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Cover-Mate Nexus 5 Case Compatible Charging Dock Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge and sync your Nexus 5 with this stylish dock. It supports most cases so you don't need to remove your Nexus 5 from its case to use this dock!
  • Mobile Fun ID 41951

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 3.5 stars from 13 customers

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Ok, but not perfect
I use the official bumper case from Google and it doesn't work with this dock. Only slim cases will adapt.
So I am down to removing the case every time I charge my phone.
Everything it said it would be
The cradle is exactly what I wanted: made to fit the Nexus 5 snuggly (I use my phone without a cover but the removable sleave would allow some covers to fit too). There is however a trick to getting the phone to fit the charging plug: Hold the phone totally vertical when inserting, and once the plug is in, then tilt the phone to rest back in the cradle. The plug itself has a high tolerance for movement so I'm comfortable it won't break. The base of the cradle is wide enough to give adequate support meaning that I can use the phone in the cradle without it tipping. Very good value for money.
Cover-Mate Nexus 5 Case Compatible Charging Dock
I've bought a number of these over the years. This has a novel attachment that allows docking the phone with or without a case which is good, I guess.
I find inserting the phone harder than my past experiences with this type of dock. It needs a very firm application of pressure to make it click into place. YMMV
Very poor physical fit
The USB connector is angled wrong, and it's very fiddly to insert the phone into the connector. On top of that at least my dock doesn't charge the phone unless I press the phone much too hard into the connector, and angle it just right. I find it hard to believe this product is genuinely designed for Nexus 5.
Just What I was after
Prompt delivery and exactly the product that I was after at a very good price.
Just received my desk stand and I'm impressed. Looks so nice and modern compliments the phone perfectly. A small piece can be removed in order to insert the phone with a case or cover, I use the Pudini Stand Case which is like a wallet case and it fits perfectly, Love this stand.
Good stand, but far from perfect.
I bought this stand as I work from my home office a lot and use my cell phone for most of my calls. I was intrigued when it said that it could accommodate most covers and still hold the phone. I happen to own the "tech21 impactology" cover from T-Mobile...not the bulkiest cover.

I have two problems with this stand.

* I am unable to keep my phone in the cover and use the stand-I have to take it out and slide it into the stand
* The weight is not enough to allow me to dial without the phone moving. When I hit the numbers, it tips back slightly...and no I am smacking the phone...just dialing with a fingertip.

It works well enough, but would like to have seen this better in application.
Only suitable for thin cases
Whilst this is a good dock for the Nexus 5 without a case, I think it is only really suitable with cases that do not increase the distance to the port by very much. It is not suitable for use with the Google Nexus 5 bumper case which is disappointing.
Desk Cradle for Nexus 5
It is probably a restraint of the phone itself, where the micro-usb slot is in a difficult position and angled, which in turn makes this dock hard to use. You need to fiddle to get it to sit right.

Only really compatible bumper style cases, not flip-cases.

Made of plastic, no real shine or elegance.

Basic functionality, no reason for such a steep price.

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