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Cygnett Urban Shield For Samsung Galaxy S4 - Carbon Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A sleek, elegant brushed aluminium case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a stylish black carbon fibre finish.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38563
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 14 customers

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Cygnett Urban Shield-- skinny enough?
There's the saying, "You can't be too rich or too thin." And that's certainly the case for phone cases, especially if you own a few phone docks. I'd like to use the dock without taking it out of the case.

The Cygnett Urban Shield works in the Samsung official dock, but not a 3rd party one I have. Still, this is better than non-carbon fiber cases, that fit in no docks at all.

The Cygnett Urban Shield's primary purpose-- to protect the phone, it does. I've dropped it a couple times, and no issues.

Still, I'm on the lookout for a slimmer case, that allows me to use docks.

The Cygnett Urban Shield snaps together in 2 pieces, that I'm not won over on. My previous case used flexible plastic, which I suspect is more reliable, in the short term anyway.
Excellent feel and great for the phone
I had the same made for my iPhone and originally tried the Tech21 flip cover with this phone, but found that the flip made it difficult to use the phone as a camera, so went back to my favoured case.

Looks good, feels good, not sure it does me any good, but definitely does the phone good...

What more can you say, easy to fix on...
Very good!
Ordered this case because it has got some good reviews. Was delivered to me in a week in perfect condition. As far as the case goes it looks and plays the part very well. Only downside is that it gets scratched quite easily.
After watching a video review of many S4 cases, I was immediately drawn to Cygnett Urban Shield. It's a slim, discrete case which is strong enough to protect my phone and also comes with a screen protector. After a week's use, I can say that I'm proud of my choice! An overall excellent product!
Perfect fit and lovely to hold
The case has a really nice premium feel to it considering its fairly low price. I really like the fact that the case is very slim and extremely gripy and lovely to hold. I don't like cases which are too big and clunky. This one is just perfect and i would highly recommend it to anybody who is after a slim fit case with premium feel.
White carbon fiber??
The white carbon fiber intrigued me. Not sure if white carbon fiber even existed but I thought I'd check it out anyways. It arrived and the box even says genuine carbon fiber. After some research, it's likely not carbon fiber at all. Looks like fiberglass with some christmas tree tinsel woven in. Looks pretty cheap in fact. I should have gone with the standard black carbon fiber case. Quality seems good, I'm just not impressed with the potential false advertising.
It's perfect
The materials and the look of the Carbon Fiber its awesome

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