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Cover-Mate Nexus 4 Case Compatible Charging Dock Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Nexus 4 with this stylish dock.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37562

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 3.8 stars from 26 customers

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Me gusto mucho. Lo recibí rápido. Tiene un precio módico.
Lo recomiendo.
make sure you've got the right case
this DOES NOT work with the bumper case that Google shipped with my Nexus 4 last summer. if you don't mind taking it out of the case to sit it down it works just fine.
Does what it says on the tin (or rather packaging)
Exactly what was required. Good idea to have the removable shoe so you can install the phone without taking off the gel case. It works a treat.
Works fine with a slimline case
First off, yes, the dock does have some writing on it (not shown in the pics here). It says 'KiDiGi' in white. I would have preferred it to be as shown, but I'm not that worried about it.
I have a slim case on my Nexus 4, and the phone fits into the dock with ease. I know that some people here have chunky cases, and those could cause a problem. However, I'm not sure if everyone knows that you have to pull out a piece of plastic to free up some space. I would have thought it's pretty obvious, but, hey, you know how some people are.
One more thing. This comes with a USB lead, for charging via a computer, but not a three-pin plug. You'll have to buy that separately.
tried 1 then ordered another
Really good at side of bed as I dock the phone each night as its used as an alarm. I have a slim case which stays on and still docks OK. My wife does not have a case on her nexus 4. Previously had Iphone with docks and this is equal in quality and appearance.
False advertising
Contrary to what others are saying the Ringke fusion case does not fit in this dock (yes I know to remove the holder)
Perhaps there is different fusion models some older ones maybe have a slimmer design around the plug, the one for sale on this site is the one I bought. The back of mine however is to bulky and the charger plug has no chance of being plugged in. Also face is not black like advertised it has white branding on it. Any case you use must have a rather slim, round at the back base
Exactly what I wanted
Been using my phone as an alarm clock lately and figured it'd be nice to see the time too, so I got this as it claims to work with a case on (who wants to remove that every day?). It fits perfectly with the Ringke Fusion and my girlfriend thinks it looks pretty stylin' so mission accomplished!
Not recommended
Be aware this dock will not let you insert your Nexus 4 with the Google's official bumper which is a shame as it should AT LEAST support official accessories, particularly when

Works fine without though.
Not as pictured
I paid a little extra for this model as opposed to cheaper docks available elsewhere as the picture shows this is a pure black stand, unlike many others available that have unsightly branding etched on them.

When it arrived this stand does in fact have some manufacturer I have never heard of etched in white letters right across the front of the unit. As a result the unit looks dreadful and not like the sleek, elegant unit in the pictures.

Fit is average, I leave it docked overnight several mornings it has come out uncharged even though it was charging when I originally docked it.
Charging Dock
Perfect fit for the Nexus. I'd highly recommend it for anyone with Nexus 4. I am even considering buying a second.
...par excellence!
Super device that does away with all those wires and connectors; or at least restricts them to one small area. Very pleased with it. Recommended...
Good stand
Good desk stand for the nexus 4. I'm using mine with the Ringke Fusion Case (you need to take out a plastic insert from the stand if you have a case on your phone). It's a tight fit with this case and you need to align the phone accurately when inserting it on to the USB port but then it sits very snugly.
Nexus Charging Dock
Unpacking was a bit of an epic. I was unable to remove the dock without destroying part of the packaging. Not good if you need to return the item.

Apart from that minor niggle, the dock appears well made and comes with a removable adapter so the phone can be inserted without removing it's case. With the adapter, it is a very snug fit which is probably not a bad thing and will hopefully loosen up with use.

So, on the whole, a very worthwhile accessory if you want to keep your Nexus 4 synchronised with your computer.
Not as described
Difficult to see how this could be case compatible. This is really snug with the case removed. Absolutely no chance with the Flexishield case I have.
Ok otherwise.

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