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DeskPets TankBot App Controlled Micro Robotic Tank - Orange Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Race on the track or off-road with the orange Tankbot remote-controlled tank from Desk Pets - featuring advanced optical navigation technology. Works with iPhone and Android handsets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32963
$32.41 inc VAT
 3.6 stars from 19 customers

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Not satisfied.
Though the catalogues says can be controlled by smartphone it even does not respond. Tried changing all modes, fully charged and also batteries..not a good product. Better spend money on something productive. Not what I expected after paying £13..
Great fun little roamer
This is a brilliant little toy. It senses it's surroundings and avoids obstacles.

Or you can use it to explore your house. the charging connection is a usb "tail" and the control unit attaches to the 3.5mm jack port of your phone.]

Hours of fun at a great price
waste of money!
A complete waste of money, would not work on the iPhone mode.
Kids in tears...
Not really. But, while the robots worked fine in their two autonomous modes, I could not get the mobile phone-based remote control to work at all. The dongle flashed its blue lights, but the little robots utterly failed to respond. Tried two different robots (grey and orange) on two different phones, but nothing. Dissapointed uncle.
Appbot disappointment
I bought 3 tankbots so my family could have races at xmas. All of the bots only responded intermittently to the controller. Whilst amusing while doing its own thing, I wouldn't have paid this much for what is effectively a one dimensional toy. This is worth about £5 if not controllable - and it isn't!
Fun Waste of Money
Very disappointed with the Tankbot, the app to run it took an age to download and then didn't work properly,wish I had read the reviews on the Desk Top Pet site. So message is save your money.
Not so cool
It has a cheap feel to it, it's difficult to control and sometimes just does what it wants (even in remote mode).
Not so fun desk toy
Great Fun at our Christmas Dinner
I bought TankBot robots as table presents for the guys at our traditional Christmas meal. They worked really well and were crawling all over the table. The fellas continued to plkay with them all afternoon. I was impressed as it was very easy to download the app and control them from our phones. Even when not remote controlled they were great in the two other modes available.
All round good fun.
Just a relax-a-toy
Bought as a stocking filler desk play thing to help relax a hard working family member.
The initial impression was: "Uh, what's this"? Followed by a pleasing smile as the TankBot danced about trying to avoid everything & everyone.
Instant hit!!!
Great desktop distraction
Brought this as a desktop gadget, just for some fun in the office. Having fun moving bits around my desk...
Cool kit
Had no problems with Android but iOS6 presented a problem with remote control (still struggling) .... bot is fun and setting to modes 1 and 2 is cool to watch
Tankbot Grey
Bought this for my self, self indulgence for xmas came well withiin the delivery time scale bout a day n a half fantastic.Great little gadget propper little stress buster does xactly wat it sez on the box. Seemed to be an issue with the app download from itunes but i think thats sorted after re downloading it love it.
Great little toy
This is a very amusing little toy to play with. It does what it says on the box with each of the three modes. You have to be quite close and precise in the iPhone mode for it to work, but work it does.
I did make a mistake, I bought three, for me, my son and my grandson with the intention of "battling". However I bought them all in Grey and the colour denotes frequency, so if you want to control separately by iPhone buy different colours. My fault I should have read the advert better.
Great Fun
Bought this as a present for my Son and his iPhone 5 but couldn't resist having a go on my Galaxy Note. Easy to charge from USB socket and worked on both phones after downloading the App. The Tankbot has three modes, the first two of which don't need a phone: 1) Maze Mode where it navigates around objects 2) Personality Mode where it does its own thing, and 3) Phone Mode where you control it. Great fun at a good price in the sale.
Brilliant Christmas Present!
I took a punt on the Desk Pet TankBots, partly because Mobile Fun were offering a very good deal on them in the run-up to Christmas. I purchased 4: one for each of my children and one for my daughter's partner; and they were all delighted with them! We had great fun racing them across the Festive Board post-turkey and -Christmas pud. Even more impressive was the way that Mobile Fun went to great lengths to deliver the items in time for Christmas, in spite of their being temporarily out of stock. So all praise to Mobile Fun for a great product at a great price, and a great service too! Highly recommended!
DeskPets TankBot App Controlled Micro Robotic Tank - Grey
Well, it was just a stocking filler for my son, he's in to gadgets. However, he was blown away by this. He loves apps on his phone and he was after a remote control car or similar for a while - ticks two boxes in one present! Worked well straight out of the box. Quick download of the DeskPets app, select the relevant gadaget and away you go. He's been playing with it non stop! Great feature is it charges from a USB connection built in to the tank. Dead easy and dead quick. Thanks to mobilefun.co.uk we have one happy lad - and a very reasonable price too!!!
Really cute
Having read the description of this item I really wanted to get one to play with. It is just as the spec says and although I managed to get the app on both devices and it did respond to commands most of the time it did prefer to 'do its own thing'. It is fascinating to watch as it avoids obstacles, climbs low things , reverses and turns and spins all on its own. It seems to have real character and is great fun and very clever . Very addictive . Really easy to charge straight from the laptop USB socket
Glad I got it
V good glad I got it. Hours of fun messing with it.

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