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Clingo Universal Phone And Media Desk Stand Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Lightweight and compact with a portable folding design. The Clingo Universal holder is the perfect accessory for at home or in the office.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25792
$10.36 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 18 customers

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Just Brilliant for iPhone 5
Gutted to be told there would be no dock for iPhone 5 and sick of seeing my iphone on it's back - so glad I found the Clingo!
So neat I can take it everywhere with me. No sticky residue on my iPhone and without pressing hard the Clingo holds it vertical or horizontal and feels very secure.
You would not be able to use it whilst charging in the vertical position as not enough space for the connector but hey horizontal works!
Finally Mobile Fun your delivery service is second to none - I ordered 5pm last night and it's at my office by 9:30am this morning - others should take note - many thanks.
Pleasantly suprising functionality
Bought this on a bit of a whim after watching the product video. Better than imagined, really stable platform for desk use. You do have to make sure its cleaned regularly as even a single finger mark dramatically reduces its effectiveness. As stated in the spec, it doesn't work at all with textured cases, but that's not surprising.
Just what I needed
Bought this stand feeling a little dubious things are never as they seem but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised this is a handy wee gadget for holding your phone etc does just what it says on the box brilliant!
"Get one of these"
You don't have to search the desk for your mobile etc, its there, stuck to this. Can also be used in the car for satnav or hands free gadgets. Brill
Clingo That Clings
Fast Delivery - Works really well on flat surfaces, but does need a regular wash to remove dirt to keep it working properly. I'd recommend this product and Mobile Fun
pretty good for the price
This is a good bit of kit. My Iphone sticks to it very well even on a bumpy plane and it sticks well to a desk or airplane table. My only disappointment was that you cannot change the viewing angle which made it difficult to watch a movie in the position of an airline seat. The taller you are the more of an angle you view the screen at. Just one or two settings would be great, perhaps there is a dearer model out there that does this. The upside it that it is very small and great for travelling with
Stick like stuff to a blanket
Good desk cradle alternative.
Would be a little annoying that my charging lead (HTC Magic - bottom mounted) makes sticking a little awkward if I want to charge as well (but it can be done)
Excellent, but tiny!
Item works exactly as described, the strength of the Clingo sticky bit (the green bits) is amazing with only the tiniest of marks left on the device (comes off with a little rub). This stand is quite small however and if you have a large device it would probably be worth getting the one that is bigger, which is what I think I'm going to do and use this one for something else. Great product!
Only partialy sucessfull
This stuff would NOT hold the the one thing I bought it for my HTC Desire it simply would not hold it for more than 5 minutes before a loud crash told me it had fallen off again! following the cleaning instructions did not improve things either.
I even tried putting the phone in a gel case nothing worked!

BUT it worked fine on my colleagues shiny backed Nokia 5530 in fact it held it so well it tore the back off trying to remove it!
It also held my Swiss army knife perfectly It just would not the one thing it was bought to hold my phone!
Clingo universal mobile stand.
Does everything it states on the box once you have read the instructions. Make sure you click it open first. Another excellent product so good that I now want to try the others on offer in the "Clingo" range.
Very useful piece of technology. Well designed.
This is a very useful piece of technology. I use it as a stand for my Blackberry in the office and when travelling. Its fold away design is great. I liked it so much I just bought some for a couple for colleagues. I'm not sure how long the hinge will last, it seems a bit weak, but only time will tell.
Brilliant Office Helper
Product did more than was exspected when reading the advert found it most useful in and out of the office continplateting buying another one it was that good
Camera top prompter
This nifty device enables a realistic and secure way of fixing iPhone on top of a DV cam for use as a prompters using the great apps available. Simple, safe and secure. Easily portable folds down to the size of a powder compact. Brill
I received this product within 2 days,Good start. To be honest I was not expecting this to be up to the job. On opening the box I thought Hmmm! looks like I wasted my money again.But surprise surprise on setting it up (cleaning my desktop first) it actually works very well indeed. It holds my mini TV which is much bigger & heavier than most mobile phones and it has stayed secure for the last 3 days. What can I say! You will not be disappointed. Brilliant product.
Pleased with the product. Does exactly what was advertised. Using to hold iPhone and works well.

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