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dbrand Textured Back Cover for Google Nexus 5 - Black Carbon Fibre Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This dbrand textured black carbon fibre skin for the Google Nexus 5 is manufactured from official 3M vinyl and is precision cut for a meticulous fit.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42054
$17.58 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 4 customers

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Exceeded expectations
When I first noticed this cover I thought neat! A carbon fibre imitation cover, I must have it! So without hesitation I threw my money to the screen and shortly I saw a package pop through my door.
So in short what You receive is a few sheets with protective stickers for the front, back and the sides of the phone.
Few pros and cons i noticed so far:
-You have to have steady hands for obvious reasons.
-Sticker edges tend to catch small hair and other particles so avoid throwing it on specific blankets.
+Once in place sticker looks awesome and quite expensive and feels really good in your hands.
+It can really protect phone's screen and the back against scrathes without looking clunky.
I would give 5 stars but I felt that the edges could have been done better- gaps could be reduced.
Over the years I went through hundreds of devices, cases, skins etc. This is by far the best thing I had a pleasure of putting on my phone. It's cut to perfection, application is easy, video tuts are helpful and end effect is stunning. Especially black vinyl with red Nexus 5 :) Everyone was asking where I got this case, and when they felt it and saw it's a skin it was just one big o.O on their face :)
True to the Manufacturers specification
The dbrand Textured Back Cover does in fact include a full body kit giving your Nexus 5 a full Carbon Fibre appearance. Back, front and sides are included; and a screen protector is thrown in as well. Application is simple enough and only requires an application of common sense. The covers themselves fit millimetre perfect on the device and had no problems fitting. The only pointer would be for the contoured back of the Nexus 5, the edges of the cover did not stick down fully however, a small application of heat made sure it stuck down properly. The feel is great and aesthetically, it isn't too far off the real stuff. Overall, would highly recommend if you are worried about scratching the back of the device or if you have an affinity for Carbon Fibre.

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