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Cellular Line Retractable Micro USB Car Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Cellular Line retractable Micro USB car charger will keep your device fully charged between journeys. Ideal for use with heavy battery draining apps, such as navigation apps and music streaming services.
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 4.8 stars from 278 customers

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Great Charger
Excellent purchess fits easily into lighter compartment retractable so no twisted wires a great buy
Neat and efficient car charger
I'm so pleased that I chose this car phone charger - it's a neat little unit, and as the cord fully retracts there are no tangling hazards involved in keeping in touch with home when I'm on the road. It sits on the dash shelf ready for that moment when I realise I forgot to charge my phone overnight, then comes to my rescue with no fuss or complications.
Cellular Retractable Charger
I bought 2 of theses one for each car. Have now used both. Perfect. Keeps cable neat and tidy. Charged the phone from 16% to 55% in just over an hour. Ideal for my purposes.
just what i wanted
Great product, exactly what was required.
Does what it should
I have one of these for an earlier phone, so I knew what to expect. It just does what it should. Much better than a spiral lead as you can place the phone where you want it and it won't spring back to the cigar socket.
Car Charger
My new Nokia needed a new style mini Usb car charger to run its satnav on long journeys. What progress in design! The cable is slim, flexible and retracts. Most excellent and highly recommended.
Good Italian Chinese charger
I like this a lot, only downside is that there is absolutely no information anywhere about the max. output of this charger but today i tested this with my brand new Note 2 and it is charging very fast. From 83% to 95 in 15 minutes.
After using a different in car charger for years and it broke I phoned MobileFun for advice on a new one and they recommended this one.

Delivery was amazingly fast - next day infact but I'd only paid for the 1st class postage. So excellent service.

The charger is neat and tidy in the car - keeps the lead out of the way. Nice blue charge LED.

