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Clip & Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Make and receive calls safely when driving with the stylish Clip & Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit, compatible with all cars and all Bluetooth supported phones.
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 4.4 stars from 118 customers

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Great Dafty Aid
Very convenient and fulfils all it promises
Great piece of kit
Simple to set up, easy to use and great price
The item arrived more than a week after your dispatch notification (probably not your fault). You provide only an in-car charger and then instruct that the unit must be charged for 3 hours before use, and only the provided charger may be used. This seems a bit silly. When plugged in to the charger, the red LED on my unit flashed continuously. Not knowing what this signified, I continued charging for a 6 hour journey. At the end of this period the red LED was still flashing, and on disconnection the unit was completely dead. I tried to email your tech support, and filled in the form, but then failed to find a "send" button! Perhaps I am just a nightmare stupid customer.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Paul.

Thank you for your review. It sounds like you have been sent a faulty product here.

If you contact our customer services team on 0844 249 5060, or send them an email to customerservices@mobilefun.co.uk, they will be more than happy to help
connecting cable
The cable supplied to connect the device to the cigarette lighter is to short. It needs to be at least 300mm (12") longer. I have had to use Velcro to enable me to use it.
Clip & talk
Purchased 2 units one for each vehicle
ordering went well , delivery on time
Got units on fri Aug 16. put on charger ,red light flashing rapidly. checked in 3 hours ,still flashing
have been on charger since Friday, today is Monday ,still flashing, unplugged chargers press mfb and no life
took batterys out and re install ,again nothing
right now I can not rate this more then 1 star, that may be to genourous
I may have some electronic junk on my hands
Excellent Service
I have received this product as a replacement , the original one had a defective battery and some speaker issues, I just sent a mailer to mobilefun and they promptly sent a replacement, knowing fully well that that it would not be possible to send back the defective one. Hats Off to MobileFun
Blade Car Speakerphone
It is a good design, but quality is mediocre. Yet it is the cheapest car speakerphone available.
The unit which I received had a dead battery and had to be replaced.
Avoid this
I received this promptly and was pleased as I needed one very quickly. Unfortunately I then spent three days attempting to get it to work and ended up going to the High Street stores to buy an alternative.
The returns system appears to work well enough but as I have yet to receive my refund I will not make further comment. If there was a zero start comment I would give it zero.
Product Review
I am a little disappointed with the quality of the product. The Clip and Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit is poorer in quality as compared to a hands-free car kit I used over 12 years ago. It was when Nokia first introduced the Bluetooth enabled.

With your product, each time I made a phone call, I had to disconnect from hands-free to hand-held so that the other person could hear me clearly.

I can hear, but, the person at the other end cannot. probably the mic is poor in quality.

Best buy
I find this product very useful and it gave me the ability to drive safely and talking with my friends at the same time!
Thank you!
Hands Free
Bought item to have hands free as previous earpiece type was annoying and prone to fall off when operating controls. Have just purchased and stared using Blade and it has proved very successful. I ordered on a Tue and received next morning, took about an hour to charge fully and has been perfect every since. Have only taken three calls so far but excellent sound quality.
visor blade hands free
This hands free works ok and was easy to pair and connect but it does not have enough volume for me to use it in my truck,I can not hear it and the audio distorts in all a waste of money for my application
Good, but not so great...
I bought this product because of it's great reviews and great offer price.. The connectivity with my iPhone 4S is great, the sound quality and loudness are quite good but the mic quality is so poor, that all the people I call always complain that they hear me as if I am in a hole... They have the feeling that I am far away from the phone even when I speak quite loud from a distance of 20cm...
handy for me
Well pleased it is compact and simple
Had to try it for myself
So many reviews on this product, thought I better give it a try. Never fancied one of the those bluetooth ear pieces so my eyes lit up when I discovered this little gem that fits on the visor. After figuring out how to connect to the phone, it is real easy to use and the sound is clear and loud. Shame you can only charge via the cigarette lighter but hey ho, glad I bought it. Happy
Hands Free
I was rather sceptical about this having only experienced similar devices some years ago which produced very tinny and echoing sound. However I have been pleasantly surprised as the quality of sound on this device is excellent. It pairs so easily and when using the Navigation (Sat Nav) app on my Samsung S3 phone the instructions come loud and clear through this unit. Well worth the money!
Neat Little device
I purchased two of these (one for hubs and one for me)for use in the cars obviously. It's a very neat device and is easy to use (worked it out for both phones myself). The audio is very clear to me in the car, but I have had my callers say that my volume is very faint for them, which is somewhat annoying. Fits well on the car visor however and doesn't cause any damage, which a former one I purchased did. Overall - good!
Works like a charm....
Like the title says, the device does exactly what it says on the tin. It's simple to use, having only three buttons to worry about,don't bother trying to read the instruction booklet,unless you have the eyesight of a golden eagle, it's sooooo small!
You'll get more sense out of watching the video on the Mobilefun website.
Sound quality is pretty good and should be ok for most cars, unless your motor sounds like a Chieftain tank, in which case you might be better off with one of those ugly things that hang out of your ear'ole!!!!
I will certainly suggest that my wife gets one of these when she finally upgrades her phone!
Love it!
This does exactly what its supposed to do. It is loud enough for me as I have some hearing problems and it is quick and easy. I would happily recommend this over everything else I have brought from this site.
Clip and Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit
I purchased the device for my car and it works a treat.

