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Dual SIM Card Adapter With Back Case - iPhone 4s / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Manage your business and personal calls all on one iPhone 4 with a dual SIM card adapter
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 3.9 stars from 33 customers

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Very difficult to insert the SIM tray with the item folded. The images in the package instruction paper are not very clear in the way this is done, partly because it is for a dual SIM, whereas I bought a single SIM.
Even more difficult is removing the SIM tray afterwards because it is a very tight fit.
The setup as SIM1 and SIM 2 is not like the instructions show or the text suggests.
I trashed the lot, it is not worth it and certainly not worht the aggravation and frustration.
Dual Sim iPhone 4s/4
I was happy with the delivery but despite all my attempts to make it work my IPhone keeps telling me 'No Sim, emergency calls only'. I suspect the dual sim adapter wirings may be defective. Not sure how I can get a replacement circuit to test if it's my phone or the adapter. The case is good and slip free.
Easy to set up and use
I was a bit sceptical about this but it does work perfectly and I even managed to get the original cover I was using back on without any problems, there is just a bit of a bump at the back. Best method of changing network is to select the Sim that you want to use and then reboot the phone, its takes a few minutes to find the network but once you have it there is no loss of quality or signal. Highly recommended.
Dual Sim in iPhone 4S
This device requires careful installation yet the instructions are awful.They comprise of a series of poor pictures. Its not clear which way the various components need to sit or how the ribbon cable should be folded. Very poor.
Mine worked well for a 48 hours then failed and has been returned.
It works!
I come from a dual standby Nokia and needed the same service from my new Iphone. The dual sim adapter does not provide dual-standby, but only the possibility to switch between two simcards. You have to go three steps into the "Settings" menu to do that. Not that user friendly - but it works. It takes app. one minute to switch. Installation is straightforward. After first try, I still had to reboot to switch. After second one everything worked fine. The sim, which is in use, is shown on the desktop.
Very good
Nice accessories for my iPhone. I am very happy. I have 2 card for my phone :)
Okay but not brilliant
The first issue is with fitting the device - the instructions are lacking in clarity somewhat although after a couple of tries I figured out what was required.
The more annoying issue is that switching from one SIM to the other does require rebooting the phone and it takes longer than normal for it to acquire a network signal on either SIM so the process of switching is slow.
I bought this for my partner and now have to text both SIMs 'cos I don't know which one she'll be using and when due to the switching time. It works but only after a fashion.
2 sim active on same time or not
hi mate i just wana know about this iPhone sim adaptor the two sims be active on same time or not becaues i buy a sim adaptor from ebay that can't keep two sim active on same time so i just want this adaptor have this capability so if this one have this capabilty i can buy this one straight away thanks ,,,,,,, reply pls on my email thanks .........
the best
i bought three differant dual sim adaptors none of them worked with my phone until i bought one from Mobile Fun. It was the best quality, there were no problems at all and i have no complaints.
Works just as expected
I was a bit skeptical about this product - would it work, was the case going to be naff, would it screw up my iPhone, etc.... I needn't have worried as this little bit of kit works brilliantly, is well built and looks rather elegant as well. I can also still fit the phone into my Logitech speaker cradle for charging. If you travel a lot (I live in Spain and work in London) you can have one sim for each country. When I am away from home, I switch networks once a day, check messages, etc. Although not a true "dual sim" phone, it works perfectly for what I need.
This Product Rocks!!
This product is just perfect for my needs. It allows me to carry 1 phone but with access to 2 numbers. Alright, it wont allow you to use both numbers together but you can switch over to the other number without powering the phone down and it takes about 8-12 seconds to do. Fantastic!!
Doesn't work in NZ...
Nice idea but doesn't seem to work in New Zealand where I wanted to run a Telecom and Vodafone dual option.

The Telecom sim works as the primary sim, however when i try to switch the Voda sim isn't picked up.
Very slim
Fantastic case and a great way to conceal the dual sim adapter. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Almost perfect ..
This is a very clever and well designed bit of kit. I am using it with a Three Sim (on the One Plan)for business and a GiffGaff Sim (which uses the O2 Network) for private calls.

