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Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit Reviews

Stay safe, stay legal with the latest Clip and Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit. This visor mounted hands-free kits can connect up to two phones at the same time and features up to 66 days in standby.
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 4.6 stars from 1577 customers

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Spending £20 can save me £1000 fine!
Isnot it whenever you're on the road on stearing wheel phone rings and you don't know if it is urgent or useless nuisance! You are disturbed. Can not concentrate on driving and tempted to see who is it from? risking a fine or accident.
Once I bought the hands free kit it was surprisingly easy to install and pair with and sound was clear.I can't think of driving without it. Great value for money and useful gadget.
Easy to Install and Excellent Price
I've got phone headset, bluetooth headset and Samsung gear watch to use in the car however I'm delighted with this product especially for the price. There's nothing to setting this up both in terms of pairing with your phone, however to be on the safe side make sure your phone is listed, and then attach it to the visor-easy peasy. I am pretty amazed at the quality for the price. Obviously it won't replace integral blue tooth system but on the plus side you can move this to whatever car you're using which is the case in our family. The delivery, as ever from Mobile Fun was excellent. Thank you.
This item is great,
It's reads txt messages and reply's to them if you want, although I find the voice a little hard to hear and can't turn it up.
However on a phone call the voice is loud and clear,
I am a carer so this has saved me a lot of time stopping to answer the phone.
I can leave it in place when parked up as no wires to see, and if I remember to turn off no give away lights.
So great I have brought one for my daughter for Christmas.
Very easy set up
Managed to set up this device in a very short time.and works fantastic.great buy.
I was so impressed with the Olixar Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit Product, this being the second product purchased for my wife's Son's Birthday Present.
This is straight forward, easy to use and my mum is happy with it
I brought this for my mum, because the original headset was on its way out. This is straight forward, easy to use and my mum is happy with it. She can use it easily and has no complaints. Very good value for price.
Value for money
I bought this item recently for our old faviourite car and it does what it say on the tin. I liked the voice dialing system and the clarity of the sound.

thanks, i reckon it is good value for the car with no other option.
This one exceded my expectations
I was looking for a hands free car kit. this one exceded my expectations for the very reasonable price
Keeps you legal on the road a must buy
This is the third unit I have purchased because every time I have someone in the car with me they wonder
where I got the unit and I tell them where to purchase it but invariably I end up giving them the unit getting
fed up with this but after hearing me on the phone in the car they rave about the clarity and how simplistic
it is to use compared to their own in car system.Would highly recommend this unit to anyone and also recommend they buy their own. The unit is redicously cheap and keeps you legal on the road a must buy
for anyone using a mobile phone!
It works!
Arrived quickly and was as described, its easy to pair with my iPhone and works well on the move in the car. Sound is great. Just be careful when removing the battery compartment to install the battery as you end up pressing the buttons on the other side of the unit but I would rate it a very good buy.
Everyone should have one
What a brilliant price of kit does exactly what it says, delivered on time cannot speak highly enough about it.
Great value
Very easy to set up, works brilliantly and so much cheaper than buying a new car!
The Bluetooth speaker does everything it said it would. Very clear sound . I had ordered a different device but was out of stock . Mobile Fun choose this as an alternative and I'm glad they did. Great service.
Not very loud, clip is to hard and it damages sunblind, the caller is unable to hear you when traveling on motorway ( let's admit it , if you have new car, that is less noisy, you 8 of 10 have allready built in hands free).
only its good when standing still or driving in trafic jam

I bought this for my girlfriend, but earpiece would be much more wiser decision.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nik

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. For volume, ensure that the phone that is connected to the Clip & Talk and the Clip & Talk's own volume is raised.