Did what it said
Thats what it did ! Charge it. Bond it . Clip it and then use it . Simple and perfect !!!
The Perfect Answer
The title / headline says it all its exactly that, hastle free, easy to understand and use, just switch on and off you go.
Legal In-car
This was an amazing gadget at an amazing price. The sound is very clear and it's so easy to use. Would definitely recommend this and for a small price you become legal to take calls on the move.
Technology Adverse
Brought as a present for my father in law who is 72. He neede something easy to use that he could get his head around. Wasnt sure at first considering that I needed to put show him how to enable and disable bluetooth.
After showing him a couple of times and writing it down for him he has really got it and finds that it is the best thing that he has used in a long time. He is really pleased with it and it helps with his hearing aid too.
Sound reception for callers gave been advised is good for car could be louder but adequate. Ringing out which appears to be last number received or called is useful. Voice commands cannot use but could be me rather than the device. Music sound production could be better but can be a useful feature for some.
Not Great
The visor blade did not work very well on Nokia, discounted from bluetooth after each call. Worked better on HTC DHD but sound quanlity not great.
Best ever
This kit does what it says with no fuss.very good.
what it says on the tin
The message from the website was that it was cheap and easy to use and it really was. It took longer to get it out of the packaging than it did to set up and it works well. Very pleased with the battery life and the switch off function that means that I can forget to.
Brill service bluetooth works great. Next day delivery as well cool.
Does exacttly what it says on the can!
Did not want an in-ear device and saw the Clip and Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit. What a truly amazing product, simple to set up, clear as a bell in use, unobtrusive clipped on car visor and so inexpensive with very good battery life. I am no expert with these types of devices but would recommend this to anyone and, oh that reminds me, must order another for my wife.
Fair product for price
I drive a small van so quality of conversation not very good on visor. Clipped it on seat belt. So far seems fine. Not perfect but does the job. Pairing spot on. So cant grumble for price.
The best thing anyone could need
After reading reviews i brought the talk visor but after using this I have found this Bluetooth car kit really useful to use. On lorry’s and cars works perfects it like using your phone very clear from both ends I would recommend this to anyone and buy it over and over again would never use a ear peace after using this.
spot on product
this device is a life saver does exactly what it says on the tin and suberb prompt delivery
perfect for me
my partner spends a lot of time in her car travelling from house to house as a carer this was perfect for her in every way and i could not believe how quickly it was delivered, it came the next day after ordering and it was exceedingly good value and easy to use.. thankyou all
Spot on.
Does exactly as it says n the tin. Clear and concise instructions, it pairs easily with my Galaxy S3 and gives clear sound when a call is connected. Great Bluetooth device for the price.
not very suitable
quality of sound not too good.I can hear caller, but caller struggles to hear me. Would not reccomend this. Have dissposed of packaging, otherwise would send this back.
Fantastic little hands free
I needed a bluetooth hands free for the car and this one had fantastic reviews and for good reason. Its small, clips easily to my visor, has a fantastic speaker and microphone making it very easy and clear to use and I set it up in about 2 minutes! A full charge lasts for ages and it is perfect for what I required. Highly recommended!
Unbelievable value
I bought a car which supposedly had blue tooth audio,needless to say it did not so I looked on line for an in car unit and decided upon your product. I received it at 11.00am and it was so easy I had it in use three minutes later.It works even better than I would have dared to hope,it does EVERYTHING I could wish for. Thank You.
Visor Blade
Very poor sound when talking or receiving calls could not be head, nothing like the what I expected from the promotional video!
Thought it was just what I needed !
The visor blade has poor mic volume ,I have to shout to be heard
I thought about returning it
Good battery life though !
Good service from Mobile Fun - item not quite as good
Excellent ordering process and delivery, as promised. The item Clip and Talk Blue tooth. Excellent speaker, clear and loud not problem hearing your caller. Not the same for your conversation, the mic is poor and appears very directional, it must be pointed directly at your mouth. If not the party will not hear you. This could be a really great product if they improve the performance of the mic.
Simple but very effective. Easy to pair, good sound quality and excellent when in a call (people can hear me clearly).
About MobileFun, as always, great service!
Works faultlessly
This device feels a little cheap (at the price being sold at it is), however the device works perfectly for voice, sat-nav and even music. My previous Bluetooth kit, which cost around six times the price of this one, did not work with the sat-nav voice from Google maps but this one is load and clear.
Effective and Unobtrusive
Simple, works well, good battery life. Lightweight and unobtrusive. Easy to set-up. Recommended, very competitivly priced - why pay more ?.
Works very well, easy to set up, and recognises my phone automatically within about 10-15 secs. I can also stream music from my phone. Feels flimsy, so I'l be interested to se how long it lasts. Haven't looked to see if the battery can be replaced. Fast service and delivery.
Clip and Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit
This item was delivered within 36 hrs of ordering. Its fantastic value and works perfectly and very simple to operate. I would highly recommend both this company and the Bluetooth kit. 5 start rating for service, value and quality.

