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Clingo Universal In-Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Using Clingo's own unique self-adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or sat-nav in your car without leaving any messy residue behind.
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 3.8 stars from 223 customers

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Not good for larger phones.
This phone holder overall has a good design in the bracket area but this holder does not secure larger phones such as the Lumia 640XL . Every bump the phone dislodged and fell off. A larger sticky area would be much better and maybe stretch bands that secure the corners of the phone to the sticky area.
NO Good
Not very sticky. Too Long an arm. Pulls away from the window.
Not very good at all. a waste of money
clingo holder
its the best holder for any phone on the market the only niggle is that it can be to sticky
Simply does not work
It simply does not work as advertised!

Suction cup is of poor quality, keeps falling off the wind-shield.

Adhesive pad works well when the car is not moving, however once you start driving the vibration will cause the phone to fall.

I would not recommend buying this product!
Bad product, don't work!
This product didn't work for me. I tried cleaning and still no success. My phone seem to stick at first. But, after driving for a few minutes, the phone would fall onto the floor or my lap while driving. This product doesn't work.
I have to say I was a little sceptical when I saw that this phone holder just relied on the stickiness of the unit. The phone just sticks to the holder, and it just peels off. I have had this for a few weeks and it works like magic.
This is just a great phone holder and I have just ordered one for my wife's car too..
Flimsy, poor construction
Bought one of these from elsewhere. Lasted about 2 months, when stub holding suction pad onto the base mechanism just broke.
This had been fixed on the windscreen and jot taken on or off.
Very poor. Avoid. You get what you pay for!
I doubted how much I would trust this but tentatively trying this in my kitchen I ended up shaking vigorously up and down and still cannot believe how good the green gel is

No marks left on either case or phone (when taken out of case). All the pot holes in the UK are not going to dislodge my phone from this mount
Bit disappointed
Overall it's a very good holder and very very sticky in fact I am worried the phone will break when taking it off the disappointing thing is it states that it's case compatible but on the box silicon or leather cases are not suitable which means I have to take the case off every time I use it so since I chose it for compatibility i was disappointed and have only used it three times
Fails under warm conditions
The sticky pad and ball joint fail when the inside of the car becomes warm from either the car heater or the Australian sun. My phone fell on my whilst driving several times and ended up under my feet. this is a highly dangerous situation. I have a clingo desk phone holder also which suffers from the same problem. Very disappointing for a device sold in Australia.
Disappointed with the product
I tried using the product for a number of days but eventually gave up.
I found that the angle of the pad was not as adjustable as I needed, and after a few days it did not hold the phone securely, and the phone kept falling off
Does what it said on the box
In frustration at all the previous phone holders that I have purchased I decided to try the clingo. It is great, does everything that you expect from a phone holder, is really flexible and adjustable. If you need a phone holder for the car this is the one.
The solution if it can't hold
My phone started to fall after half an hour, but I figured out what was the problem: The sticky pad wasn't completely flat. So I
- carefully took the sticky pad out from its base. (It's only "sticking" there)
- pressed it on to the phone
- Spread the glue onto the base (only a thin layer to avoid messing everything with the glue)
- pressed the pad (and the phone) back to the glued base
- let it dry
Now the sticky pad follow the shape of the phone, and carries it like nothing. Problem fixed!
Very Happy
It does what it says on the tin. Clamps to the windscreen No Problem. My phone, despite having a heavy textured Otter Box case, sticks to the sticky pad. No Problem
Clingo universal in car holder
I wouldn't waste your money on this ,I've placed my phone on this ,yes it sticks however as soon as you turn a corner or go over a bump it falls off ,cracked my screen .
Don't buy
Do Not Use This With A Nexus 6!!
It's a fantastic accessory... as long as you don't have a Nexus 6. This phone has a curved back which doesn't stick to the car holder for very long. In addition this device will pull the silver lettering from the back of the Nexus.

I've used this for flat backed phones and it's perfect, it just doesn't work with the Nexus 6.
Looked good out of the box
Looked good out of the box. Easy to fix in widescreen or on the dash.
Worked fine for the first day and then my phone started falling off (LG G3).
Cleaned it, gave it all lot of tlc. All to no avail. My phone keeps falling off after about 5 minutes. Disappointing.
Crap product
Never ever recommend.
bought couple of months ago but used only 3 times.that was it.sticky pad on the base came off..
Not Impressed
Very pleased with the delivery and service of MobileFun. The item however is not what it makes out to be. My smart phone is a blackberry passport and whilst it holds it well on motorways and smooth main road it does not even close on the lanes and tracks of my local area in my Land Rover Disco.

