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Cool Bananas RainSuit P2 Neoprene Sleeve for iPad 4 / 3 / 2 - Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The RainSuit Sleeve protects your iPad 4 / 3 / 2 from bumps and knocks, while the front pocket provides space for your accessories such as mobile phones and pens.
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 4.9 stars from 30 customers

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Perfect Fit
The case is an excellent fit for the new iPad 4 with apple smart cover attached. Easy to place in case and good protection on the corners.Wish the case came in bright colours.
Looking for a case for my iPad 3. Seen so many different ones, then came across this Cool Banana RainSuit case. First impression out of the box, looks good there were many colours on offer but I personally like the matching colours of green and black. The case do have the quality feel too. Most important of all it will take my iPad with it's click on case PERFECTLY. Also the extra zip pocket at the front is very useful. Just a little criticism on the price, I thought it was a bit on the high side that's because there are so many good quality ones on the market at a lower price.
First time, not the last
Super easy to order, super quick delivery. Excellent quality item. Thanks :-)
Fantastic Product
Ordered this on line after searching the internet for an IPAD 2 Cover. Read all the reviews and I was definately not disappointed. This is a must for the IPAD2 not only does it protect it but it looks cool too and funky too. What a great great buy.
A convenient product for me
I am so pleased I bought this RainSuit. I have just been on a very long trip and I found it very handy as I not only put my iPad in it, but in the front compartment, my Kindle fitted in perfectly. Two in one!
cool as "cool bananas "
My.new cover for my iPad 2nd exactly what I wanted. It is a really good fit and does just what I needed. Light weight, protective and waterproof.
What more do you need and it looks good too!
Well worth the wait
Didn't get next day delivery - had to wait 2 weeks as the item was temporarily sold out. Not surprised, it's a great product - perfect fit, thick neoprene stuff so protects the iPad well, chunky zip and useful little pocket on the front.
Neoprene cool banana Ipad 2 case
Fantastic, just what i was looking for. It is what i need for Uni.
Secure, padded and looks great
This arrived this morning on a 2 day turnaround; great job Mobile Fun!

The first thing that struck me about this case was the smell to be honest. A strong rubber car tyre type smell; it's not unpleasant but it is strong!

The second thing that struck me was how well made the case is; all the stitching is perfect, the zips are large and easy to use, the black is proper black (not very dark grey like so many are!) and the whole thing is pleasing to the eye.

The case is padded with firm but pliable material so it feels very high quality and like it would definitely protect the iPad 2 if dropped. There's an excellent elasticated ridge running along the inside of the main pocket which serves to hold the iPad nice and firm when zipped up.

The only 'fault' as such is the amount of extra room the main compartment has next to the iPad 2. With no exaggeration you could fit 4 iPads in that compartment which means the case feels 'baggy' on one side of it. I actually wasnt sure if I was supposed to keep the foam that came inside the case in there to pad it or not. The other side though as mentioned is held securely by the excellent ridge addition.

