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enCharge 2200mAh Power Bank with LED Torch - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The enCharge 2200mAh Power Bank with LED Torch in black is the perfect companion to ensure your smartphone has enough charge to power your app usage throughout the day and even features a built-in torch.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48214
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 13 customers

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"Don't leave home without it"
The Power Bank with LED Torch is such a cool, funny shape. So similar to some other emergency items a girl should not leave home without! - yet and as handy and good to have.
iPhones consume battery life so quickly, and it shows me my way into a dark hallway.
I say go for it!
Powerbank encharge 2200 mAh.
Always bring this with me, when I travel. I realy dont wish to, be without energi sponntanious, when I realy need it.
Therefor I bought this X - tra powerbank, to take place in my suitcase, always reade, where I am
Looking for mobile power backup
I was fed up with my iPhone battery draining at the most inconvenient times when I could not charge it from the mains or car.
Seen the enCharge 2200mAh Power Bank and thought I would give it a try. No regrets there. Tried it a couple of times now and seems to work fine. Charges my phone in no time at all. As an added bonus there is a light which could prove useful on holiday etc. would definitely recommend this if your looking for a mobile power backup.
Not good
Takes forever to charge and that not powerful enough to charge my phone, sustains the battery for a very short time only, wouldn't recommend at the price
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jody

It is possible you have a faulty product, please consider returning it back to us.
nice item, nice price, nice service - what else can you ask for!
nice tidy item which can be used with most mobile phones due to its micro usb connection as well as a ipod or iphone! cant ask for more than that!
very happy with my purchase..
no more dramas with battery issues anymore hey...

happy days!!!!!
Back up power
Bought this item to give me backup power when away from home for a few days. My phone was supplied with two batteries. each capable of 2 days of moderate use (0.5 to 1 of heavy use) so this will give me virtuall anothe wholw day.Very if out in caravan and forgotten charger.
At the offer price it was worth buying. Have also tried it out charging headphones.
Woul recommend.
Great back-up
Great value for a 2200a charger.Easy to see how much charge remaining with blue led lights, 4 lit if fully charged. Recharged iphone quickly from 20% up to 65% in 30mins. Soft touch feel, surprisingly neat, easy usb connection to phone.
Fantastic and cheap
This is Fantastic. Since i got my Google Glass i find that when using it to listen to music, the battery life give me around 2-3 continues play back similar to when recording videos too, i get around 40 mins continues record time.

So i brought 2x of these for when im on the go.

Had to use a longer usb cable and i put the power bring in my pocket but when moving in some ways the cable would get caught or stretch and would try and pull Google Glasses off my head.
This charger really works well.
Travelling Companion
I will be using this whilst travelling through Russia, Mongolia & China. This will help to keep me in communication and entertained on my kindle.
Does the job
Compact, yet powerfully, I can carry it in my pocket. Very usefull led torch. A must have.
Great piece of kit
Really impressed with this item, looks and feels really well made and charges the i phone really quickly which is ideal if you are not going straight home after work and need that battery boost to your phone. I really like the gauge on the front as well so you can see how much charge it has for piece of mind, torch on it as well is handy with winter coming.

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