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Crystal Case For iPhone 5S / 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Crystal Case for iPhone 5S / 5 provides tough protection whilst highlighting the details of the iPhone 5S / 5.
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$13.52 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 18 customers

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It was a shame to cover such a lovely looking phone, this was the perfect solution.
Exactly what I wanted
After getting my silver iPhone 5s for Christmas, I was paranoid about dropping my phone and damaging it. I searched numerous websites online but couldn't find any I liked. Then I saw this one, and I loved the idea of a clear case because that way it wouldn't cover up the detail on the back of my phone.
The order arrived quickly, within 3 days of me ordering and I was really pleased with it, it went onto the phone easily without any effort having to bend it or anything and it looks really nice on my phone. Would definitely buy again.
Fab clear case!
Excellent iPhone case which arrived a couple of days after ordering. Fab quality clear case which adds little weight to the phone but protects it perfectly and still showcases the awesomeness of the phone! Far superior than some cheaper clear cases I have purchased in the past :))
Good but bad
When I receive my crystal case it fits very well, but after some time their came dust inside the cover and you have to clean it nearly everyday. The result is that I've got some scratches in the bottom right-hand corner and now I am looking fore a new kind of cover
Flimsy and warped
Very disappointing. Super slim as described ok, but super flimsy too so little robust protection. Also within days one side was bulging thus making the fit poor. Remember to add on the cost of a screen protector. That will be needed with this cover.
Enhances & protects my phone
arrived quickly, on time, safely, well packed. It was easy to fit, with it on my phone looks beautiful and it will protect it from scratches etc. Together with its anti-glare screen protector I am happy that my phone will remain in "mint" condition
iPhone 5 clear cover
Love the look of new iPhone 5 so this clear cover is perfect. Ordered at 4.30 pm and was delivered 9 am next morning, excellent
exactly what i wanted
The crystal case i bought for my iphone 5 is perfect as it fits it great and protects my new phone without hiding its beauty and it doesnt add much weight to it either,so glad i bought it defo made the right choice.
A Perfect Case for People Who Don't Like Cases!
I love the feel of my iPhone in my hand, so I don't really like cases that much, but after seeing both my son and husband smash their iPhone 4's, I thought I'd better get one.

This case fits so perfectly, is so light and fits so snugly, and also feels so smooth and silky in my hand that I don't mind it at all. In fact, I really rather like it! It looks good, keeps the back of my phone free from grubby prints, and best of all, no one else can really tell it's there! Plus, of course, my precious phone now has that added bit of strength and protection a sturdy case provides. To be thoroughly recommended!
Just wright.
I bought this cover and it was exactly what I was looking fo. Fits well around the phone, is ultra thin so looks great.
I bought this cover and it was exactly what I was looking for . Fits well around the phone, is ultra thin and protects as I already dropped it within days of using it.
Very nice
Perfect and secure fit, has a lip in case iPhone drops face down, really discreet protection whilst protecting iPhone. Has a really nice luxurious feel to it not like a cheap polycarb' case. Used ion conjunction with screen protector I feel nice and safe. Highly Recommended.
Did exactly what I wanted and looks perfect.
I bought my iPhone 5 only to find that apple had not provided any accessories. After sum research I went for a real protective case but it killed the beauty of the device and made it feel as heavy as the iPhone 4. I search for clear, see through cases and decided on this. When it came it looked flimsy but once attached to my phone it looked almost invisible. Perfect!

If you want a case that doesn't add weight, protects your phone and keeps the beauty of your iPhone 5 on full display, you couldn't chose a better case.
Perfect case to show off the new iPhone!
Originally i wanted the Thin Ice Gloss Case from Gear4 but because it was sold out everywhere and I needed a case quick I went for this one and I'm very satisfied.

The plastic isn't probably the strongest out there but it's a snug fit so is well protected round the sides and back. I thoroughly recommend a screen protector though as the case is flush with the front of the iPhone.

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