The unit also is not that well made with the locking screw keep coming loose and the sticky cover for the screw head fixing dropping off before the end of the first day. The sucker fixing is barely adequate and again over the bumps it drops of the screen.

Will be looking for a more robust unit to suit my needs and terrain.
Great for a week and now in the glove box.......
Brilliant for a week, held handset perfectly but after a week the phone was just falling off, often into the foot well of the car which was interesting when driving! Tried following the guidance to clean but pointless. Great idea buts now in the glove box!
dangerous not suitable for htc one mini
Very disappointed with this product . Followed instructions ie wash Etc, But My HTC One Continued To Fall Off The sticky pad. Very dangerous and distracting when trying to concentrate on the road. I believe that the curved back of the htc one is not suitable for this product, and should of been advise this in advance. I await your reply and a refund !
MobileFun Reply
Hi John, we are sorry to hear the product is not suitable and please return it back to us.
Clingo Universal car phone holder
It Works very well
Clingo phone holder
Sturdy unit, the arm is a bit long for where I wanted to position it. Phone sticks well and easy to uses.
I am really surprised how practical this is. The phone stays really tight in the holder.
Product arrived in good condition and on time. 5 stars.
Great item easy to use
This item is almost too sticky, I initially had trouble getting my phone back off of it! you soon learn the best way and now it's easy.

I have had this for a couple of weeks and it hasn't lost it's stick at all yet so an excellent item.
Got three!
Before I bought the first one, I wanted to know whether it could be moved from one place to another. I got a swift reply (bearing in mind the time of year (christmas). I bought one for our main use car. Then the next for our other car but before l received that, bought one for my son for his room. The last two came together. They really are good and would strongly recommend.
Poor option for HTC One (always falling off)
Loved the idea of this but my phone keeps falling off while driving and dropping the phone into the drivers footwell which is a real safetly issue. It may be due to the HTC one having a curved back so less surface area to stick to so it might be alright with a flatter surface but I wouldnt risk it
a bit bigger than expected
Have yet to try out as the suction thing is a bit bigger than expected and so have not found a flat area of dash in a sensible position to fit it (I know I can use the windscreen, I just don't want to).
Surprisingly good
I actually ordered the Clingo Universal In-Car Holder by accident, believe it or not. I can only think that I was suffering from some sort of brainstorm to get as far the confirm order page and pressing OK before realising that I had put the wrong in car holder in my basket.

To cut a long story short, the item was already in the dispatch phase before I could cancel the order so it was sent out and delivered.

Since I had it in my hand, I decided to check it out anyway before returning it, and I'm glad I did.


I heartily recommend it if your looking for an easy to install and use phone holder for your car.

The only thing I would say is that you need to ensure that the holder is tilted ever so slightly to the back to ensure that the phone doesn't become loose whilst driving. If you stick to this simple rule, it be be solid.

So... If you're looking for something to do the job it's designed for well, go for this.

