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Cygnett UrbanShield Carbon for iPhone 5S / 5 - Carbon Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A sleek, elegant carbon fibre designed case for your iPhone 5S / 5.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36237
$33.81 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 22 customers

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Cygnett & MobileFUN
Ive recently changed my phone and bought a Cygnett case from Mobile Fun to replace my old one (also bought from these guys) the case still looks new after 2 years, the order was quick and easy - no fuss and would defo use again
Phone Case
Godd robust case with nice carbon fibre finish. Works well.
As efficient as ever
I have used mobile fun for a number of years now and for the simple reason, great choice, competertive prices and ultra quick delivery. Why would you use any one else?
Carbon mobile case heaven
Great case, i just cant wait to pick my phone back up every time i put it down, it gives me the type of pleasure that my mrs could only dream off! Buy now!
Read the other reviews and wasn't sure what to expect but watched the video and decided to buy. Very happy with the cover, it's exactly what I wanted and after a couple of weeks constant use there is no sign of ware. Nice and slim with very slightly raised edges to product the carbon back and your screen, with added bonus of a good screen protector included. Would definitely recomend this product.
Great item !
Slim and classy looking, doesn't ad much bulk, and decent quality materials, would recommend for the money.
Best cover ever😀
I looked for a cover which was made of carbon, I bought it and found out there was a screen protector over into the bargain. It was the best cover for my iphone 5 and to the best price.
Phone protector
I love this case, it's beautiful design and looks amazing. The only down side is due to the phones hard sides it tends to scratch the side of the phone. I bourt a hard case with silicone sides and its very good. Easy on easy off pluse it looks great so I am torn between the to but at the end of the day the carbon case is very good looking indeed.
A perfectly acceptable lightweight case, but thats as far as it goes.

This is described as a "carbon fibre designed case... with rubber finished corners", so if you're expecting a carbon fibre case with rubber finished corners, you'll be disappointed too. You actually get a rubber coated plastic case with a carbon-fibre effect sticker on the back.

What could be a unique and stylish case is actually quite tacky, and certainly not worth £25. Shame - I waited weeks for this to turn up, and t really wasn't worth to.
Carbon case
This case was of poor quality in design and manufacture. It's carbon appearance was well short of the hype that was advertised.
just what I needed !
Cygnet UrbanShield Carbon I am proud of this cygnet it's very good.
Does what it says on the carbon tin
I'm incredibly fussy about cases for my phones and prefer not to have them if I'm honest, but thought I'd give one a go. I spent ages searching and was prepared to pay a more than double the cost of this case if needed. Luckily I didn't need to. The Urban Shield Carbon does the job perfectly. It's slim, fits very well and does not deter from the look of the phone. The carbon weave is nice and has good depth. Even the screen protector that comes with it is decent. Overall, a well priced product that does exactly what you need it to do in a stylish way.
Very cheap looking
I purchased this case because I thought it would protect and look good on my new iPhone. I fitted the screen saver which came with the case , but the case just looks far too cheap .
Perfect fit
The case fit is fantastic, the back carbon effect looks good and I am very happy. The phone pushed in easily, the back is completely protected and the sides protrude so if you put the phone screen face down on a flat surface the screen is held off and reduces the scratch risk.
Also in the box is a cloth which is ok and a screen protector which I have not fitted as I like the naked screen feel.
Hope this helps
Great Case High Quality
This case fits the iPhone 5 like a glove and looks great.

You won't be disappointed in buying this case as it gives access to all the buttons, headphone jack and charging point.

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