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Desk Handset with Stand for Skype, FaceTime and Mobile Calls Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Native Union Curve Twin Handset in matte black allows you to connect up to two devices such as a smartphone and a laptop to take crystal clear calls. Both devices can be connected at the same time via its built-in, retractable, 3.5 mm audio cables.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43199

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 4.8 stars from 14 customers

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Desk Handset review
Very attractive so it does not look out of place on your desk. Great to use if your using your smartphone a lot at your desk.
Great product!!
Great sound, great quality, beautiful! Just perfect!
Excellent product
Very pleased with this purchase; great call quality and an amazingly low price. Just what I needed and really happy with it.
Comfortable, stylish and useful
I recently purchase the Desk handset with stand and it has been a great addition to my desk top, it is so easy to use just one small jack plug and your away.
It sits great on the desk and makes a great place just to store my table and phone even if I don't have them connected. It's now part of the furniture and I even use it to listen to my laptop for a bit of extra privacy.
It's also easy for the kids to use when they are on Skype, they can concentrate on the picture more instead of trying to talk in to the tablet.
It's a great buy.
Usefuil tools.
I've found the Desk Handset and great asset. It is easy to use and switch between the tablet and the phone. No more messing about with picking up the phone and pressing the right button. Very please I purchased this item.
Just the Job, Smooth, and a pleasure to use
This item was bought so my wife would not have to listen to all my conversations when I am Skyping. This product is well made and excelent quality, along with the clarity of speach, It's smooth to touch and the base is heavy enough to keep it in place wherever you put it. add the excelent price of the handset, It's a must for the small office or private computer room.
quality and value
I took a punt on this as there was a deal on at the time and i'm really glad I did. The unit feels reassuringly weighty and is made of a soft touch plastic which is nice in the hand. I like how you can switch between two devices using the button on the base and my only gripe would be that there is no slot for a charging cable to fit neatly into the docked devices. If this was resolved I would definitely give this product 5/5
Just the business
A real goody. My Asus T100 tablet fits perfectly in the support groove and the audio connector output is just perfect!
Add to that my charger connector is co located and the world is your oyster.

Just buy it!!!
Superb Quality
This is my first product from Native Union and its build quality is awesome. I mainly use this for my Skype Calls with my tab and its just wonderful to hold. I was thinking it to be of complete plastic but that wasn't the case. Its a must for those too who are endlessly on their mobiles on the desk, as this will save them from radiation.
The best birthday present - ever!!
My dear Dad is not really a technical guy and Skype was the discovery of the century. However, since he no longer hear well (he claims otherwise), this was the perfect gift for him. To be on top of that he LOVE it!!! And none of his friends have this :) Finally after so many years, he is likes his birthday gift.
Very useful
Ideal sturdy stand and handset,
well worth the money.
A really useful piece of kit
The handset is comfortable to hold even on long calls, and produces good audio.
The Base holds my iPad Air at a good angle for watching iPlayer etc..
It's functional and looks good ticks all the buttons!.
amazing stuff
I use this with skype on my laptop all the time. It is a lot clearer to talk to with my parents and also means the whole world can't hear me which is good. highly recommnended
Quick delivery
Well thought out I am very please hope a later version may link in an built amp.

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