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Elecom Mobile TV Tuner for Android Devices Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Watch TV on any Android Device with the Elecom Mobile TV Tuner (DVB-T Receiver) for Android Devices, featuring real-time recording and playback.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35668

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 2 stars from 3 customers

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Don't bother
The software was easy to use. I'm in an area of Sydney with good reception on my fixed TV. This device managed to tune into about six channels, but only one is watchable most of the time. If it had a connection for an external antenna, it might work. I just wanted to watch TV while having dinner. It simply doesn't work, and I expect the device is ok, except that it doesn't pick up enough signal.
Works ... after a fashion.
This device is working fine to play live DTV and radio broadcasts, indoors too. But its channel scan crashes every single time after finding first 30 channels. That means not all channels are accessible. Developer/distributor websites don't offer any support for device, nor on Google Play for the app.
Elecom Mobile TV what a waste of money
absoulte load of rubbish couldint even get a signal out side the house and for the brife moment i did the picture just broke up all the time dont buy

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