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Clingo Universal Podium Phone And Media Desk Stand Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Using Clingo's own unique self adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or media device on your desk.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25370

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 4.6 stars from 93 customers

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Desk Stand
Purchased this recently. It holds my phone firmly and then I have a slight struggle with the stand because it doesn't really want to let go!! The swivel action is handy.
We'll see how long the stickiness lasts.
Podium desk stand - good buy
Clingo podium desk stand, just what i was looking for to hold my samsung phone, works as advertized, good buy!
Very sturdy
Bought one to use as a bed side stand for phone having used a lightweight plastic stand which was unstable. The Clingo is really solid and heavy enough to stay in place even when using the screen. Also, it holds the phone high enough from the base of the stand to protect it from spills. Have now bought a second for my wife.
Great Piece of Kit!
Once again Mobile Fun delivered a great product quickly and painlessly. And it works beautifully! The sticky pad "really" grips and the stand holds the phone in any attitude you wish. I use it to hold the phone above my blue tooth keyboard and it is perfect hieght for typing. The stand, keyboard and phone make a fine mini-laptop. Make sure you "peel" the phone off the stand or you will pull the back off your phone. Great piece of kit!
great product
great product. keeps my Blackberry Z30 off the desk and within reach.
Does the job!
...and does it well, so far. Exactly what i needed... the makers developed a great, attractive, easy to use and very user friendly product. It looks great, functions well and no, i don't get paid for this rave review!

Thanks Clingo people!

Great Product!!
Great performance and great price!!
Clingo Universal Podium Phone/ Desk Stand
Excellent product of solid construction with great adhesion,highly recommend this product .
Clingo Universal Podium Phone/ Desk Stand
Excellent product of solid construction with great adhesion,highly recommend this product .
Nice tool
The iPhone stand is great and good value too!!
In all honesty I was skeptical about this type of product. The simple fact though is that it holds your phone ROCK SOLID!

Very impressed and will be buying more for every room around the house! I also purchased the universal car phone holder (made by Clingo) and that is just as good. Fantastic shipping speeds also from MobileFun! I will be back for more! :)
I ordered this hoping it would help me sort out the clutter on my study desk. It arrived very quickly (this is usual for mobile fun) and I put it on the desk and straight away it did its job!! I was a little dubious that it would stay stuck when I used the phone but it does. I can fit the charger whilst it is on the holder. If it loses its "sticky" then it is easy to get it back simply by wiping it over with a damp cloth and letting it dry. I tried this and it does work.

