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DriveTime Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Holder and Charger specifically made for your Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Mobile Fun ID 30504
$23.34 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 70 customers

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Great holder, but...
This holds my phones well, I like the fact that there is a cradle, rather than two arms pushing together and pressing the buttons on the side of the handset.

However, I bought this as a replacement for the same thing I bought two years ago, and the suction pad does break after a while, also the cradle rotates - very handy for getting the phone out of the cradle otherwise you'll knock the windscreen all of the time. And after a while this rotate mechanism goes a bit limp, and the phone doesn't stay upright. Otherwis very good!
Brilliant holder, great for Nav Free
If you have already downloaded NAVFREE for the Galaxy II then you will want to use it at every opportunity because the maps are downloaded to the phone, plenty of storage on the SII. This holder is extremely stable, a doddle to use and fit and the bonus of a charger that works well. You can use the video camera on the SII with this devise due to it's design. Ace piece of kit.
Great product, great service, great website
Very pleased indeed with my purchase in all respects. What I really like is that it really does do what it says 'on the tin'. Great value for money and I will definitely be recommending this website to family and friends.
just what i need!
Haven't had this product long but so far its doing it's job.
The suction is strong and keeps the holder in place and stops the phone rattling around.
The only complaint i have is that it took 2 - 3 days to arrive when it should have been next day delivery.
Great product
The holder works flawlessly. Be careful not to manhandle it when you try to get the phone out, or you might damage it. But the thing stays tightly stuck to the windshield, which is the most important thing.

It could be slightly easier to operate, but like I said, it does its job well.
First class bit of kit
The maps feature on the S2 is excellent, but my car had no ideal mounting point to use the phone as a Satnav.

I ordered this Car Pack and it arrived within 24 hours, a fantastic turnaround. The build quality is high, and fixes firmly to the windscreen with a minimum of pressure. The phone fits securely and doesn't rattle, even on uneven roads. Made my 240 mile round trip to the West Country last week a breeze.

A great product, thoroughly recommended.
Useful Item
The item was dispatched very quickly. Packaging was minimal but adequate. Its simple to use, and reasonably sturdy. Fixing/removing from a window is quick and is stable when fixed. Phone is held securely yet all controls are accessible. My one gripe is that the charging lead seems somewhat flimsy but is up to the job required of it. All in all a good item and worth the money.
Good Holder!!
The phone holder fixes to the screen very securely and is easilly adjustable. The phone fits very snugly into the holder, slight downside is it needs to be out od it's case - a minor inconvenience. The big issue with the car pack is the power adapter. As the cord is coiled it is under tension when connected to the phone and plugged. If the cord was straight and not coiled it would be better or the the coil section needs to be longer. My rating would have been 5 stars!!
Just the job
I bought this after reading other reviews and also because i didn't like either the price or design of other holders i found on the high street. The design is sturdy enough to hold the phone firmly in place even when going over fairly rough roads although the phone does rattle but not that noticeable when you have music on. So far the holder has not fallen off the windscreen despite my heavy handed tapping on the screen. The added bonus of a charger is a definate plus.
This product is perfect because it stays firm on the windscreen. I do a lot of driving around village roads and most people know village roads are just ridiculed with pot-holes and non-smooth surfaces. this holder holds the phone perfectly, haven't had an occasion where the phone, fell out of place during driving, even with all the bumpy roads. Overall, this was the best investment I made as i do not have to worry about if the phone's gonna hold or not. It does what it says!!!
Just what I needed
I have peachiest this item and I have found it to be excellent. I have use a different products and only been able to use it twice before braking ,wish I had saved my money and bought this item first time round its more sturdy than most similar products. Would recommend this product 100%.
DriveTime Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Pack
I have had a hands free kit before but it was no good. I wish I had just got this one first time very good and solid kit.
Useful Item
Item does what is says. Note Phone must be out of any cover protection to work
simply excellent
The best mobile phone in car stand I have ever found, simply brilliant.
This is very good
This is just right for the Samsung Galaxy SII. Can be moved in several positions and is solid and well made, and doesn't fall off the windscreen. It's such a perfect fit for the phone that any gel cases, etc would have to be removed.
Nearly perfect
Good build quality - especially the sucker and the adjustable arm. Feels very secure on the windscreen. Only one issue: the fit of the phone in the holder part is a bit sloppy. Will probably buy a couple of soft sticky pads to give better support to my precious s2!.
Galaxy S2 phone holder
Very good and very quick delivery as usual !.
Drivetime cae pack foe samsung galaxy s2
Nice holder for the car. Only four stars due to it not being able to hold phone with a basic phone covef. As for mobilefun as a company, I can't speak highly enough! I know they say order before 18:00 for next day delivery, well I inadvertantly ordered at ten to six and sure enough a nice package arrived the next day!! very irmpressed! I will be back!.
the best car holder...
This is the best mobile phone car holder I have ever bought. The mobilefun service is best as always. Thank you.
Drive Time car pack
Well made and sturdy but there is some movement of the phone when it is in the holder. This movement is a backward and forward one when pressing the keys. This is a shame as the device is otherwise well designed and constructed.
Ok, need better charger
The cradle is great holds the phone securely, but you need to remove any cases first, it won't fall off the windscreen either. The charger however is no good for using sat nav the phone uses too much power, I have heard that its best to use a genuine Samsung car charger.
Good choice
Been using for couple of weeks and has worked fine. Very adjustable. If could be attached to other places than window, would be perfect.
DriveTime makes driving a joy!
Fantastic service by Mobile Fun as always!