If you are continuing to have problems, please contact our Customer Services te
Work well
Works well
Good value
Very good product for the price....unobtrusive and clarity is very good
Handy device
Very useful device. Easy to set up and connect to my phone.
Supplied with car charger and can easily be plugged into and charge with a plug indoors (wall socket plug not supplied)
easy touch buttons and Volume control - good and clear sound
Clips on above your head although larger in size and easy visible by others
Thumbs up
This was what I was looking for at a good price. I also purchased a vent mobile holder and partnered together they have given me up-to-date tech in an older car.
Just Perfect
Item did just what it said and arrived very quickly
I found this very easy to set up
I found this very easy to set up and very easy to connect to my iPhone, Also at the price I payed it was a no brainier. I have bought a few things from mobile fun and found them excellent for fast delivery and quality items
Great Price
I bought 5 Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit so my wife & I and grand children can use them while they drive their car's. The Price was great and it gives us the ability to drive the car's and talk on the phone while we keep our hands on the wheel . In our state if you are holding a Phone you get a TICKET ! this way NO TICKET.
The Hands Free Unit works great at a very reasonable cost
Set up the Hands Free Unit as per instructions to our Vehicle Sun Visor. Paired with our Mobile two Phones was easy peesey. The reception and east of operation is the best we have ever had. Delivery was quick and MobileZap very professional. Great Value for the Money!
Just amazing
This was so easy to setup. The volume is great. It does not interfere with your vision. A must for anyone who uses the phone in the car.
Piece of mind
I cannot say to much about the hands-free Bluetooth car kit and so easy to use,just could not be better,no more worries about missing a call
My black box
Sound quality is very good it doesn't automatically switch on or connect but other then that it's really good sound and compact
Impressed with the Product and value for Money. Easy to USE and a Quality Product!
Set up the Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit Unit. Paired it with My Windows Mobile Phone, pressed the button and asked it to call a contact and the worked superbly with a crystal clear reception. Easy to use. The cost of this unit was not expensive and is value for money.
good value hand free unit
I have two mobiles I carry with me, contract and pay as you go. Being able to link both mobiles and for the clarity of the voice reception over the noise of the van is brilliant and able to use mobiles without breaking the law is good news
Fantastic product
Easy to set up, easy to use.

Top product at a top price.
I saw the advertisement for this and wondered if it would solve the problem of making and receiving calls while driving. The low cost encouraged me to order it and I must say it fille the bill completely. Dual pairing and voice command are super.
super product--highly reccomended.
Got to be the best bit of kit I've ever had in my life,now I can relax when my phone goes off it is no problem.if you don't have one GET one
Excellent value Bluetooth speaker
Very impressed with the clip and talk hands free kit. Incredibly easy to set up. Fits perfectly to sun visor and one touch answer plus volume controls. Build quality is suprisingly solid for its price and is very well made. Comes with cigarette USB charger. Sound quality is also exceptional. I don't work for the company just believe this is a bargain hands free speaker well name and with top sound. Thanks.
Excellent purchase
An excellent purchase. Good value and easy to set up even for a novice. Good value.
Prompt delivery as usual with mobile fun.
hands free
I bought this after trying a different hands free which didnt work very well so i gave mobile fun a look and after a while the hands free came up and it was far cheaper than any other online shops including ebay.
The delivery was unbelievably quick.
Anyway it was very simple to set up and connect to my phone and i was very happy with the quality of the sound and very smart and sleek in appearance, so with the larger fines and points now for using your phone whilst driving its a must have accessory and a very good price too.
Perfect legal device for calls when driving
I found it really easy to setup and use. Given the recent legal change I consider it a vital piece of kit to have. You may need to charge initially for a short period of time before pairing will work.
It's average
The clip seems fragile and it does need charging more often than I would like but what really stops me from giving this a higher rating is that it doesn't auto-connect to my iPhone, I have to connect manually which sort of takes too much time.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this device. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Not good
I purchased a clip & talk multipoint bluetooth for my samsung galaxy s6 plus edge and the device does not match my phone, when I turned on the bluetooth on my phone it says scanning for available bluetooths and the does not appear, so it doesn't work.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Hazel

Sorry to hear you are having issues pairing your phone to the Clip and Talk. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you. Please also detail which phone you are using.
Excellent legal device for hearing calls whilst drivibg
Given the recent British Legal changes re phone use whilst driving. I required to get a legally compliant device. This device seems simple to use and very good value for money.
Just to advise you may need to charge the battery a little bit before pairing would apparently work.
Very good
Ease of use
best little device ever
To all you drivers out there,THE Mobile Phone the most used device of our generation when out and about.
But they can-and do pose risks to yourself and others while Driving,and they cost a small fortune,yet we have the technology to-day to lessen those risks, Bluetooth Devices-they cost a fraction of the price we pay for a fancy mobile: The little Clip&Talk,a small wireless device that clips to your sun visor.

