good condition in three days by ordinary mail. Excellent service and trusting company. Recommend to everyone. Keep up with your good work. Thanks.
Hole for noise cancelling mike
After searching i came to know that small hole (just below power button) found at back side of my mob is noise cancelling mike.

Please let me know whether this flexishield case for htc one m7 also have this hole ?
It Fits!
Thin, grippy, clear and it actually fits, unlike all the others.
Fits really well, perfect
Exactly as it states.
Clear case.
Fits really well, can access all ports easily, not going to come off when you don't want it too
Could save your phone if dropped.
Would recommend
Decent Product.
It fits fine and looks okay for what it cost. Would it protect the phone if you dropped it?... don't know.
fits lovely
Fast delivery. Fit my htc one m7 lovely.
the plastic flexible transparent case suit perfect my phone.

good price for this case

Not a high quality product
Not that clear and also it does not remain clean all the time. Attracts marks and finger prints. Price is good that you get 6 pieces but quality is not that high. If you can afford it is better to buy one item but of better quality. Thanks
Not as good quality as previous FlexiShield
Thinner material not as good quality as the previous one i bought
bought flexishield cover for my htc fone,perfect fit and as i have a gorgeous blue fone you can still see colour,ordered spare one,good delivery
Nice Case
Fits the htc one m7 perfectly, without adding any extra bulk.
An excellent case!
This case is made of a softer plastic than some and so really grips to the phone as well as offering better grip on surfaces. My previous case case good but a hard plastic.

I'd really recommend this case to people, it's well made, the holes line up perfectly, it's well made.
very positive..
Fits so well, as expected.
The cover is durable, feels great to hold and it is great value for money. Definitely recommended for people who are who are looking for a transparent cover for M7.
Better than the rest
I've had three of these (cheap) translucent HTC One cases now. This is by far the best as it fits extremely well (the edges of the case are straight along the phone) and is very clear meaning you can see all of the phone...

...all in all very good case, and kids have already dropped the phone with it on with no issues!
This is exactly what I was looking for my HTC One M7!

The cover is very durable, feels great to hold and above all, it is great value for money.

Definitely recommended for people who are looking for a transparent cover for their M7.

FlexiShield Case for HTC One M7
This phone case is the best case I have ever purchase. I love the case so much I bought one for my wife and one for my friend who also love the case too. The case just makes the phone looks and feel beautiful.
excellent value and function
Bought this to replace the double dip case which began to fall apart after a year. Not only does this provide better protection, in my opinion, but it also it allows me to see the superb design of the One, a major influence on my choice of phone in the first place!
Perfect for purpose
I have recently bought the HTC one in silver. I didn't want to buy a cover that would detract from the look of the phone so decided on a clear cover. The case arrived within 2 days even though I selected the standard 3-7 day delivery service. The case is exactly as described. It is thick enough to feel like your phone is being protected from the accidental knocks and bumps but thin enough that it doesn't make your phone bulky.
Love at first site !!
This case protects my phone but still allows it to show off all of it's good looks. Highly recommend it to my friends.
The right amount of protection
This is a great case for the HTC One. The phone feels protected but you can also still see it's great design and smooth lines.

Some cases can be to bulky, this case is just the right amount of protection without hiding the HTC One.
If you are looking for a simple streamlined case that won't make your phone more cumbersome, then this is a good choice for you. Since it is the clear case, it provides good protection around the back and edge protection for the front, all without inhibiting your phone's original good looks. Also provides a bit of slip resistance, too. And pay attention to the price--it's hard to beat!
Because the case is transparent, the HTC One can be seen in all its metallic glory. This, without having to worry too much about scratches and bruises. Case tough enough methinks to handle the occasional (unavoidable) drop. If you don't feel like using a cover which hides your phone, this is the product to go for. Recommended.
The perfect case
It offers good protection whilst not affecting the look of the phone! Liked it so much I recommended it to a friend for their samsung sIII mini.
Just the job
I wanted something that was unobtrusive and wouldn't detract from the fact that my phone was slim yet would still still protect it from everyday wear and tear. Does the job just fine for me.
nice cover
Got this cover last week. Nice bit of gear. Light and protective. Good price, came in 2.days.
Great item fits nice!
Glad I went for this
Looked at loads of expensive cases to protect my new baby but ended up going for probably the cheapest and yet most satisfactory solution. The FlexiShield provides all the protection I need BUT I still get to appreciate this beautiful piece of kit as the shield doesn't hide my phone away!
FlexiShield Case for HTC One - 100% Clear
I bought one of these a few weeks ago and like it so much I bought one for a friend of mine for his HTC One. I like that it covers the corners and edges very well yet it lets the beauty of the One show thru in all of its glory.

