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Dual USB 3.1 Amp Car Charger with Official Lightning Cable - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep 2 of your iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPod Touch & Nano charged on the go with this 3.1 amp Dual USB car charger.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36242
$36.52 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 17 customers

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Brilliant dual charger
What an excellent charger allows us to charge two phones at the same time when travelling, saves the arguments.
Lightning it certainly is
If you have invested so much your new iPhone 5/5s then don't compromise. I can only praise this item - it is lightening at charging my phone whilst on the short journey to & from work - thanks again Mobile Fun for yet another brilliant product, at a great price with your usual fast delivery.
Handy & Compact
This compact lighter socket/USB adaptor and lightning cable is ideal for mobile charging of the new iPhone and other devices - other USB cables can be used with the adaptor to make this item great value for money.
Forget False Economy
This charger is the real McCoy. Why settle for second best when you can have a high capacity charger, purpose made for the job in hand. Forget saving a few pounds, you will end up with a less efficient product which will do the job, but take much longer to get to max charge. If you can afford to purchase this charger you will not be disappointed!
This really is a Genuine Part !!
This really is a genuine part not like other companies have stated incorrectly, so yahoo it works just like it says it will. So pleased with my purchase & would recommend it to all other buyers.
Very handy
OK it's a car charger. It's something you can't do without when you are travelling. I use mine all the time.
This is also a genuine part so it is reliable.
Great product - exactly what I ordered - but I ordered the wrong thing!
Needed a car charger for my iphone 4 - saw a product in the iphone accessories for a lightning charger and thought that sounds fast - didn't realise that lightning is the type of cable used on the iphone 5 - luckily I still had the old cable - the actually charger is excellent, very compact and works well - and I got some brownie points from an iphone 5 user in the office who now has a spare cable
Oh dear what are we going to do when mobile!
There we were walking out of the shop with our brand new tablet we were like new parents.Jumped into the car when both turned to look at one another with sheer horror on our faces,what use was this new peice of kit to 2,50 somethings if we could not charge it in the car.
Gloom,desperation the thought that £400 was had just gone down the drain unless used in a room with a wall socket.Looking down in despondency sitting in the cigarette socket was the phone charger puchased last year from mobile fun,well says i if any one can fill our needs its them. Home week go with new kit spend 2hrs setting it up then use the said tablet to make the purchase which now makes life with our new toy complete.
You get what you pay for
I bought this lightning cable and charger after having a number of problems with a cheaper version. The lightning charger is an apple product so far more durable. The car charger is solid and fits in securely to a cars cigarette port. No problems as yet, so already more reliable than its cheaper rivals on a well known global website that first started selling books. Worth every penny.
It does exactly what it should
I needed a quality car charger for my new iPhone 5 and thought the genuine article would be appropriate. It is - it charges the phone quickly, is a quality product and MobileFun delivered it exactly when they said they would - the next day.
Fantastic Service
Mobilefun provided what the Apple store couldn't deliver - couldn't be more happier with the service - well done Mobilefun I shall certainly be shopping with you again!

A must have gadget for iPhone 5
This is a must for the iPhone 5. So handy & quick to charge up in the car. I love the iPhone 5 but it needs charging regularly. I would be lost without it! Good quality product!
Does what it says on the tin.
The lighter adapter itself is small and neat and a good fit for my car's lighter socket. It could obviously be used with other USB leads. The lightning cable is (insert joke here) a good length and not springy which means it doesn't try to pull the plug out of my phone like others have in the past. It's a bit pricey, but I presume that's because only genuine (genuinely expensive) Apple leads are available right now. Good to have a spare though.
High quality
After waiting an age for iPhone 5 chargers to be released to the market, I was pleased to open such a high quality product. The lead is genuine Apple so no surprises there - it's the 2.1 amp plug that I'm impressed with. It's solid, chunky and reassuringly heavy so I think it will last. It fits into my car socket nice and tight and ensures a solid connection. The bonus is the usb lead that I can take into the office if my phone starts getting low on battery - so it's my 2 in 1 solution. The other element of my purchase that deserves praise is the mobilefun email alert that told me when the charger was available. All in all, very happy and very impressed.

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