I have just purchased 2 off these little gems from,MOBILEFUN; they are easy to set up just charge up for 3 hrs and follow instructions, this simple bit of tech: can save you more than money, it could save your life or some body else’s.

It makes sense for the money you will save a Fine and 6 points-or even jail: due to the new ruling now in force, don’t risk it- grab one to-day while stocks last.
Works great
The price was right and it works beautifully
clip & Talk absolutely great
Not sure this was going to to do the job in my car but turned out to be perfect. First call I took I could clearly hear the caller and they had no issues hearing me and that was on a motorway at 70mph. Has never failed to connect to my Sony Experia Z3.
Great product.
So far so good. Clear and loud... have enjoyed this bluetooth hands free item so far..
Excellent product
Awesome product, clear speach both ways and great battery life
Great item!
Haven't had it connected for long but sound is excellent, both from caller and recipient. Compact and easy to use; no fuss! Far superior to other brands I've seen in use. Delivery prompt. Would highly recommend this unit.
This little speaker is so easy to use, even a technophobe can use it
Bought this for my husband who is a technophobe but has a bad habit of sometimes answering his flip phone when driving!! Well he doesn't now. This little speaker is so easy to use, even a technophobe can use it.
Money well spent and great service from MobileFun as always.
Great Hands Free
This is one of the best Hands free I have ever used . The sound is so loud that I have to turn it down , most others are so low I can't hear them. Great Price .
Love it
Great product with very clear sound, I am very impressed.
Handsfree Kit
Easy to set up, works a treat far better than an ear piece.
So good bought my son one.
Very good handsfree kit for the price and also very fast delivery, I will use mobile fun again.
good item
Good value for money
bluetooth clip and talk
Bought this item as my original choice was out of stock, took a few days to arrive because of the Christmas post but wasn`t in any great hurry anyway, I had a problem pairing it up with my phone because i was pressing the wrong button, Durr!.I haven`t had much chance to try it out properly due to the fact my cars off the rd at the moment,but i did make a call which was fine.
I have dealt with Mobile Fun before and wouldn`t hesitate to use them again.
Excellent service and product
Reliable, excellent customer support (quickly answered all my questions), both email and telephone support, good product, competitive price.
Fast delivery despite Christmas/New Year time
Excellent device
I like being able not to pick up my phone. System should be able to hear voice to make call.
Very good piece of equipment
Excellent Product
Easy setup and clear speech for user and receiver.
Great value - simple to fit !
The description matched my expectations
As clear as using a parrot
Bought this as a stand in until I bought a Parrot system for my car. I have to say I wull be sticking with this now. The USB cable isnt very long so have attatched the device onto the passenger visor so that it isnt in my line of sight. I dont have the best of hearing, yet can hear the person on the other end of the phone as clear as day, as they can me. Brilliant piece of kit. Had to read the instructions a couple of times though s got confused on which light/sound was which. Only bad point is that it could do with a longer cable
Really great customer service, excellent communications which is what I am hoping for now with this hands free device. thoroughly recommended.
Excellent Service
Excellent company to deal with. Product is as expected and very good delivery time.
Quality of sound is excellent.
Very easy to set up and use .The only critisism I have is that unlike most gadgets the charging lead is 30cm.too short.
Just makes driving safer
The Hands free works so easily there is just no reason to hold the phone when driving. Speech is clear and control of the Clip & Talk is simple. According to those called there is little background when using the Hands free which gives confidence in using the handsfree.
Easy to use
Nice, straight forward product. Easy to set up, just need to charge up before you start using. Clips easily onto sun visor. Connected quickly via Bluetooth and not complicated at all.
Works Fantastic!!
I got this for my dad and he loves it he is not into technology but it is very easy to use and heaps cheaper then what i seen in the shops
Works fantastic!
Works great, just worked out the 1 touch voice recognition today! Great piece of kit..
Easy to use
What a very easy portable hands free device, I recommend this item and also so very affordable.
Police Bluetooth hands free
Bought as a present for a friend, have owned a Driveclear for several years(no longer available?) & this seemed the best alternative available. This is much improved, crystal clear sound, very simple pairing, instant connectivity at extreme range, & supports 2 phones. Great piece of kit, at a great price, better than a parrot, ***** what more can I say!
I was not to sure about this product BUT now I am happy this is good and loud and easy to use.
You must understand the law in this country think about it.
No complaints.
Everything working. Easy to fit, despite a personal ham-fistedness when fixing such devices.
very easy to use
This device was easy to sync with my Galaxy phone, and simple to use. Clear sound and easy controls. Excellent value at special offer price, but pretty good even at full price.
