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Dual USB Cigarette Car Charger for Apple and Tablet Devices - 4.2A Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ensure that your Apple device is fully charged in the car with this dual USB cigarette lighter adapter. Able to supply 4200mAh its got enough power to fully charge your iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  • Mobile Fun ID 31478
$16.85 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 19 customers

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Dual USB Cigarette lighter for Apple iPad 4.2A
A great discrete device that is small enough to leave in situ
Small USB charger for cars
Great item for charging two devices using a standard USB cable..
So much better than any car charger I've seen
Firstly, the size of it, it's tiny! Secondly it feels very well made and looks good. Thirdly, just buy it, it's brilliant!
It just slots solidly into the cigarette socket and I insert USB connector off the iphone. It charges the phone to 100% in no time. Excellent device.
Excellent Product
A neat little device that does exactly what it says on the box. No radio interferance, first class product.
Not as advertised !
This item was clearly advertised as 24v, however the Item itself states only 12v. This is a problem.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Susan.
Sorry for any confusion. The output is stated as 12v, the input refers to 12v/24v as the type of connection. In this case, the vehicle cigarette lighter/electrical outlet port. Which can be 12v or 24v.
Perfect for the job.
Excellent product. Arrived in time and works as described.
Great Charger
I've used this gharger a few times so far. A couple of times gharging both my phones. Works great.
Does what it says on the packet
Nothing much to say. It is a car cigarette lighter charger. It does what it is supposed to do. It provides two higher amp usb ports. It is also relatively small.

It does have a pointless little blue LED that stays on ALL THE TIME; just in case you didn't know that it is providing the power to whatever is plugged into it. Or just in case you forgot that it was there when you turn the car off, there it is, a little blue led shining away.

It also has ipad and some other silly mac product written next to each usb port so apple fans (which I am not) will be very proud.
Quality product
This is a nice, chunky, quality product which can be used to charge up anything in your car which has a usb charger. On mine, the writing says, "iPad" and "Tab" but you can charge up anything you like. Every car should have one.
Adaptor will not fit some cars cigarrette lighter sockets.
The unit supplied as item 31478 is not as shown, it comes with "Ipad" and "tab" labels on the end and is all black construction. Problem is the unit has a very blunt end, not like the taper shown in the pictures. As a result it won't fit Honda Jazz's 2002 - 2008, but it OK ion Honda Jazz's 2008 - 2013. It won't fit some Rover cars.

It's a shame, it's a good product otherwise ..
Not as shown in the picture
A good quality device which works. But the printing on the faceplate is not the generic '2.1A' as in the picture.
It says 'iPad and 'Tab' which for someone who is no fan of Apple products and philosophy is somewhat irritating.
Does not work with Google Nexus 7
Did a search on the site for a nexus 7 compatible charger, this popped up. bought it... and it doesn't really work as expected in 3 cars. The device will charge, but it does not recognise that it is charging. (indicator top right, and screen staying on)

Further reading on the issue suggests that the data pins need to be present and shorted to make the nexus think it's charging. This is not something that is allowed to be done in a standard USB cable because it will fry a USB hub apparently. This fix has to be done in the power device (like the OEM charger) and this charger does not have this fix.

Giving 2 stars as it does charge the device, and it works with my other devices, but for a nexus 7 car charger, look at something else.

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