I would highly recommend this stand. I would also highly recommend Mobile fun!
Exactly what I looking for
Finally I have found a phone stand that does exactly what I need it to!! This stand has a seriously adhesive surface to stick the back of your phone to and once it is on then it isn't going anywhere without a decent amount of persuasion. I have happily left the phone on this stand for 3 days + without any sign of it slipping or moving around! Full 360 degree rotational ability and a very good range of motion when tilting the stand forwards or backwards. Perfect for filming videos. As a PT I needed a good stand to be able to film demos of exercise routines etc and this has made the job 1000% easier. I love it! Money well spent if I do say so myself!
Exceeded expectations!
I began having second thoughts after ordering this as the gel type stand that worked perfectly well with my old HTC Wildfire could not hold the Nexus 4 in its Ballistic case. It simply fell off every time! I need not have worried; the 'Clingo' grabs it and holds on to it for dear life (even though the slightly concave Ballistic case means that only part of the case is in contact with the gel)! The stand itself is solid metal and the 'ball and socket' head that holds the gel plate while easily adjustable remains firmly in the chosen position. Definitely a contender for any functional design award.
Great Stand for your desk at home & office
An exceptional product for people who constantly use smartphone at your desk in office or home. Sticks a bit too tight but then its a good thing that it wont let your costly phone down.
Excellent holder it is better than all the ones I bought
ideal solution for a iphone desk top solution
The design of the media stand is heavy and balanced for the iphone on the desk top. It is stable enough to take a reasonable knock and not topple over. The compound is very strong and probaliy a touch to strong at the moment, maybe long term it does loose it's adhesiveness.
I really like this product.Device feels very secure when applied to the Clingo.The stand also feels very sturdy&secure.I like the multiple angles you can adjust to,for perfect viewing.Swift delivery as always.I would highly recommend this product.
Great Galaxy Gadget
Best I have bought so far. easier to dial & use apps and take photos. sticks firmly & easy to wipe clean to keep the service sticky. Just heavy enough to keep it steady but not too bulky. very pleased & of course delivery was very quick & spot on as usual. Go go Mobile fun you always deliver
Good quality, works well even with the curved back of 2nd gen ipod touch, heavy enough and stable. Compact. Good range of movement of the mounted device. Excellent. Recommended.
Perfect for my needs
Excellent well made product, heavy & very stable, works with or without the phone case so no need to keep taking phone out, highly recommended.
Not 7" Tablet Friendly
This does not work with 7" tablets, although it says it does. The head on the device can't support the weight, so it always droops down. The sticky pad is more than strong enough to hold the tablet, but what is the point if it's at a brutal angle?
Not a great buy for Nexus 7
Don't have to prop up Iphone anymore.
I am very pleased with this solid, heavy (in a nice way!)unit which positions my iPhone exactly where I need it on my desk. Its weight stops the phone from tipping over. I no longer have to prop my iPhone up using anything available on my desk & can use it without having to lift it up. A handsome, solid unit.
Simple and very effective
I needed a simple desktop device that would enable my smart phone to be a) visible while moving around the office, b) a secure mounting when charging and synching and c) usable while handsfree. The Clingo Universal Podium Phone and Media Desk Stand provided all of this and much more. It is both simple and stylish, but most importantly it does exactly as it says on the tin - "Clingo holds your phone. It doesn't matter if it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, or whatever. Whether in your car, at the office, at home or wherever - Clingo holds it". I totally recommend this device.
Great idea but inconvenient for me.
This desk stand is a great idea and does work. Unfortunatly I am regularly up and down from my desk and not safe for me to leave my phone unattended. This means having to regularly press the phone onto the pad. Not a problem when the phone has a flat back but my phone has slightly convex back so needs fair amount of pressure to make it stick securely. I still recomend this to anyone who is not constantly up and down from their desk.
Mobile Desk Stand
Just taken delivery - product really works for me. It is very stable on my desk making it easy to use my iphone and apps eg Skype etc. Would certainly recommend it.
Clingo phone stand
Excellent item - hold the Nokia N8 inside its leather holder allday without a problem - the office is nice and warm too
easliy removed
TIP - remember to replace the plastic cover to stop the dust settling during the night - it keeps the sticky pad sticky for longer
Ok stand
The stand is substantial and decent quality but does not hold a Nokia N8 very well. However the Nokia has a protruding camera lens and is quite heavy. For this phone it has to be mounted on more of an angle, which is relatively easy to achieve as you can tilt and rotate the mount. A flatter or lighter phone could probably be held more vertically.
Stick it to this! go on.
Portrait or landscape its up to you. Such a handy gadget, get one!
Not quite perfect
Fine for my wife's iPhone4 but HTC Desire HD keeps falling of due to its curved back. Very heavy but well made.
Great product
This is the best UNIVERSAL desk stand for any mobile, even strong enough to support a 7 inch tablet! I would recommend it any time any day. Great product, use straight out of the box. Sturdy base, excellent sticking without any residue left, excellent swivel function.
First rate product
This surely is among the best accessory that I've bought for my iPhone along with the Bodyguardz body protector!! Works like a charm and allows you to put the iPhone on a wide range of angles for the right viewing position. Buy it and you won't regret this purchase! The metal base is very sturdy and shows off the iPhone without shame!! Pity the base doesn't come in different color...
Very good product
Really like this, does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to use and maintain. Enables hands-free use of iPhone 4 (okay you still have to use a finger tip but at least you don't have to hold it). One small criticism is that when charging the weight of the charging line pulls the mount down slightly, but this is just me being ultra-fussy, not something that would have stopped me buying it had I now about it beforehand. Husband uses it with his iPhone 3G in his home office for work and loves it, able to be on calls and typing at same time. We both have covers on our phones and there is never any residue left behind. Stop thinking about it - buy it!
Clingo Desk Stand.
Well made,works well with my Nokia N8. Mobile Fun gives excellent service and speed of delivery.
Works really well however it is quite large and heavy so not practical to carry it around. Maybe a good excuse to by two. One for home and one for the office.
Clingo Podium.....
What a fantastic piece of kit
I use it for any one of my phones inc iphone 4....

You can even use it with a book to stand on and read....