Bought Driveclear hands-free 4 years ago, decided to upgrade.This new Olivar fits the bill, easier to use, easier to set up, very easy pairing, better sound quality. This device also supports 2 phones bonus, all in all a great little device!
Easy to use, great product
For an inexpensive, simple visor Bluetooth handsfree car accessory, this product is easy to use and effectively does it's job. Great product if looking for a quick fix to handsfree in your car!
Problem solved!
We are a small marketing agency based in Somerset and we need to respond to our clients marketing needs as soon as possible so we have to be available when they need us. This great device means we can respond even when we are away from the office safely. It was easy to set up and broadcasting and receiving via the device is clear and loud both ways! I have bought other products in the past and always been delighted with them.
Perfect! Does what it says on the tin. Stupidly easy to connect. Works like a dream and crystal clear. No chance of 6 points/fine for me.
Best Yet!
This is the fifth handsfree I have owned, and is far the best. It is also the clearest reproduction, with an excellent battery life. After seeing mine, a neighbour has bought one for himself.
NO EXCUSES for Not using Hands Free
Purchased as replacement for previous kit which lasted for over 5 years.
At less than £4 a year there is really no excuse for using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving.Simple to use and easy to set up.
Easy to use
This hands free car device was very easy to set up, clips on to visor, easy to use very simple yet does the job, very clear speaker would recommend
Keeping it simple handsfree car kit
I Was looking for a cheap simple bluetooth car speakerphone system after being fed-up the earpiece that kept falling out, have used Mobilefun in the paste so what could go wrong, I was really pleasantly surprised with the sound quality of this budget system, pairing was a breeze and the loudness was perfect even on busy roads, don't miss out on this quality product, I use it every day without any problems.
Very good for clarity and easy use.
I've had one of these for the last four years.Very easy to use.Battery life is great.I am just after getting one for a friends birthday and she is all chuffed with it.Recommended.
Excellent product
Quick to set up with clear set of instructions. Paired with two iPhones. Tested it and very clear sound. Seems to me to be the cheapest way to avoid fines for phone use while driving.
Neat. Wish had this years ago. You can trust to make good products
The price is excellent for such an amazing n clear device as this. I love the fact that you can attach it to the visor in the car so is handy n quick to receive n make calls in emergency when your stuck in traffic.
The BT is clear, ok! lilbit quiet, but maybe that was cos of the noise in the background!!
Even when Im in the house I leave it on all the time nowadays, same as I do with my phone as it seems clearer n stronger signal going via BT!
So would I recommend this! A most def YES I most certainly would without a doubt
On the way to reach the right design and funktion
It had been nice to have been able to read the manual before bying. I am going to use the , but I thing it must develop the design and be easier to use - its too complicated to press too many steps of buttons, waiting too many seconds to reach the right mood!
Im looking forward to the next version!
A good product
After buying the hands free for myself I am so pleased with it I have got another one for my partner, a good product. Archie the Aussie
Excellent product
This is a boon to me when in my car. Just charge it up, turn Bluetooth on this device and your phone to pair them and that's it. Make sure they're paired up before you set off and you're set to go. When your phone rings just press the middle button and speak.
Nothing complicated to do at all. Because it's portable it can be hidden away when not in use.
Never miss a call again and it's so easy to use even a child could do it!
It's a very reasonable price and is delivered quickly.
My son's partner was so impressed she bought one for herself.
I can't rate it highly enough, very pleased I bought it.
hands free car kit
Easy to set up, within 2 minutes. Charged for few hours before use, lights let you know when charged. Tried next day in car received call speaker clear one button accepts call. Don't know how long battery lasts but similar to my camera battery which lasts forever. Quick delivery as well, happy with whole purchase. Duncan Dodd
Still can't really rate it as no-one has phoned me yet!
Looks good, connected to my old phone with no problem and I've driven with it a couple of times but I still can't really rate it as no-one has phoned me yet!
Excellent product at a remarkable price
I approached setting the device up with a small degree of trepidation, but needn't have worried. It worked first time, straight out of the box, and is now a permanent feature in the vehicle.
The purchase & delivery service was also first rate.
Superb product
Does exactly what you want in a hands free kit. Incredibly well priced. After charging installed in seconds, literally. Looks good too. Being a first time hands-free kit user I am sold on this one. I have been impressed with the quality and value with all the products I have purchased - don't need to look elsewhere.
The quality of the sound my end is very good
the quality of the sound my end is very good, but the quality at the other end is very bad, very tinny and breaks up, so unable to use this product.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Brian

