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Cygnett OpticClear Screen Protector - iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPad's screen with this Clear Screen Protector from Cygnett. Compatible with both iPad 4 / 3 / 2
  • Mobile Fun ID 28387
$15.55 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 10 customers

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Great Service
Excellent Service, and fast delivery
Does the job as advertised
Some of the cheaper and so thinner screen protectors prove almost impossible to remove the bubbles that creep in underneath with everyday use. Thus far, no problem with this. Only adverse comment is that the act of peeling off the protective film from the 'sticky" side creates a static charge on the protector which then attracts any dust in the air around. This then ends up between the screen and the protector. Still worth the price though.
It's OK
Easy to apply but difficult to get perfect. It's my first screen protector though. It also clashes with the Flexishield which is frustrating.
Christmas Present
Bought the screen protector for my sister for Christmas and has already proved useful with fending off my young newphews and nieces with their chocolate coated fingers. Mobilefun was efficient with their delivery and would use them again.
its okay, does what its meant to
Second purchase of this product after having my old iPad replaced by Apple. preparation is key here as the slightest spec of dust will ruin your finish - I guess thats why they give you two. First try was disastrous even vigorous cleaning and prep. Almost need a dust free sterile environment to get this right. Finish, if applied correctly is good with matt looking screen. Keeps most finger marks away bar the dirtiest hands. Helps viewing in bright light and cuts glare out completely. Wouldn I recommend? Yes .. worth while product but cant specify how important it is to make sure there is no dust about.
Great product
Arrived really quickly, so great service.

Fitting is a bit of a pain, in terms of trying to keep out dust while installing, but fits really well, does the job, and does not affect the touch screen at all.
Not overly impressed
Difficult to get on - bubbles are impossible to get out. But it appears to provide a good level of protection.
Does what it say's on the tin
Protector was easy to apply, just took a couple of attempts to make sure it was aligned correctly. The screen stays clear with the protector on & is relatively scratch resistant. The only down side is when used with a smartcase to protect the back of the ipad, the edges of the protector lift very easily.
Does what it needs to do
It was easy to fit, but I still managed a small glue bubble (as opposed to air bubble) that I can't get rid of.
Already have a scratch on it within 48 hours; guess it did it's job.

The screen is crystal clear and you don't notices and degradation in quality of the display.

Would I get this make again? Yes. Have used this brand for my last 5 devices ranging from psp to iPhone and it does what it says and holds out well.
Just the job
I little difficult to get rid of every single speck of dust, but once fitted as best you can (took me about 10 goes), then it's good protection. Any remaining imperfections or dust you only see then the screen is off anyway. I bought a Tabletware case too, so the screen is going to be covered anyway!

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