Great Product
Great product. Battery lasts forever without re charging. Very clear. Easy to set up and use.Easy to clip on to sun viser. No interference or crackling. Would make a great present. Better than ear peices in my view. Just have to press a button to answer a call.
Bargin Buy
Wasnt too sure about this at first but purchased after reading the reviews. Absolute bargin buy. Works and does its job exceptionally well for a very good price. Happy buying!
Got it right the first time!
I needed a bluetooth solution for my car but I really hate searching through millions of products unless its shoe shopping!! I quickly narrowed it down to this and another product but liked the slim profile of this one so decided to try my luck. I know Mobilefun have great customer service so if it wasn't to my liking, then I could have returned it without hassle.
Anyway turns out I don't need to. Works great - was easy to set up, sound quality is good and it stays hidden behind my sun visor when not in use.
Job done!
haven't really heard of this brand before but thought I would give it a go for the price.

all i can say is that its extremely easy to set up and the sound quality is fantastic

well done mobile fun
For 20 quid this car kit is a bargain. works so well with my S3

great product, great service from mobile fun
Excellent Value
excellent value car kit that works perfectly well with my iPhone 4S.
No Fuss - Just works
I was amazed that this worked without any fuss and was very easy to use and set up. I would recommend it to anyone who needed a low cost hands free solution!
This budget priced hands-free kit is superb. Apart from being easy to set up, discreet and(best of all)easy on the pocket.

It is very easy to operate and totally portable so you can take it with you and have lengthy chats without balancing a tiny phone in the crook of your neck. I was recommended this gadget by a friend and, even though i'm a bit of a technophobe, i'll be singing it's praises too.
Even plays my music!
I bought this for calling my parents when I drove back from uni - then I realised it played my music too - bonus! Great products and a great price
Great buy
I got this for my mum and have to say its a great buy. So easy to work and so very clear.
The Bee's Knee's!
This is the the bees knees i needed a hands free so i thought i would buy a parrot kit but was put off by the price so i bought this cheaper version and it is spot on crystal clear both ways easy to use absolute bargain if you are thinking of buying .go for it you will be glad you did .
Does what it says
this is a great little gadget - does what it says on the tin sort of stuff. clear volume & easy controls. FAB
Works Great
This item works fine. I can hear the caller and reverse. In two weeks I have charged it only once and it's still working.
A good product that does what it says
As per title, it does what it says. Easy to use and great sound quality. For £20 it does a great job and keeping you handsfree. Would recommend this product and Mobile Fun
I'm always driving so this is great to take calls from the boss with and keep in touch with the family. It's loud and really easy to use
Perfect for the missus
Got this for my missus so that she could keep in touch. She loves it and now I can't get her to stop using the thing
Extremley impressed with this car kit, I cant really afford to have built in car kit fitted so was looking at few other options, a google search and i was directed to Mobile Fun's website.