Sounds like you may have a faulty unit, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate.
Hands-free Car Kit
Neat, easy to set up hands free car kit.
Not a lot to say except that it is what they say it is at an amazing price.
I can't explain why I have taken so long to get this kind of kit, it might just stop me getting nicked.
Love it :)
Works perfectly with my Huawei phone
Works perfectly with my Huawei phone. Clear tone. Good delivery service
Was wary about ordering online from a company I'd not heard of....but will use in future. The speaker is easy set up, quality product and value for money. Worried about the quality of sound but it's spot on...clear as a bell when speaking to people.
Great product
Easy to pair and use with my iPhone love the way I can use voice dial and access Siri through the kit.
I am very happy with my purchase very clear and crisp sound
The speakerphone works perfect for one device so far
The speakerphone works perfect for one device so far. It is too early to give it the highest rating, but it is seems promising.
Great products
Great products, value for money, following this company as I was happy last time, delivered in couple of days
No complain
Thanks guys!
Love it, Love it, Love it.
What a perfect gadget so easy to use(even for a technophobe like me)
I drive for a living this gadget fulfils all my needs.So simple.
I am now going to order more of these fab items as gifts for my family.
Good clear sound and works well
Good clear sound and works well , fast efficient service from Mobile fun as usual
Haven't quite figured it out
Purchased this for a road trip from central California up the 101 freeway, because I get a lot of calls and texts and hate pulling over.
I've had it about a week and it still doesn't really do what I want it to do. Of course I am 75 years old - older but not stupider! I think I have it totally set up correctly but when the phone rings in my purse, I push the middle button and yell HELLO? HELLO? but only twice out of maybe 30 calls has it answered me. So I end up taking it off the sun visor and holding it closer to my mouth - and I try turning up the volume.
A couple of times Siri has answered and even then it doesn't seem to to talk back to me when I ask it a question.
So when my son is in town next time I will get him to look at it and see what he thinks. The battery is charged and it beeps at me but I am not yet getting a back and forth conversation. So there you are! My review!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Fiz

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Try repairing the Bluetooth connection, ensuring you have removed the Clip & Talk from your phone's Bluetooth settings first before adding the device again. If you are still having issues, please contact our
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