5/5 !
Sticky Sticky Sticky. This unit is so adhesive that it would hold an iPad in place if required. Really really good and the long arm easily reaches the windscreen in a pick up ,
I would recommend it for any phone, even the biggest smartphone.
I am going to use them in the windscreen of Heavy Good vehicles too
Very good
Fits easy and provided at a slight backwards angle holds the lumina phone with no problem even through the country lanes.
Take Note
Some reviews show annoyance because the phone drops off and I discovered why it needn't be so. It is a sticky material that holds the phone in place, not a glue obviously. If the phone is leaning forward (facing the floor of the car), even if ever so slightly, it will gradually loosen and drop off but if it leans back, even if ever so slightly it will stay on like a dream. The holder is ultimately elegant and the clever joints allow for it to be moved ito any position while being fixed. it is a dream in-car holder.
Just remember to let the phone lean back slightly at least and it will be an absolute joy forever. Brilliance at last.
didn't believe it would work, but it did!
I didn't trust that this could be sticky enough to hold the phone and yet still let it go when I leave the car, but it really works. The long reach of the arm is great and it doesn't wobble at all like my last mount. Finally, a big thanks to mobilefun who delivered it despite my ineptness at filling in my own addres .
Brilliant idea
It is really good. The phone sticks on so easily, stays there and it amazingly leaves nothing sticky on the phone. Really useful as it fits on the window can be placed exactly where you ant it and is easy to use. Great idea and good problem solver
Unsticky stickiness
I bought this product as a simple unfussy holder for my phone. The idea of just placing the phone on the sticky surface appealed to me. But the phone just fell off, and it fell off again, and again and again. I pushed it on firmly, but it fell off yet again.
This is no good, and certainly dangerous, so I have returned it, and plan to replace it with a traditional holder.
It probably did not help, that the day I tried to make it work the temperature was around 0 Centigrade, but then it often is here.
Waste of money
Say's it's compatable with the Samsung Galaxy S5...for about a minute before you go over the slightest bump in the road, then the phone is in your footwell.
Do you have a case on your smart phone!!
This looks like a great product, but not with my iPhone 6 case!
If your case has any kind of ridged pattern, the phone won't stick properly and will keep falling off.
If your case isn't designed to come off easily (as mine isn't) this isn't the product for you.
I was really unsure if this product was going to work or not. Having tried lots of car mounts before I came to the conclusion that nothing was right in the price range I was looking for... Until I purchased this! Great product I would even say amazing, hold my iPhone 5s (in a lifeproof case) really well! Dismounts without any trouble and leaves no sticky residue on the case. Fell off once (very cold morning) but apart from that brilliant bit of kit!
waste of time & money
don't know how this got such glowing reviews. received on monday morning, in the bin on tuesday evening. put my phone on the holder monday morning, taking it off pulled the back off the phone... reassembled the phone loaded it on the holder later. taking it off this time pulled the sticky pad mount off the arm with it.... reassembled the holder. put the phone on the holder tuesday morning, had a couple of hours driving to do & as the car warmed up the sticky contact melted, the phone falling into the footwell under the pedals.... pulled over & retrieved the phone, replaced it on the 'sticky' pad, giving it a little twist to secure it, the suction pad windscreen mounting broke off... put the phone in the cup holder on the dash... put the remnants of the 'clingo universal car holder' in the bin....
surprisingly good
I was a bit sceptical when I first saw it, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The instructions say it won't work with a silicon case, which it doesn't. But it grips the uncased phone "like glue". It held tight on a 3 hour journey through the Welsh countryside. A definite 5 starts from me.
It's really sticky.
I ordered the "Clingo Universal in-car Holder" on a Sunday and received it the following Tuesday. My partner was highly doubtful this would work time and time again, but after removing it & then refixing it several times, she is more than happy with it now especially as the phone stays firmly stuck, even after going over speed bumps.
Sticks like shit
Great bit of kit phone sticks to it even in its otter box case
Also well worth the price and fast delivery
Good Mobile phone holder
The Clingo in - car phone holder is a good practical phone holder. It's certainly different than the normal holder, because of the sticky pad, which seems to work well.
At present I have had no issues.
Great product works as described
spot on product
Another outstanding product and the price is right! Delivery is fast aswell
First class company,
Clingo is an excellent product, no moving parts to break or springs to go "ptwang" and it's stickier than a sticky thing in a stickery, my friends have seen my clingo and also want one !!!!
Unbelievable product for the price! Before I purchased this I thought that the stickiness was a bit odd and thought it wouldn't hold for very long but I was wrong! It is a fantastic design and is as solid as a clamped design holder! Even better that it leaves zero stickiness on the back of your phone after use
Doesn't last
The holder was great until it stopped sticking to the iPhone effectively which happened after a few weeks of operation.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Robert

If your Clingo Universal InCar Holder starts to lose its adhesive properties - simply remove the cradle, wash it under a warm tap and once dry it's as good as new.
Excellent Item however too sticky sometimes
I saw a similar thing in someone else's car and decided I need the same so I looked everywhere online and to my surprise this was the first one to come up. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for, especially for that budget price! I saw the video and bought it. As soon as it arrived I opened it testing it out out it stuck on really well. Well maybe too well but it is possible to take it out. I used this in another car and worked exactly the same.
I like how the clingo holds and sticks to the device. Very strong.