As mentioned above I didn't really want to spend lots of money and this car kit, looked nice and had a great price, so I bought one, very happy so far with the service and product.
Well brown
Makes my morning commute much easier because I can just chat with my friends. Dead easy to set up, glad it came with a car charger so I don't have to go out and get one of those too.
I do not normally bother to review items bought, but this piece of kit is outstanding. I set it up in minutes and it works like a dream. I bought it for my partner so that she can use her phone safely in the car, she thinks it's great. If you are thinking of buying a handsfree kit buy this one.
Highly rRecommended
This is a great product works just as well as any expensive Bluetooth set for half the price the speaker is good quality you can hear very clearly and the person on the other end can hear you just as good, i would definately recommend this product
Wife's Gutted ;)
Bought one, and for the price it's a bargain. The wife has a fatory fitted unit in here car, and she feels she wasted here money.

1 star off, if it charged with a MicroUSB charger instead of Mini USB, would have only needed 1 car charger in the car - but at least you only have to charge every couple of weeks.
Great Product, Good Vale & Super Srvice
First time ordering from mobile fun, have been looking at a few different visor car kits and the price, functions and designs of this SD Visor Blade was just what i was looking for.

very easy to use car kit, would recommend to anyone in the market for a bluetooth car kit
Great piece of kit
I wanted something reasonably priced to use in my car, I came across this kit having browsed quite a few others online but the slim sleek design of this kit appealed to me.

the product arrived next day and was so easy to set up out of the box, good clear instructions and so far the quality seems to be pretty good too.
Hubby got me this!
Having had a professionally fitted car kit in my previous car, I was not sure how this light weight 'blade thing'would perform. I have to say, Im impressed. Its clear, its not bulky and the battery is long lasting. 5*
Better than the V3+
Crisp audio. Previously bought the Clip and Talk V+ from Mobile Fun which was great. Took a chance on this for my Mum. Really simple to pair, no paring code need. Just flick to pairing mode, search and select.. job done. Really simple, mum didn't really need me to pop round. Audio quality is awesome, could be better than my V3+ and potentailly on par with my wife's Parrot Mini Kit Slim (which was roughly £50!).

Overall great buy, really simple, fast service from Mobile Fun, really chuffed. Almost wished I gave my mum my one and swapped for this!
Fantastic Value
I'm not one to normally write product reviews, but I have been extremely impressed by this unit I purchased from mobile fun.

nicely packaged, so easy to set up and works like a charm with my HTC One X.

well done mobile fun on sourcing such a great product
simple and effective!
After several attempts with various bluetooth headsets, none of them every staying put - I realised I must have oddly sized ears!

Anyway I decided to try a speakerphone but was weary of sound not being clear unlike the headsets. I am pleased to say that there is no loss of sounds, background noise or other interference with this speaker. Sometimes the reception may go but that is down to the networks and not this product.

A good buy in terms of quality and price. I would recommend this product.
Super Kit
cheap in price but not a cheap in quality.

so far very very happy with my car kit, sound is loud and clear.

very happy
great if you have more than one vehicle
as a self employed driver i was after a Bluetooth car kit that i could transfer between vehicles and this fits the bill perfectley.