Love it!
Clingo Universal Podium Phone & Media Desk Sta
I took a chance and ordered two of these. Brilliant - they do everything they are supposed to.
Clingo Desk stand
Excellent bit of kit - I use it for my ipod touch in the office.Though the ipod has a curved back there is still sufficient cling to hold it in place.4 stars because maybe its £5 overpriced.
Love this piece of equipment,the movement of the joint,to the way it holds the phone,the weight of the stand ensures that it doesn't slide around ,would recommend.
Excellent Tool
This unit is great. Perfectly weighted and super-sticky, it does (virtually) all I want. The ball joint between the head and the plinth is not as firm as i'd like and, since i'm using a legend, pushing the buttons can tend to move it (minus 1 star). Overall though, a great product.
If you could do with an extra hand!
This desk stand has probably been the best accessory I've bought to date. Solidly built and ingeniously designed to angle your device as you wish, it allows you to get the most out of your phone or media player while using you hands for other tasks. In addition, it also allows for easy accessible connection to charging and audio leads. Highly recommended!
Doesn't stick well to HTC Desire
I managed to get my phone to stick to the desk stand for almost an entire night before it fell off and after a couple of days, it was guaranteed to wake me up with a clatter after a couple of hours hanging on for deer life. If I remove the bracket to wash under water to bring back it's stickiness, I can normally manage an extra couple of hours sleep before the expected clatter of phone on bedside unit! Unfortunately, I haven't been around to test this until my 28 days were up otherwise it would have been returned for a refund. It has now been demoted into being used as a rather expensive fly catcher.
Thumbs Up
Was looking for a desk stand for my Desire and was not impressed with the docking stations as they only seemed to be supporting the phone by it's charging socket.

The metal base is heavy enough to support the phone even when I am typing away on it, and the cut-out in the stand is ideal for routing a sync/charge cable through.

As with other Clingo products that I have, it needs some pressure to keep the phone in place for a long period of time.
A Cool Bit of Kit
Ive had this only 2 weeks now, but I can say that it has become invaluable, in fact im thinking of buying another so I leave one at home next to my PC.
I may have to buy 2 more so I can stop my wife stealing it for her iPod!
Too Sticky!
Item definitely does what it says, but when I tried my Nokia X6 on it the back comes away and stays stuck to the stand.
MobileFun Reply
We recommend a peeling motion to remove products from Clingo pads, rather than pulling the device straight off.
Certainly does the job it's designed for. Indeed it can be quite hard to remove the phone from the stand at times.
Great accessory!
A surprise present for my boyfriend and his new iPhone - he loves it! the stand is practical for use in the office, it allows you to stick your iPhone on at any angle and adjust the positioning at will (either peel off and re-stick or pivot the pad). The main benefit is that you can check your phone with a glance and don't have to keep picking it up or shuffling it around your desk. It's simple and stylish and the green sticky pad adds an element of fun!.
Clingo Universal Podium holder
The Podium arrived and was not usable. two mini parts of the 4-plastic gripclips arrived chipped off and thus, the concave gripclip has no firm hold on the hard plastic roundball that is part of the entire solid metal podium base. Very disappointed after a longer than normal waiting for this item.
I take no fault at MobileFun who has given very good assistance, esp. with Rob and Jessica who really are wonderful representing MobileFun.
I have now been advised to return by snail mail and to enclose copy of postage costs which I will dispatch under Registered mail. There is no stock at the moment but I will be having it again once new stock arrives.
But this Podium model looks good and will serve smartly on the desktop and is every bit worth the pound'!!! I recommend it and to the manufacturers, they should approach the manufacturers of Garmin or TomTom in China to emulate the ball & socket fittings, the ones of Clingo is too cheap a quality.
It clings
It works well a little to much on the back of the phone but with a silicon skin it just about holds and is easy to get off.
Stand Nokia N900
I bought this for my Nokia N900 - I was a bit worried that it wouldn't stay on because of the protruding camera shutter at the rear and the sheer weight of the phone. However, I'm very pleased with the stand - it's sturdy and the 'stickability' is great. It keeps the phone up at workable height on a desk - the integrated stand on the N900 is not up to much, as anyone who has one knows.
Marvellous phones & ipod cling to it like a limpet without residual mess. Thoroughly recommend.
clingo universal stand
I have an HTC Desire mobile phone. When I pull it off the stand it starts to separate the case into two. I cannot risk breaking my phone.
MobileFun Reply
The recommended method for removing phones from Clingo products is to peel, rather than pull. In future, be careful not to press the phone too hard onto the pad.
Just Ideal for my cluttered desk
This is a great idea. It keeps my phone visible and at hand on my very busy desk. Very stable.
Excellent Product
Ordered on the Friday & received on the Sat. Excellent product , have the Clingo windscreen & vent mount too & never let me down. I use this desk stand at work & can't recommend enough.
Very good product dose exactly what it says on the tin.
Excellent product
The Clingo phone stand is great!! It holds my phone perfectly when watching videos, web browzing etc. - no more cramps in my hands trying to hold my phone.
great universal podium
great little gadget
This is an excellent desk stand with an almost iMac stand style and using clingo's new product holds any phone easily and securely no matter how you handle it.