I was very impressed by the quality of this product. My phone fits perfectly in to the clip-in holder mechanism and the phone can be inserted and taken out of the holder with great ease. I am especially happy with the quality of the windscreen suction of the arm - I have had bad experiences in the past where the suction was not very good and the holder would fall off the windscreen. However, the suction and arm on this holder are fantastic - I have been using it everyday for two weeks now and even the most pot-hole riddled road does not effect the suction or the stability of the arm mechanism. The arm can also be adjusted at two different points which allows you to adjust the phone to any position I would like. Overall a fantastic buy!
What a Car Kit!!!
Another fantastic buy from mobile fun, great product, does exactly what it says on the tin, very sturdy unlike others I have had, this is a quality item which allows you to to hold your phone in either orientation, good if use your phone as a sat nav would highly recommend this to anyone with a galaxy s2.
The Perfect Solution...
This device is the perfect solution because the handset is 100% stable under all conditions and allows it to be horizontal or vertical, unlike others that I have bought in the past. I am giving it 5 stars because it can be moved/rotated in any angel I wish. My windscreen in my car is abit odd and I thought it wouldnt work properly but I was happy to find out that it was spot on! I use it all the time now and it works with my sat nav app. Spot-on!!.
Well, being a bit of a gadget freek i was looking for something to hold the Samsung Galaxy S2 firmly in the car so as to facilitate the use of the phones features. These included SatNav, Media player (plays via bluetooth through my head unti)Handsfree (again through head unit) and voice command for texts etc. I'm one of those people that depends on reviews from sites like this to get the right product so only right i repay the favours.

This holder is perfect. Firstly the suction to the windscreen is second to none. You simply place it against the windscreen then push up the lever which secures great suction onto the screen. I live in a bumpy area and it has never budged. The phone slides in super easy too with absolutely no fiddleing required. You can then alter up or down and left to right for the perfect position. From vertical to use the phone. depress the side button and swivell it to landscape view for SatNav.
It also has a cut out at the bottom to allow charging too.

It came the next day, great packaging, graet service and truely a fantastic product.
Phone Falls Out
Not overly impressed, as S2 does not fit the cradle, and falls out as obviously not designed for the S2. I'll give it one star as there's no option for no stars.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John, we are sorry that the product does not meet your expectations. We have not heard anything less than favourable reviews for this product so it could well be an isolated product error. A member of our customer services department will be in contact
Decent and solid
Pretty impressed - it is solid, does not fall off and had good adjustment.

The only problem is the phone rattles around a bit - solved by sticking a couple of offcuts of furniture floor protector felt pads onto the back to gently hold the phone forward.
S2 Car Holder
I bought this after reading the reviews. Apparently it's supposed to stick firmly to the windscreen, mine doesn't. Usually falls off within about 10 minutes, luckily I haven't actually put the phone it in yet - as every time I get in the car I find it somewhere on the floor.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Lee,

Our customer services team will be in contact with you shortly in order to arrange a replacement or refund should you wish.

Kind Regards

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