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Flexible Keyboard - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This virtually indestructible keyboard is ruggedized and can stand all kinds of abuse. 2
  • Mobile Fun ID 12532

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 3.7 stars from 6 customers

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flexible keyboard
Well it is flexible and full size. Reasonable feel. Haven't had too much time to try it out yet.
The must have Gizmo
This keyboard is superb when there are young children about. you don't have to worry when their juice spills or fingers are stickier than normal.one wipe and you're back in business...
very gd
its a vry gd idea
perfect for portability
This keyboard is not suitable for full-time use, however this is not what you would buy it for. As an IT field engineer working in london, having this keyboard with me proves very useful when out-and-about. I've written this review on it now! :)
It's Novel
It's more a gimmick than anything but does have obvious benefits.
Already spilled a drink on it (not on purpose!) and everything is fine.
You can't type fast by 'flicking' the keys, they have to be obvious presses so if you don't use the keyboard much, it shouldn't be too much trouble. Two things which would have made an improvement are a bigger delete button instead of being the same size as the character keys and one long space bar rather than 2 short ones.
keys are horrible to use. it actually make life quite hard. it is good for storage in laptop case though. i would say it's good if you don't plan to use it too often

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