I was just hoping the long stick was movable left and right and not up and down only.
Rubbish Product
I bought this a couple days ago no good for iPhone 6 plus, my phone fell off on to the floor when I was driving twice. I followed the instructions and sorry its not any good with a iPhone 6 Plus
Clingo Universal Car Holder
Firstly, this ended up going in my wife's car so I have not used it myself in anger.
When I came to install it in her car, the pin on the suction mechanism lever was half out, so I had to squeeze that in with some pliers. Hope it lasts.
It certainly sticks very well, and leaves no residue on the back of the phone, but getting it off is a two-handed affair, as you have to hold the holder and then pull the phone off. This would be annoying if you were trying to get out of the car with something else in your hands. After just 4 days, she is already saying that it is starting to lose it's stick a bit, as it gets fluff and stuff stuck to it. You can just wash it under the tap, but I was not expecting to have to do that every week ! I was originally looking for a car holder for my iPhone 6+ when it comes, but I am not sure this would be it. I really need something I can use one-handed.
Most excellent
Indeed just what I needed. Been looking for something like this for a long time
Saves lives
Just perfect work in construction industry use when
Driving my 10 ton loading shovel it helps me to keep full
Control of shovel and if family need me they can call me with the knowledge of knowing I am taking the call with safety of others.
The pivot the supports the sticky pad is loose and thus allows the attaches phone to wobble around uncontrollably. Sticky pad is good bur the pivot makes the product useless and completely understand un-usable
Great piece of kit
The "clingy" is an easy to use ideal mount for iPhone as navigation tool, very sticky no mess just firm grip!
great product
just what I needed
waste of money
tried this product in my car tried to stick it onto the dashboard just keeps coming off after a short time even without phone attached don't bother waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mick

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase. If you haven't done so already, please try the following:

The included 3M sticky pad should be placed on your car's dashboard to provide a solid base for the Clingo. Also ensure that the su
Handsfree kit
Very happy with it as gives you the comfort that that when you answer a call you can't be done for breaking the law
Best phone holder I have ever owned!
Small design, simple but robust mechanism and great variety of positions possible. Holds the device incredibly well! The 'pad' is ridiculously sticky and does NOT leave a sticky residue on your device!

The sticky 'pad' will need cleaning with fresh water, no soap needed, once a week (subject to usage) to ensure the pad remains as sticky as possible.
So useful bought another one for myself!
Bought Clingo Universal In-car-holder for my husband for his Nokia when using his sat nav device. He found it easy to fix on his dash board and could rotate it round to look at without taking his eyes of the road. It was so useful I bought one for my car fixed it on my dash board in seconds easy to remove when not needed. Would recommend it to anyone.
Product is good so far only have it a few days
design, the phone sticks very good, no problems
I've tried some car phone holders and this by far is the Best!!! I thought id test it to c how good my phone stuck to it, I drove over 5 speed bumps with no problem, a little cross country and the phone fell off, but it was a little extreme though normal road driving, fantastic product, decided I'm going to buy the wife one to ;-)
Usefull item to have
Have used the Clingo for a week and it is brill!!!!!! Phone sticks great with the rubber cover on.
Good product
It's good quality mobile holder for light weight phone..
So simple but so effective. Just stick on your windshield and stick on your phone and it actually works.
Clingo Universal In-Car Holder hmmmm
I wanted to love this so much as it looked great, But the problem is the iPhone wobbled a lot and made me feel sick as I couldn't concentrate on the sat nav on it. Will brop work for lighter phones but not great for iPhone 5S. Sorry.
In Car Holder
This is a great little device no messing with clamps screws or any of that stuff. just stick the base plate wherever you want the glue is truly very strong but not messy if you need to move it later. once you have the base plate where you like it, all you need to do is wet your finger rub the underside of the holder and just press it down on the base plate and turn it which way you want it to face, then pull the small suction lever down and your done. if you need to adjust in anyway turn the small knob and lift the are up or down, simple and quick, even just placing the phone requires just a small amount of pressure and that's it, you can reuse it as many times as you need. remember to put the plastic cover back on the sticky pad or you will end up with all sorts of stuff over it including flies, hair. dust.
Won`t work with HTC One Max
I bought this to use with my HTC One Max, initially I thought it was a clever idea. Unfortunately, when I attached my HTC One Max it did`nt perform well. It gripped for a while, but the phone fell off about 6 times in all, and this was with the car NOT MOVING!
After inspection, it`s probably down to the HTC having a curved back, as the holder worked fine with my wife`s Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.
Please bear this in mind, it will NOT work with a HTC One Max.
Not impressed
I was disappointed and not very impressed by the actual product. I put my mobile on the holder and while I was driving my mobile was shaking and eventually fell off.
I'm thinking to replace the device by something with a better design.
save your money
i have one of these and its fine when you first put the phone on but once you remove it and it get dusty it looses it adhesion and washing does not help i went back to the grip type of phone holder
MobileFun Reply
Hi. Sorry to hear you're not happy with this product. I don't understand why washing the adhesive surface is not working for you. If you wish to return it, please do so and we'll examine it and if necessary, replace it for you. But the product is tried an
I have already written a review on the Clingo Universal Podium but thought I may as well write one about the Clingo In Car Holder as well.

