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Dual Desk Dock for Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Galaxy S3 and spare battery fully charged with this stylish Dual Desk Dock.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35163
$25.88 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 9 customers

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Samsung Charging Dock
At first I thought the charging point for the spare battery did not work until I read a previous review and realised that you have to buy a mini usb cord which plugs into the front of the dock and also connects to your computer etc. Would have helped to have had instructions included.
Only half functional
First one did n t work at all due to missing charging contact. Second one would not charge spare battery, returned once more. Third one still will not charge spare battery. No instructions but some wording on the box implies you need a separate mains charger to charge the spare battery. This is not mentioned on the mobile fun website. Other reviews mention using a second charging lead for the spare battery but I have tried all options and none will charge the spare battery. Charges phone fine but I could have bought something much cheaper to do that. Will now be returning for the last time but asking for a full refund. Up to now MF's returns policy has been excellent, hopefully this will continuenow I want a refund
Dual desk dock
It's great to have a phone with all the features the GS3 has, but (there has to be a but)they put a heavy load on the battery.
Using GPS tracking, bright screen, Bluetooth etc. the battery doesn't last a full day. So, when I am at my desk it sits in the dock and charges through the USB connection as well as being available for immediate file accesses. When I need to be away from my desk all day I simply take the fully charged spare battery with me to quickly swap over to give me more than a days usage.
I have come to rely on the dual dock to give me continuous phone availability.
Product was faulty on arrival. Charged phone OK but one of the charging pins needed to charge the spare battery had broken off, I could hear it rattling inside. Mobile Fun and their superb returns system replaced it with no fuss. Replacement is working fine. Will be interesting to see for how long.
What they dont tell you
i bought a dual charger for my Nexus, the spare battery would not charge. i wrote to the company and they told me to connect to the mini USB port......it works. The regular USB is for media transfer.
faulty items
Beware - there are clearly quality control problems with this model. The first one that arrived would not charge the spare battery because one of the contact pins was not properly fitted. The replacement has also failed to charge the spare battery for reasons unknown. This one is going back as well and I'll go for an alternative model. So far the Mobile Fun returns system has worked OK.
Secondary charger
The desk charger works, holds the phone well but was a little cheap to the touch

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