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Clip Antenna for 3G USB Modems - Universal Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Boost your Mobile Broadband signal with this 3G signal booster for Broadband dongles with no external ariel connection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 18117
$33.74 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 55 customers

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Surprisingly useful
I was quite sceptical about the antenna, but as the mobile broadband reception was so terrible in our holiday home, thought it was worth a try given the money back guarantee. It actually has improved things quite a lot in the fortnight since it arrived, although it's not perfect. There is usable 3G internet much more often and for longer periods, though the signal does still fluctuate. I no longer have to worry that I won't be able to get online usefully at all for a day or more, however the signal isn't consistent enough to spend hours at a time on the web without interruption. It is certainly good enough for emailing and doing an online supermarket shop, though not really for Skype or if you need to be online at an absolutely specific time.
totally useless
the clip on antenna i purchased recently to improve the broadband signal did,nt help in the slightest, in my case a waste of money,perhaps i am just in an area with a poor signal as the 02 mast is approximately 1000metres away
The "Clip Antenna"does everything it's supposed to do.Makes my online experience fast & reliable with 3G & 3G+ now being the norm.No more waiting for things to happen when I go on the 'net.First class product,well done.
Works amazingly well
Really exceded my expectations! Was previously getting frequent disconnections and a maximum of 110Kbps, now it's -at least- 340Kbps and averaging 550Kbps! Just point the antenna towards a window and it works perfectly.
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Excellant service, arrived next day of order. unsure how good it would be in this area but happy to say it has made a difference to reception, Will buy from you again. Thank You george
Gave me a Boost!!
Bought this to boost the signal on my 3 MiFi whilst I am at my caravan in the south lakes. Now I don't have to walk about the van with my hand in the air looking for a signal any more.I was unsure of it working, but took a punt and ordered one and it works for me.
Minimal benefits
The improvement on my signal is minimal. I always get 1 bar (3G) and occasionally 2 bars (3G) and currently I have 2 bars (3G) using this antenna. If it stays at 2 bars and doesnt switch to GPRS as it annoyingly seems to do at random, then it will be a good purchase I suppose but we will have to wait and see. I pointed the antenna in the direction of my nearest mast by the way, which you can find out for your area here :http://www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk/
I also did a download test on speedtest.net and was getting 0.9meg download which is better than what I was getting before using the antenna.
Did the job
A bit sceptical on how it would perform when i ordered it if i'm honest.

When i used it the antenna provided a modest boost that was exactly what i needed. not the best out there but for the £ vs performance its ideal
Boost Signal
I started working in an office building where signal was very weak. With the clip antenna, it boosted the signal of my 3G MiFi. I was impressed.
3G Clip antenna
Yes, it does make a difference and enables me to use my webcam on Sype more often. However, it largely depends on the weather and the number of mobile users on my closest transmitter at any one time, in other words it exacerbates the fluctuations in signal.
It is, what it is - but it's not what I needed.
I needed a G3 signal boost for our installation engineers who were out onsites all around the UK.
They use laptops with a G3 dongle and were reporting crappy reception all the time.
I bought this hoping to improve things.
They reported no improvement whatsoever.
I then dug further into this and found the G3 coverage maps for our provider, Vodafone.
I've realized that G3 is a city, town technology, if you are outside major population areas your not going to get a signal even if you strapped a 100 metre mast to your rear.
I would recommend this product if you already have a signal of some kind, if you suffer from no signal situations like us, this just makes no difference whatsoever.
Works a dream
I live in an area that mobile broadband is very hard to get. When you look on the broadband map it is a big blank spot like a black hole. It is vertually dead. Surrounded by good reception but we can only get it outdoors. I got one or two bars at the most but now with the clip on antenna I get 4 and sometimes 5 bars. I can now have my laptop sharing the signal and wowee I can download without losing signal all the time. It worked for me and as I said the area is terrible. Just pop dn7 5hu into your broadband reception search and you will see what I mean. In the morning just after the ladies have returned from school and it's bingo time before I didn't bother trying it as I had no chance but now anytime is ok. I can recommend this antenna. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me. Stuart.
Magic little device
Amazing bit of kit that has made all the difference to my 3G connection. Cheap as chips and rapid delivery. I can highly recommend this device as a low cost simple solution.
i didnt know at first how good this was going to b
Got my order the very next day with standard delivery wow.I couldn't tell mediately if this was going to work because my Vodafone dongle does not show my signal strength accurately I don't know why but I always had trouble connecting and finding the network and sometimes wouldn't connect at all and some pages really slow,after connecting the clip antenna today, ive been using my internet trouble free and it connects straight away.and its so fast now to. Brilliant Thank YOU
Item as described
This is a really good product. Worked perfect for me and delivery was quick.
Surprisingly works!
I bought an antenna recently to boost the signal strength for my 3 dongle. I was sceptical about whether or not it would work but in one instance I have gone from no signal to having a signal.
The antenna comes on a plastic bag with information on how to attach it to a desk stand which is also listed in the contents. Despite this, there is no desk stand supplied with this antenna according to MobileFun. Those bits that are supplied are of reasonable quality but I remain to be convinced that it improves the performance of my USB broadband dongle.
...does what it should
The antenna does exactly what it says on the tin. Boosted my donglees performance by two bars!.
It did not make any difference
I am not sure why but it did not make any difference on the signal strength. It could be because of location or something else. Unfortunately, I will be returning this.
MobileFun Reply
In order to get the maximum benefit from a 3G aerial, it should be pointed directly at the nearest cell tower. To find out where this is, please check with your service provider.
Clip Antenna for 3G Modems
I have been a little disappointed with the product as It has really made only a little difference to my signal.In the room where I couldn't get much of a signal I still can't. In the other areas of the house the signal is stronger but not that much. I am not sure whether I would actually recommend this product.
Clip Antenna for 3G USB
This just hasn't worked with my laptop in the locations I usually use it. In certain locations the USB Dongle isn't located with the antenna fitted but works without it. I do know someone who has one and it works for them. Mine works - slight improvement in signal - at there address. Conclusion - the antenna can work but depends on signal in the locations use. Regret I will be returning the antenna as no benifit to me.
MobileFun Reply
It is important to make sure you are directing the antenna at your nearest mobile phone mast. This can be found by checking with your service provider.
Increased signal strength
I had to admit I was sceptical about this product.
I'm in a very weak signal area, but once connected however I could see my signal strength go from 1 to 4 bars.