nicely designed and a very slim profile makes this visor a very good buy.
better than other expensive units
Brilliant product, does what it says on the box, as good and better than more expensive products, very quick delivery first class!!!
This is one of the best, if not the best hands free kits I have ever bought. Brilliant..........
Cracking value
This works better than the built in car kit I had in my Mercedes.
Easy to use and the sound quality is second to none.
Ordered this item as I hate the in-ear Bluetooth devices. I don't regularly think about using Bluetooth, and end up pulling over to make and take calls. Have used it since to make a calls and it worked perfectly. Very clear, and easy to operate. Caller heard me with good clarity and volume. The unit itself is compact and easy to fit, and to set up with my phone. Didn't cost the earth like some units either
Great Gadget
This little gadget has completely changed the way i receive my calls on my mobile.
I used to have an ear piece which was uncomfortable & it had lost its little arm that holds the ear piece, & on several occasions had popped out of my ear, or i had pushed it back into my ear & cut a phone call of accidently. All that has gone with this small gadget i have had it well over a month & has only had one charge.
Great gift
Made a great gift for my wife as it was in a nice box and looks like quality product
Great Product
I was a bit sceptical on purchasing this product when I first saw it as the brand SD did not ring any bells.

I'm so glad I did though. The product arrived the following day, nicely packaged and with great clear instructions on how to connect the kit to me handset. I can say I was up and running in a matter of minutes. sound quality is great and build quality seems pretty good too.

would recommend this to anyone looking for this kind of car kit.
OMG! How clear this is! Love it!
Small yet loud
Perfect visor, it's small so out the way but produces excellent sound quality. Doesn't distract from the road.
Clear and Loud
For the price this is amazing.. calls are clear and loud and the battery seems to last ages
Works Well!!!
This device works well and is easy to connect to. It is small and neat and does not clutter the car - it is hardly noticeable. The sound is clear and easy to hear because it is positioned so near to the driver's face and the microphone works well. My phone is an HTC Desire Z and it pairs with this perfectly. So far, several weeks, I have had no problems with time between recharges. It seems to go a very long time on one charge but it could be connected to the charger while in use if it were to run out.
Really Nice
It's a lot smaller & much better than my old car kit!!
Quick & easy set up
I'm glad I bought this car kit because it's easy to set-up and I'm always getting urgent calls from the office when I'm on the road, very handy to have!!
excellent kit
I brought this visor car kit to replace my old one. all i can say is for what it costs the car kit performs extremely well, so easy to use out of the box.

will recommend this to a few family members aswell.
Great Value
I was looking for a car kit that i can use in my work van, didnt really want to spend too much so i thought i would give this kit a go.

so far so good, good sound quality and easy to set up
Perfect for my holiday trip
Perfect, I'm going on a long car journey and I would have been unable to chat to my friends on the way without this car kit, nice one.
A new friend for my new phone :-)
I've been using my S3 for 2 weeks now and decided that it is brilliant enough to need its own car seat for its safety. So while searching the expanses of Mobile-fun for a holder, I stumbled upon this car kit. Call it an impulse buy, but it worked out to be a good one.

I charged it fully the first time and it only took a couple of hours and I have not had to re-charge it yet. I guess I don't really have lengthy phone conversations on a car speaker phone so it should last a while before needing a re-charge.

The metal clip which attaches to the visor is quite sturdy unlike those plastic ones on some other car kits, plus its very slim so my sun visor snaps back into position without any fuss.

Most important is of course the sound, which in my opinion is one of the best 'speaker' quality I have come across. Of course I still have the odd moments of 'hello can you hear me', but for the most part, I am able to converse without someone asking me where I am or why I sound like I'm on helium.

So all in all a good impulse purchase.
Probably the best visor car kit EVER!
Simply the best
Love it! It's nice and small so is hidden out the way and the quality is great. Thanks :)
Good Product
Brought this kit after buying a few other bits for my iPhone, was very easy to set up with my iPhone and has been a very good easy to use product so far
Looks great in my KA
This visor is nice and compact just like my KA making them the perfect couple. It's easy to use and really loud too :)
very happy with purchase
well done mobile fun!

very happy with my car kit, easy to use and lasted a very long time before it needed recharging.
Excellent Value
Good car kit for the price, so far no complaints, no dropped calls, just crystal clear phone calls.
Value for money
Good clear reception,a great value for money product and I will be recommending it to all my friends as well.
Top sound.
What I love about this is that along with the amazing sound quality, it doesn't get in the way when you stick it on your visor. It's well thin and looks cool, not like some of the big chunky visor car kits that I've had in the past. For 20 quid this is a bargain.
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