I would highly recommend this product as well as the HTC One, the world's greatest Android phone!
Looks better than I thought on my HTC One. I really like it
Just what I needed
Great little cover. Offers great all round protection including the edges. Cuts out are all in the right places. Will help with grip as the phone is a bit slippy on it's own. Should keep phone in good condition.
Just the job
The HTC One phone body is a bit slippery and, I thought, likely to get scratched in my pocket. So I wanted a thin skin to give some grip and protect the case without adding bulk. I couldn't find another product that would do all those things but this does all of them brilliantly. Very pleased with it. Thoroughly recommended.
Brilliant product
Smart, tight, descreet. Can not really fault it :)
just what I wanted a flexible, cover for my HTC 1, some are too rigid,this is just about right,easy off to clean dust/dirt, good protection against knocks ,recommended
htc cover
Thanks very much,fast delivery and does the job for the HTC one happy customer
HTC one
great little cover, still leaves the phone looking great & does the job it's designed to do, fits like a clove, would recommend.
Great Case
Fantastic and durable;e. Keeps the phone looking as it should whilst protecting it. Would recommend this to everyone.
Amazing product. Great deal..
Amazing product. Great deal..
Htc one case
Good stuff,fit perfect!
Fast delivery!!!
Ok for the money...
- Turns yellow
- Doesn't fit right at the top and bottom
- The bit by the volume rocker is flimsy.

Despite that it protects the device well and is good for the money. Mine came with two free screen protectors which were worth it alone, though I'm not sure if it does on this website.
One of the best for HTC One
Fantastic product and timely delivery. Fully satisfied.
Does the job
Covers 100% all edges and corners... holes exactly where it needs... leaves the beauty of the phone at plain sight with no intrusion... exactly what I needed.
phone case
i was very happy with the case fits the phone very well and it looks smart too
Thrilling service, great product
I was thrilled to receive my FlexiShield Case for HTC One in a week's time of ordering. The product is classy and provides a perfect grip and complements the class of HTC One very well. Volume buttons are the only blemish.
Kudos to mobilefun for a great service and hope they continue to wow their customers.
Simple & Clean
The fit is nice. Only disappointment is power button was not covered. I thought that it was.
Nice and value for money
Product looks neat. But a slight problem near the Volume button side. It fights a little loose near the volume buttons and make it a little difficult to press the volume + / - buttons. Overall a good product
My sister isn't scared of using her phone anymore and my dogs got a walk
My sister got a new HTC one, but was too scared to use it as was worried about scratching it. She wanted a case which was see-through and showed off the phone. I needed someone to look after my dogs when I was away. A plan was forming . . . .

I got her the case and then asked about looking after the dogs. She had no choice.

She's very happy with the case. It offers good protection, and looks excellent, showing off the phone.. Well worth the price paid!!
Simply ...
... perfect for the job. Doesn't add much at all to size of the phone, yet leaves it completely clear to admire the style.
Amazingly amazing
It's perfect the way I wanted.
Solid, nice case!
Hate having to put a case on my HTC One. The phone is just too pretty to cover up. However, this being the real, dirty, world, it had to be done. The case is truly crystal clear, the phone design is not covered or hidden at all. The TPU plastic feels really solid and not cheap. Would've given 5 stars if the power button and volume rocker WERE NOT covered by the TPU. They make access to the buttons a bit difficult, but not horrible. I had another TPU case that was similar, but made the buttons completely UNUSABLE. Not the case with this particular phone cover. Does not add too much extra bulk to the phone and I am now 100% comfortable leaving it on dinner tables, counters, etc.
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