A marked improvement.
Does Not Make Any Difference
Bought one of these the other day and it makes not one scrap of difference to my very poor signal - as with most of these things that seem too good to be true they often are!
It does exactly what it says but can't amplify wh
I had read some reviews that say that the Clip Antenna doesn't work, and some that said it does so, after reading the comments carefully, I took the plunge. I cannot stress enough that if there isn't a signal, this (or any other device) cannot create one.
We bought this for use at different caravan sites around the country as we tour a lot. Our last site visit was checked beforehand on the O2 website for signal availability it replied with a "no signal available". Upon arrival, however, we set up the laptop to find a 60% signal with the internet not responding, exactly as predicted by O2. I then connected the Clip Antenna EXACTLY following the instructions and the signal strength jumped straight up to 80%. We could then access the internet, albeit with a very slow response. Our conclusion was that, as it gave us a limited internet after connection with nothing before, it works!
Very disappointed
Tried this on 3 x different mobile broadband dongles each from a different service provider. It made no difference to the signal of any of them let alone suck in the 3G which is why I ordered the product. Returned to MobileFun for a full refund. Would just like to add the service provided by MobileFun was excellent. Thank you.
Modem Mate
I am disappointed with the so called 'Signal Enhancer'{"Clip Antenna for 3G USB Modems - Universal"}. There is no difference to my signal whatsoever. £27 wasted.
A waste of a pony.
This antenna probably made my connection worse, or at least it seemed that way, as before I messed about putting this on I knew I had at least 90 mins before the connection gave out, now it's more like half an hour.

I may as well have sent £25 for a packet of fresh air- 25 sheets that I could have spent on something worthwile, like beer.
Clip Antenna for 3G USB Modems - Universa
Made absolutely no difference whatsoever, just extra cabling and junk on the PC.

Better signal improvement obtained simply by using the USB extension cable to move the modem away from the laptop
Nice Product Great for Option 225
Have a Option 225 with T-Mobile (Netherlands)
recently my signals have been really weak