YES - it does work! YES - your phone will stay STUCK! YES - I will be buying more!

Brilliant!! Thanks to MobileFun for very fast shipping and great packing also. Why have I only just discovered MobileFun? Where have you been all my life? :D
Clingo phone holder
This is the second Clingo I have purchased. If you are in a dusty conditions it needs to been cleaned quite regularly. Very happy with the product.But watch out for the clone called the Grip-go, it is junk and DOES NOT WORK PERIOD.
Does hat it says on the tin.
After trying various in car holders, I saw the Clingo in a customers car at work.After trying my phone on the product, I decided to buy one for myself and I'm glad I did.
The sucker falls off the windscreen and the phone falls off the sticky holder
This product just doesn't seem to stay attached. Either the sucker falls off the window or the phone falls off the slightly sticky pad (even when I press it really hard!). Both are very dangerous when driving and make this product basically useless.

Save your money, buy something else.
I love this thing it dies more than I thought it would do and the sticky service seems to get better with time... Would definitely recommend it to my friends..
just the ticket
I ordered the clingo universal in car holder on the sunday was plesently supprised with the service the holder does as the video shows holds the phone without a bulky clamp took seconds to fit to windscreen it also comes with a pad to fix to your dash only drawback ive encountered is the sticky pad is very sticky and tends to pul;l the back off the phone im hopeing it will become easier with time other than that its a great product
Didn't live up to expectations
Having seen mixed reviews about this product (most of them good) I decided to try it out. At first it seemed fairly good but after driving around (under normal road conditions) my phone started to fall off the sticky pad. I do have a slim back case on the phone to protect it but the product description said this wouldn't be a problem. I have to say that returning the product couldn't be easier so I would buy from mobilefun again knowing that the customer services team look after you well.
Unfortunately the star rating is for the product and not the customer services team...
Super Sticky
Excellent service. Ordered Thursday received Friday. Really pleased with this phone holder. I had my doubts but it really works well. For those wondering you can have cables connected whilst the phone is being held such as charger and line in. Just make sure there is plenty of slack. The Clingo has held my phone perfectly since purchase. Over bumps, curbs you name it, it has ticked all the boxes. It will hold sat navs as well. Just so you all know the surface must be flat. For example the sat nav I used would not hold because of having a speaker on the back. It will hold an Ipad Mini with ease. Haven't had to clean as yet but is simple enough. Just rince under warm water. How long the stickiness lasts is the question but I can confirm that I found reviews online which confirmed they had been using it for a few years so looks all good also. The holder looks the part and is solid as a rock.
Amazing so far
The design looked great, but I was sceptical about the safety of my beautiful phone happily "sticking" to the holder, but this was best option I found for iPhone5

However, it is working brilliantly, survived 1000km drive from switzerland - robust and reliable.

As the arm is quite long, the positioning ends up aligning well with other instruments, out of line of sight, but easily in view. Best thing was it is close enough to really work for a hands free conference call as well.

Worried that the stick might not last, but cross that bridge if we get to it.
Great bit of Kit
What a great phone holder.
It holds my Massive, Heavy Lumia 920 with ease.
I've bought two of them, one for the Smart car and one for our Nissan Elgrand.
2 very different cars, 2 very different setups, both work perfectly for me and my Lumia.
You can even stick it to the pad at an angle so that you can use the camera while you're driving!
Turn it horizontal whilst in use if you want (useful for satnav), angle it towards you for better speech recognition, I've got one on the windscreen and one on the dash and I could be more pleased.
Very nice product
Sturdy, very sticky, versatile, nice looking on my dash. I just hope the main joint (the one behind the pad) remains in working order 6 months from now.
Almost perfect
I bought this model in Sweden almost a year ago. After hours of research trying to find the most sturdy but yet easy to use, I chose a Clingo.
I´ve used both window and dash mount. The difference is that the dash itself is a bit soft. The suction cup is at bit soft. The lever is quite tall and the green pad is soft and sticky. These many soft items and tall lever cause to much vibration for getting 5 stars.
Btw, the adhesive disc is easily removed from the dash without leaving residue anywhere. But it won´t stick anywhere again at all. Separate discs are available. At least in Sweden.

