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Cygnett FlexCurve Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge safe and secure with the FlexCurve screen protector from Cygnett. Offering edge-to edge protection, ensures your phones display is protected at all times.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58419
$17.58 inc VAT
 2.5 stars from 7 customers

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Lasted a week
Not the best purchase. After a week its scratched lifted and has air bubbles appearing. I had bought two and the first was a pain to fit the second was fine with only one air bubble near the corner which slowly went. Its doing it job as a protector but it won't last the month.
Does not stick comes away at sides
This item whilst it looks like it will do the job sadly failed for me. Its not a complete fit though it is curved along the edges. Followed the instructions as this was a new curved screen protector. Normally on flat screens i never have a problem but on the 2xS7 Edge phones both screen protectors have started to lift away from the screen at the four corners. I tried removing and cleaning again but they won't stay at most its been 3 hours. They aren't glass but firm plastic. Didn't work for me but seems some others have had better results than me. I bought some Nuglass tempered glass protectors which went on no problem and have stayed in place since.
Great item
This is great as it still allows the look of the phone to be shown whilst protecting the screen.
It was very easy to place on your screen
I have been looking around for a Protector for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for some time so this was the protector I finally decided to take a risk with, it was very easy to place on your screen because its got a fairly rigid construction making it easier to maneuver to the correct position, I found if you're careful it did not trap many bubbles and the few it did were easy to remove, I did however trap a little bit of dust and there was no sticky paper they sometimes add to remove dust but I simply used a piece of clear household sellotape which done the job just as well.
The only negative I can see is that it has not been created to cover the whole front face of the Galaxy S7 Edge, it basically stops around the camera lense and up to the speaker port, this for me is not too much of a problem as it obviously covers the whole screen itself which is the main thing. All in all a pretty good cover and one I am still using now.
In many ways this screen protector is fine. It fits quite easily and without too many bubbles and seems tough.
The problem is that it's too small. When carefully fitted it fits around the home button, earpiece and camera lens perfectly but leaves a 2mm uncovered margin around top, bottom and sides of the phone's screen. This is so precise that it's clearly designed that way. Hard to understand and not what I wanted.

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