I bought this having already tried the car mount and have found both ideal. Having just had all my iPhone 3G/3GS accessories made redundant I have future-proofed at least two of them!
Yes very good only problem is that removing my phone it pulls the back off my X10.......
Clingo Universal Podium Phone And Media Desk Stand
I found the Clingo Universal Podium Phone And Media Desk Stand very usefull.
I watch a lot of video's and guitar tuition films and to be able to rotate the iphone and not worry about the phone falling over it's great.
I highly recomend this item.
Great product
Excellent accessory, have used it every day since purchase, would recommend
Super stand for your phone!
Beautiful desk stand for a smartphone, ipod or other media device. Adhesive pad grabs anything and holds it securely. Great product.
Clingo does what it says on the tin!
Delighted with the desk stand and car holder. Perfect for my iPhone. Unlike other holders it doesn't get in the way of other attachments or put the phone on silent like they do. Dropped Clingo on the first use but was able to wash off all the dirt under the tap in seconds. Confident enough to buy both again as gifts. The car holder attaches and detaches from the windscreen very easily. The desk stand allows me to watch YouTube clips horizontally with ease. Best buy for me for a long time.
Clinggo desk stand
Brilliant piece of kit. Sticky bit works really well. very versatile, use it all over the house. It is definately not my imagination but iphone signal is stronger on stand in rooms where signal strength is normally weak!!
Great Product, Great Advice, Prompt Delivery
Bought for my Dell Streak.
Advice from staff before purchase was great, prompt delivery ordered PM, arrived next morning. Solid well built product, very sticky pad, my advice be gentle when pulling off phone when first using it (this is mentioned in the supplied instructions).
neat gadget
This is great. Holds an HTC desire very firmly and allows use in portrait or landscape or any angle you require.
The base is heavy enough metal to allow the touchscreen to be used without the whole assembly moving around the desk.
Ordered Wednesday afternoon, arrived Friday morning.
Really pleased with this.
Clingo universal podium
I bought this having previously bought the clingo windscreen mount, and have been totally amazed by both. I dont know what the sticky pad is made of, but it holds my Iphone perfectly, and can be manouvered to any angle and it just sticks!!....Absoloutely brilliant, it does exactly what it says on the tin....I would be happy to pay twice as much for this, its a very good quality product, and its simplicity is what makes it so appealing, that and the fact it actually works. Dont hesitate to buy this, it really is as good as it says.
The best accessory I've bought
This stand is brilliant.
Great for charging so no need for a docking station required.
Infinitely adjustable so great for watching videos and pretending to be an alarm clock.
The sticky stuff is great leaving no residue.
This device is brilliant.
Absolutely amazing!
It's so steady, both the sticky pad and the stand. And the 360 degree adjustable pad makes it so easy to watch video in various angles! It sticks well and does not leave any residue after peeling the phone off from it. Would strongly recommend to everyone.
Great gadget
It was just as described and I would thoroughly recommend this item.
Good value for the money
I have to say I was slightly sceptical that this would work. It does and then some!

It sticks perfectly to my iPhone case so I don't have to remove it at all. In fact it is so tacky, I have cut the original protective strip - which covered the pad - and re applied some of this so only a small portion is exposed to grip the phone. Still grippy and less effort to pull the phone off.

Top quality product - heavy and well made. Looks great on the desk.
I can honestly say this product is brilliant - it is well made, holds my phone and is an absolute bargain!!
Clingo Phone Stand
Well it does what it says its magic the stand is heavy and well balanced and the phone sticks to the pad you really have to pull at it to get it off it would never fall of !!! It turns in any direction.
Really Happy !
Great bit of stylish kit, sticky pad really works and holds securely.

Ordered Thurs PM, Recvd Friday AM.

MobileFun - Superb Service and good prices.

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