But thanks to MobileFun products i gained "better signal strength"
universal clip antenna
Just bought this, and found immediate benefits. At a busy time like 6pm when I was getting download speeds of 10 - 30kbps, today I was getting 80 - 130kbps. This little beauty works. Thanks very much.
Another rubbish purchase!
This item does not work at all with my 3mobile broadband or my Vodaphone mobile broadband. The signal is variable in my area and drops off frequently. This item made no difference whatsoever.
Clip Antenna for 3G USB Modems
found it to be of no advantage what so ever
waste of money!
This product was tried in several areas in the country & made no difference whatsoever a total waste of money!
No signal strength increase but increases stabilit
It didnt increase my signal strength from two bars but it did improve its stability - i.e. the signal doesnt now drop out resulting in having to restart the modem
the Clip Antenna for 3G USB Modems
It has made no difference to the strength of my signal at all. A complete waste of money its not as if I am doing anything wrong you just wrap it round and it should boost your signal ITS RUBBISH.
Clip Antenna for 3G USB Modems
I live on a 3G fringe reception area in a slight dip. Usually I lose the signal lots of times and that was frustrating to say the least.
The Clip Antenna gave me an extra point at times (one point on a scale of five was always the max), 'never seen before' and even on a poor reception day loss of signal was very rare. For it's price I am delighted with the results, my only negative comment is that the clip-mount could be wider for my depth of screen if you want that convenience!
Modem Antenna
Great product works well just what we needed for a stronger signal, easy to install and was up and running within seconds. I strongly recommend this for 3G mobile modem. As for the firm, Great communications, Fast Dispatch and well packed many thanks.
Im stunned!
People, if you dont believe this antenna actually works, I can tell you for sure that it does, and WOW! I live in Central London so I had a fair signal (3-4/5 signal) and my speed was around 3.6 mbps with Vodafone. Once I installed this antenna I am getting a constant 5/5 signal and my speed jumped to 5.3 mpbs. I am truly amazed. Thank you very much for this, MobileFun
Wasted hours trying this with three top
providers in more positions than the
karma sutra. You decide.
mobile dongle clip-on signal enhancer
I live out in the country and only get 5Kb down load speed on my vodaphone dongle. Found out about this gadget whilst slowly surfing the web. fitted it in thirty seconds after it arrived two days after paying for it. If you don't get fast computing, buy one of these. I'm really glad I bought this, and only £24.
Clip Antenna for 3G USB
I purchased this item recently and it has done nothing to increase the signal for my 3G USB Stick. As a result it just adds another cable sticking out from your Laptop and an aerial attached doing nothing.
Didn't work for me
Tried this with my Vodafone and O2 dongles but got no improvement whatever. Obviously works for some but not for me. Anyway Mobile Fun were great and gave me an instant refund.
Probably USB Dependent
No help at all for me - tried many positions for both antenna and clip. From other reviews it must be better with some USBs, but not my Vodafone device.
Surprise!! It really works.
Suffering from very poor Internet reception using my net-book whilst at home. Just my luck to live in an area so poorly served by my Vodafone dongle.Decided to give this Clip Aerial for Mobile Broadband USB Dongles a try, not expecting any real success, I was just clutching at straws. To my amazement my mobile broad band signal strength went from 2 to 4 bars and the Internet became a realistic proposition in areas where previously it was unusably slow or kept dropping out. Unusual I know, but this gizmo works.
Improvement Noticed
I am on the 3 network and since moving to current location have not been able to get a strong connection. Most of the time I get a strong blue light but no boost in the bar indication.
The product was out of stock when I first had a look and was promised a e-mail when it was back in stock this did not happen. Also the promised text and e-mail to advise of dispatch never came! Goods arrived within 24 hours of order which was very good.
Universal antenna
I got a new Laptop then i got the 3 Dongle and for 24 hrs i was pulling my hair out thinking it wasn't working,so then i got an antenna(turned out to be the wrong one)and on this forum they said BUY THIS and i did and for me it's my life line,it boosted my signal put a smile on my face and now i can plug in and go anywhere Fantastic item Thanks.
Clip Antenna for 3G USB Modems - Universal.
What a god send for poor signal areas. I have tested with E220 t-mobile dongle and now using this gadget and an option 225 usb stick with o2. With t-mobile signal strength has steadied to 2 bars with no drop out and with o2 I now get 3 bars with no drop out. This gadget is so good I can finally use iplayer with no lag. I can't recommended this gadget highly enough. Also speed of actual delivery from MobileFun was probably the best I have seen in quite some time.
Wast of money
Got one of these two weeks ago,i live in rep of ireland i'm on o2 network did'nt help at all i have bout lots of products from mobile fun and was 100% happy untill now save your money on this one stay clear.
It does work, with a little finetuning.....
I ordered this antenna since I couldn't find an exact match for my Huawei E176.
Finding the sweet spot to place the adapter was a case om trial and error but eventually I gained some 40% stronger signal.
That might not seem like very much but it was enough to keep the signal stable!!

Note: You might also want to experiment with the direction in which the antenna points....
Clip Antenna boosts signal
Has increased my signal strength for Vodafone 3G Mobile Connect, by 1 to 2 bars. My signal still fluctuates, but I no longer lose connection.
Don't bother
complete waste of money you might as well wrap a condom round your dongle
Clip antenna does it work (yes).
I live in portugal and have vodafone 3g mobile connect. I do not have a land line only a mobile connection for my computer, so after 12 months of jumping from 2g to 3g and very very slow speed, i purchased the clip antenna and now we have gone on to 3g HSDPA and 3 out of 5 on the signal strengh bars. One tip though it needs to be clamped on the top right hand side of your modem, TO THE RIGHT OF THE FLASHING LIGHT. To finish off all i can say is it worked for me.
fantastic signal booster
After suffering a week with no signal on my mobile broadband because i live in such a weak signal area for 3 network i bought one of the signal boosters and straight away i had signal and have had no trouble ever since totally brilliant

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