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Dual Case Pack for iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini protected from damage with this fantastic case pack which includes one FlexiShield case, one neoprene sleeve and a screen protector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36875
$20.28 inc VAT
 3.1 stars from 9 customers

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Great iPad Mini Case
Really pleased with the fast delivery and the notifications. The FlexiShield case fits on perfectly and provides better grip for the iPad. I am pleased with this the most. Although the picture displays the apple logo on the back, you cannot see the apple logo through the case at all. The neoprene pouch is a squeeze to get the iPad mini to fit in to and so makes me think it wasn't made to fit this device. I will still use this if I am taking my iPad somewhere in a bag. Overall quite pleased.
dont buy
two part are very good.but the bag is rubbish as its to small for the i pad mini, just a waste of money.
Don't buy!
The silicone case is fine but the sleeve is too small, probably designed for a 7" tablet, the iPad mini is 7.9"!!!!
Don't Bother
Bought this combined complete protection for mini ipad. Thee screen protecter is fine on it's own as is the snap on protective case for the rear. If you try combine the two its useless. I put on the screen protector perfectly with no dust or air bubbles trapped underneath. When I came to clip on the main rear protective cover all it wanted to do was lift the edges of the screen protector off ......no way can you fit it without it doing this because of it's design. The neoprene cover is ok but a tight fit. Eventually bought a clip on rear cover with free screen protector for £3.99!
Which is perfect despite it's cheap price.
Save your money & buy individual items which will work together.
Combo Pack
Combo pack is a good idea & screen protector is a perfect fit, the case is a slightly small but I can live with it as long as it my iPad mini fits safely inside!!
Snug Fit for my iPad Mini
The screen protector is really good, once on you barely notice it. The sleeve is ideal because I use my iPad Mini without a case, so when I take the iPad in my bag the neoprene pouch is ideal because it provides a good snug fit protecting it from damage like scratches
Neoprene case is too small
I have just bought a Dual Case Pack for iPad mini and the Flexishield fits well. The Neoprene sleeve however is just a bit too small. It is an uncomfortable stretch to fit the iPad, fitted with the Flexishield, into the sleeve. When it is in the sleeve the screen is not entirely covered and the stitching looks close to ripping.
Ok set
Screen protector is fine. Case is ok but pushes the screen protector off.
Sleeve is rubbish as its too tight a squeeze like its more for a kindle or something smaller than the ipad mini.
Do not buy this set.

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