Overall very happy with my purchase; I think I'll much prefer using the iPad Au Naturelle and putting it away in this case than the current Smart Cover + Cool Bananas SmartShell combo I have.
Just the job
I absolutely LOVE this RainSuit for my iPad 2. I have a back cover and smart cover for my iPad and it all fits snugly inside the RainSuit without sliding around. Looks really good and the extra pocket is useful for other bits and pieces.
Almost just right
Lovely case + excellent service & delivery.
Would like to see front cover a litte stiffer to protect screen.
Cool Bananas RainSuit P2 for iPad2 - Green
The very thing for protecting the iPad when travelling and also to cover it indoors if fluid is about.
It is a snug fit and of a very sympathetic material. There is even a flap to protect the iPad where the zip opens. It is perfectly tailored too.
iPad 2 case
Great little product and perfect fit. love the inner extra lip to help keep the IPad secure on those occasions you forget to zip the case.
Exactly what I was looking for
This is a great product for protecting your ipad when on the move. I have the ipad smart cover but wanted something lightweight and easy to protect the ipad, smart cover and all, when traveling. Something that would slip easily into my handbag or hand luggage. This is it - perfect.
Effective and stylish
Did what it claimed and with style and a smile!!
Rain suit for ipad2
Love my green rain suit, my new iPad 2 felt a bit vulnerable when carrying it about, it feels so much safer in it's cover, loves it!
Neat and Tidy
This is just what I wanted to keep the iPad protected when on the move. It fits like a glove and the order came in one day!
Perfect travel case
I've been looking for a case which can protect my ipad 2 during the rough & tumble of travelling - finally i've found it! I keep a lot of confirmations on my ipad, as well as use it for entertainment on the go and found the smart covers didnt offer a full rounded protection of the device. This is great however as I can securely put it away then throw it in my bag knowing its thoroughly protected. Also wanted a case that could hold passports and other travel docs so they're all in one convenient place. With the front zipped pocket I can do exact that! perfect!.
Firs perfectly
I brought this on the basis of another review which said it fits the ipad 2 perfectly. It does exactly that and I would recommend it.
Perfect for my needs!
Colour, price and quality were what I was looking for and thats exactly what I got, well done!
Perfect - and gets admiring comments
I ordered this in a rush, having received my shiny iPad, and wanting it to stay that way during travel to a meeting the following day.

The service from MobileFun was excellent - promised next day delivery - and sure enough it arrived in the next day's post. Perfect timing.

The sleeve itself is ideal - and thoughtfully designed with the pocket for business cards/phone etc. And the iPad 2 slips into nicely. There's even an extra protective part to protect the case when the zip is closed.

Excellent design - and several people have remarked how much nicer the iPad 2 is with an Apple smartcover and a sleeve like this.

Thanks MobileFun - you're in my Favourites.
Excellent value for money.
Very happy with this. I use it for transporting my ipad 2, fits like a glove. Very quick delivery too.
Just the Job !
Quality product for all round protection of the ipad2 ~ snug fit with smartcover & smartshell !.
Just the protection I was looking for!
I was thrilled with my purchase of an iPad 2 with Smart Cover but when it came to packing for holiday I realised I would need more protection. Like many I carry 'stuff for the day' in a small backpack and I could imagine the Smart Cover being pushed back as I carelessly pushed other stuff into the pack. The Cool Bananas Rainsuit gives my iPad 2 all the protection I need in a very neat sleeve, great fit even with Smart Cover on, no risk of zipper damage because risk designed out and a very cool colour!
Great iPad sleeve
The sleeve itself is big enough to hold an iPad 2 with an attached Apple Smart cover and the zip-up pocket is big enough to hold the usb/charging cable and other small flattish stuff. A charger plus UK mains plug is pushing it though.

Whilst it's not waterproof (the stiches are not taped or glued and the zip has no gasket) it is definitely proof against the odd rain shower.

The internal flap you can use to secure it in the sleeve holds it tightly.

Top bit of kit!
The perfect carry case
Having bought an iPad 2 with a smart cover I wanted something to put it in to carry it about which offered some protection. Most of the carry cases I found were unclear as to whether they could take the iPad with the cover. This one does. Choice of colour was difficult but I like the green. Not only does it fit perfectly, it is good quality and comes with an extra pocket for small items. Overall an excellent product.
Good find
Am very pleased with this cover for my new ipad. Would recommend the cover and Mobilefun for prompt delivery! Would use this trader again.
Really really good perfect for my ipad 2 highly recomend.
Very happy
An attractive little protective case for my beloved iPad. Arrived promptly and is exactly as I expected it to be.
Snug fit for my Ipad 2
I started using a normal netbook sleeve for my Ipad, but the Coolbananas Rainsuit is a perfect fit.

The second pocket is useful for storing a Mifi modem and earphones.

And I love the colours!

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