The case is very nice indeed and the adapter fits well inside it. It is a bit of a squeeze getting the adapter plus ribbon cable into the slot, but I managed it eventually.

As others have pointed out, the adapter works fine without the need to jailbreak. My iPhone 4S has the latest firmware and as soon as I had installed the device, the option to switch numbers appeared in the Phone settings.

I have had two minor problems. The first is that although the numbers switch OK, I can't get a full signal without re-booting the iPhone. For some reason, I only get one bar until I switch off the iPhone and restart it.

The other problem (which isn't a problem with the adapter, but a problem with GiffGaff) is that the APN settings for GiffGaff have to be manually reset each time the switch is made.

All in all, however, this is a brilliant product and well worth the money.
Great great great! Oh and one more thing... fast.
Very good product delivered well packaged and delivered next day, even though I ordered it late on so a massive thanks to you guys.
An excellent product and service
I purchased this item and it works flawlessly. I will recommend for people who requires a second line as backup. The only issue I have with it is the backcase that comes with it- chipping off at the top edge corner but mobile fun replaced it without any fuss. Excellent product and service as advertised
Great but delicate
This item works really well, and love the fact it doesn't need a jail broken phone. However because of the ribbon cable is very delicate and i managed to break mine quite quickly. If you are all set to go, got the sim card and this adaptor its great but if your messing around at home before you go away or start using this full time then its not ideal. However it is better than all the other dual sim products out there for iPhone which effectively just act as a separate phone rather than a proper dual sim.

Pro's: it works and you dont need a jailbroken device

Cons: its very delicate and wont take alot of punishment.
Does exactly what its supposed to do!
This is my 3rd Review in the last 15 mins so im keeping it short..

Fantastic product easy to use and totally works. just make sure your phone is unblocked if you want to to use a provider that is not locked on your phone.
This is a great bit of kit!
Thanks MobileFun I have now used the duel sim adapter a number of times since i have purchased it and it's brilliant. It can be a little low picking up the network when changing over but when it does there's no problem. Three friends have already purchased it from my recommendation.
Rapid fire delivery as well
a bit hit and miss

So I bought this and when I landed in the States, got a T mobile Pay as you go sim (unlimited calls to the UK for $50 a month, no contract!!!).

Initially, when I would switch from UK to US, it wouldn't lock on to the US network at all. Very tempramental.

However, after hours of tinkering (I REALLY didn't want to carry two phones around and the iPhone has great stuff like Google Maps which has been a godsend), I found that if you switch to the US sim, go to settings---carrier and switch off automatic and manually select your carrier and leave it like that. You may have to scan for it to pick up the network you require maybe 5 or even 10 times. Like I said, it's tempramental, and the same process whenever you switch back to the UK sim and to the US again.
Dual SIM Card Adapter With Back Case
Thanks for quick delivery. The back case is great...I love it. Keep up the good work... Many thanks
Great service and quick delivery. Thought the case was a bit cheapy and could have been a nicer/better quality design, but it does the job nicely. Will use again!
Took me a while, but works now
Didn't work properly at all when I got this, but worked it out after a while. I had a SIM that was more than 10 years old and therefore didn't understand about SIM apps. As such, I could switch from SIM 1 to SIM 2, but couldn't switch back. Got Vodafone to give me a new version of my SIM and now all works fine. 15 secs to switch between SIMs. The supplied case is nice ... Good to hold and looks OK.

I like this!
Great idea
Not used this properly as I'm planning on taking it to the states with me and buying a pay as you go sim but tested it and it seems to work no problem.
The dual sim works just fine. I've used her 3 weeks now and no problem. You just have to set it to the other sim card in the sim applications menu and you are good to go. Note that the message at the top left of your iPhone reads No Sim for about 5 secs while it searches for network.
*****I ordered on a Friday nite and mobilefun delivered first thing Monday morn.
Five stars.
Bought one few months back which was great. The case broke and quickly after the sim adapter broke too :(

BOught new one last week and all ol except when going from sim2 to sim1 when i now need to to switch phone off to make it work ...

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