I agree that the green pad is almost to sticky. I use my SGS 2 without casing and the back cover stays on the pad if I´m not careful.

I have had no problems in hot summer conditions.
Use the guarantee!

I´ve experienced that an iPhone 4S (glass back cover)is easier to remove from the sticky pad. The 4S does not get stuck as hard and yet it won´t fall off.

Now I consider trying the Clingo ventilation holder due to the shorter lever. Hopefully the vibration will decrease and my view out the window gets better.

I hope you got a little more info.
Regards from Sweden.
Great Product
I have had this product since July 2012 and looking at some of the previous comments i thought i would give it a good testing before i gave a review.
The sticky pad that you apply your phone too is excellent and i have had no problems...if anything it can be a bit too sticky and can be tricky to peel your phone off. However i would prefer it that way than watching my phone falling off, sliding down the dashboard and bouncing out the window and down down the road! The suction clamp that applies to the window is also excellent and it has never fallen off the windscreen. I bought this because it works well with the samsung flip cover, I just stick the phone in portrait and let the cover fold back over the bracket.
Disaster - ruins phone case
Well, it seemed great for a few months, then the weather got warm!! The sticky surface turned to 'goo' and this then ended up sticking to the phone and slipping off the holder.

The holder is now useless and my phone is covered in sticky goo - looks like a long job to try and clean it all up.

I would avoid this unless you live in antartica
I'm so satisfy for the clingo! it's a really great item and it works practically with everything. By now no problems. The only thing is that I don't know if the disc mount (dashboard) can mount and remove it without loss glue. For the rest awesome!!.
Mine was so good I had to buy one for my wife.
Practical Problems
Although this device looks well designed, because the cantilever arm is too long it is unable to withstand the vibrations when driving and so falls off.
Good but has it's flaws
There are three great features of this item:
1 - it clings to the windscreen like no other unit i have had before
2 - the arm is rigid so the mobile/PDA does not vibrate or bounce around (much)
3 - the sticky pad holding the mobile/PDA is fantastic and when it does loose it's stickiness, you wash it - brill!
The main let down of this mount is the ball joint between the sticky pad and the arm. I have had my 6 months and the joint has lost it's grip which causes my iPhone to "droop" especially if its being charged. I'm sure I can do something to rectify the problem myself but for now I just let it rest on the dash.

Would have been 5 stars but for the ball joint flaw.

Great service from Mobile Fun too!!
Great item
The item is great. It does hold the phone just the way I want without blocking the sides of my phone. It stays farmly ang turns any direction I want. Its cool.
Excellent customer service
I bought one of these back in October and it's been great until the recent hot weather, where it seemed to go too soft with the heat and started leaving sticky marks on my phone. I contacted the manufacturer this morning and they replied within a couple of hours and are sending out a replacement! Can't fault that kind of customer service! Apparently they have improved the design so this won't happen in future.
First one was great so bought another two for different vehicles
The Clingo Sticky Pad does what it says on the tin
The Clingo Sticky Pad is exactly what it says it is, a Pad that is VERY Sticky, BUT you can peel things off it very easily and reuse it !
My only problem is that my lovely shiny new Smart Phone is SOoo heavy that I don't believe the suction cup and / or the sticky backed plate is strong enough to hold the whole arm in place if it is stretched out horizontally, so I am looking at other ways of fixing the Clingo unit in my car.
top job item
Top jolly phone holder , one light soapy wash and the sticky pad is good as new.
Adhesive fails.....
......over time, and no amount of cleaning using the recommended method brings its stickiness back. The device has one advantage - it is very light and can therefore be thrown a long way.
Well, I have tried many other similar holders, and this has to be my favourite.

* Built well - strong yet light
* Suction cup lever very easy to set in place, with firm grip
* Easy to move phone around, yet enough friction in the joint so the phone does not flop down when driving
* The sticky surface is not a gimmick, it DOES hold!
* Recommending this to anyone I know who is searching for a solution like this.
product review
Terrible. Very dissapointed. Suction disc or sticky pad didnt work. Fell off numerous times, didnt stick longer than 2 mins on window or dashboard. Had given up after 1/2 hr, though sticky plate which held phone in place worked very well.
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