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Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Desk Genie is the only holder you will ever need.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30340

RRP $25.93 - you save 45%

$14.20 inc VAT
 3.6 stars from 23 customers

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What I needed
Primum service, quality and price.
great service
The website was very easy to navigate and the product info was very helpful.
The order came within 48 hours and was great....

Would recomend this to anyone
what can i say
one of the most simple things you can buy but! what power the charger stand has got with all its extras built in fantastic and simple just the item next to your bed....
Excellent Piece of Kit
Was a bit concerned about some of the negatives that had been written: they were total nonsense if you are an iPhone 4 owner. The phone (no case) sticks perfectly to the desk stand, and the connections are a great extension for many a PC user. The two USB ports and the variety of card readers work just fine. Does what it says on the tin for sure, so nothing short of 5 stars will do.
what I needed to know !
I do like this item - looks good on the desk - but- it's a pity that it didn't tell me that it only works when my phone is out of its protective case!!I have had to stick a "ledge" on the bottom to stop the phone sliding off :(
just what I wanted
On my x10 due to size do's not hold, but my samsung sticks like glue.
Utter rubbish
What do the makers of this think 'non slip' means? I take it to mean the phone will stay on the stand. Well it won't if it's an HTC LEgend. If I'm lucky it stays there for 5 minutes, but all the time slowly sliding off. Other times it falls straight off. It's utterly useless for the Legend and they ought to say so. I am not a happy bunny! It doesn't even rate one star but I cannot find anything lower to rate it on.
must try harder
As per other buyers I purchased this for myHTC Desire and it doesn't work. Holds my basic light weight nokia and just about holds my daughters wild fire (so she now has it)what it certainly wont do is hold my HTC which just slides off.Even at this price its about as useful as a string condom and best avoided.
Watch out for phone cases
Holds Samsung Galaxy S2 in position, but only when no case on the phone.

When fitted with a Casemate case it's too heavy and doesn't have enough grip.

Destined for the bin.
great product
This product far surpassed my alredy high expectations, as did the service I received.
Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand - White
The Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand does not fulfil what it offers. I bought it for my HTC Desire S and the phone slips when being "attached" to the Desk Stand. Generally cheap build. Not happy with item and has therefore been returned.
Works suprisingly well
Works well, but it does not cope with a handset in a case - it will not cling onto the leather well enough to cope with the extra weight. Not perhaps as convenient as a caddy for charging, but more flexible and I can justify having this on my desk at work as a USB hub!
Not so non-slip!!
Bought this stand for an HTC Desire. Unfortunately the stand is not particularly non-slip.

In addition, with the phone in the portrait position and plugged in on charge the handset cannot stay in contact with the adhesive plate.

Granted, the phone can be attached in the landscape orientation (not what I would personally prefer) but then we are back to the fundamental problem with the stand does not actually grip the phone!

All in all this non slip solution is a little too slippy for my liking.
Don't waste your money!
Completely useless. Tried it with HTC Desire. It does not hold the phone in place. If it cost more, then I would have returned it. But it just didn't seem worth the effort. Worst thing I have ever purchased from here. Not even good enough to give away!
As one advert says it does what it says on the tin (package).
Does not work with smart phones
Great idea but does not work with my htc mini smart phone. Simply will not stick to the pad. It does work on a much smaller nokia x3. If you have a phone any bigger , give this product a miss.
Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Des Stand-White
An excellent piece of equipment well made and together with the 2 usb on one side and other connections on the obverse side and back they are ideal!.
Phone dock
Not impressed with this dock, no built in charger or power lead supplied, still had to use the charging lead of the device to charge the phone via the USB port of the dock. What is the point in this you just as well plug the cable of the device directly in to the USB port of your computer
Just the Ticket
My htc touch 2 has a flexible cover which prevents the proper docking of the phone with a number of other desk stands I have tried. The design of this product overcomes the problem and facilitates hassle free connection.

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