So far can't fault this charger. Well worth the money.
Just what I have been looking for.
This is well made.It has a long lead which is ideal because so many of the sockets are too far away from where you would wish to have your phone,also there is no strain put on the socket of the phone as there is on the coiled leads.Recomended
Said it couldn't be found!
Needed a car charger with a longer lead, every shop I went to said that all carcharger leads were standard length (not so)as this product has twice as much lead as a standard lead & in being retractable makes the lead neat & tidy as well as looking good overall. Very happy :).
Great charger
I bought this charger just before Christmas for my new HTC phone.
It works perfectly. I am particularly happy with the retractable lead, it means that you don't have messy wires hanging around, where you don't need them. Great idea. Works a treat.
This is a gem of a product
A very practical yet beautiful design. The cable is simple to retract to any length required, thus avoiding any possible hazard from loose wire. Occupies very little storage space (without tangled cable)and functions superbly as a car charger.
good things come in small packages
I bought the same brand for my last mobile, a Sony Ericsson with the port, not usb.
It is simply a very tidy charger. As there are no thick curly leads to get in the way, you simply adjust the cable length to the phone for a perfect fit.
Once your done, the cable retracts, powerfully into the charger till the next time. NO MESSY CABLES!!
That is why I bough the exact same brand charger for my SE ray but with a micro usb connection...plus with a brondit cradle your laughing as you have a sat nav solution at the ready.
Tidy & Pracytical piece of kit
Quite simply it is simple, practical and tidy. Rather than having cables lying over the centre consul/dashboard you pull out just enough cable required and then retract it when you have finished.
The cable is quite fine, so only concern will be how robust it is over time as is quite expensive in comparison to basic charges.
Fit For Purpose
I recently purchased the Cellular line retractable car charger and can say that this product is spot on.I only use it for keeping my phone charged whilst playing my music collection and i hasten to add that more charge is put back in than the phone takes out. I own a BMW 1er with black interior and silver trim aesthetically this charger is a perfect match.
This is the one to get! Versatile, ergonomic charg
A great little product. This charger is very well designed, with a sprung loaded retractable lead - it retracts very sharpish so watch your knuckles.
This charger is perfect for the company car - we use a mixture of Noki E7s and Backberry Pearls & the micro USB is great for both devices.
It's very compact, has a generous lead length and even has a blue charging LED - hey, blue LED's always look good. Thorougly recommended - good value too.
Just the job
Light weight and with retractable cord makes this very versitile to use in the car. Excellent delivery service all products packed well thanks very much would recommend your website.
best car charger
I purchased this item from Mobilefun, it arrived before the given time and is spot on. I would give it 100%. And am impressed with Mobilefun.
This neat little item is the gadget lover's perfect purchase. It does what it says on the tin, and the cord rewinds with a satisfying sshzz. Cute. And it works. And BTW I bought if for my mobile but it works on the other half's Kindle as well. Dead handy for travelling.
Bought this along with the portable battery charger for when I'm not able to charge phone. This in car charger looks great-matches the gear stick actually, and doesn't have wires dangling loose.Neat unobrusive and perfect for using when needing to keep phone charged whilst driving.
Good stocking filler for Xmas at affordable price.
Excellent little gizmo!
Nice quality car charger with the added advantage of a retractable cord. Very nice quick retraction, keeps the cord to a minimum so that you've not got half a metre of wire wrapped around your gear stick! Definitely recommended *****
great product
Stylish and neat looks great and does the job.
Useful item
Bought a couple of theses for use in our cars. It's really nice not having cables coiled about the dashboard. They are, I feel, a little pricey.
Good product,good service as usual,works just fine no problems no cables to tie up excellent device
Exactly What I Wanted
I just wanted a car charger for my new Motorola mobile since it eats battery power, however the cellular line retractable car charger is just the job. Compact with no loose cable to wind up, fits the car socket and clicks positively into the micro USB on the 'phone. Charging is quick and I understand it handles both 12v & 24V vehicles, not that I am likely to require it. I also bought a screen protector which was tricky to align but once fitted is difficult to notice and does protect the screen from my scratchy fingers. I did get some dust under it (my fault) and my son has taken the charger, so it seems that I will be placing a repeat order.
A little over priced
To be honest although the charger works OK I feel it's a little overprice for what it is.
Answer to a Maiden's prayer
I always use an in car charger, but unfortunately the wire always seemed to dangle on my wifes leg due to position of 12v socket. Always a complaint and trying to wedge it out of the way. Salvation ! A retractable wire which means that I only use what I need, no more dangly bits, happier wife!
Just what I needed:
Very neat and a clever well made Product:
A definate must have when on boating holidays.
Very useful product.Does what it says on the tin!!
I recently purchased a charger for my my mobile. I particularly wanted a charger that was suitable for 12 and 24volt systems. As a coach driver,most coaches are 24 volt,and as such this product meets all the criteria. An excellent product,and the retractable lead is very useful. I have recomended the product and the company to many of my collegues and friends.
Very slow charging
I have a 40 minute driving commute each way, and that amount of time is about 15% charge on this device. My partner has a charger that could do at least 50% charge in the same time. Sure, the zip wire is handy but the actual function the device is for is lacking!

There are no details on the packet or the website for the product's charging rating, but after experimentation it seems this device is like using a USB connection on a PC to charge your phone - restricted power output.
Free Dashboards!!!
I drive for a living and need to be able to see out the windscreen and not worry that every time I turn the wheel I'm gonna get snagged on a trailing charging cable. This does the job for me. Simple, easy to use and long enough reach to cover most screens. Does exactly what it says on the tin. So good i ordered another one just in case I lose the first.
Problem solved
I used the sat nav on my HTC Desire only to find the battery drained by the time I reached my destination, which was about and hour and a half. I needed a car charger that wasn't too expensive with a decent length of cable to reach my charge point. I didn't really have to look to long as I received and email from MobileFun offering the Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger with MicroUSB which fits my phone. So I placed an ordered and it arrived within the next couple of days. My next journey with the sat nav function wan't a problem and all worked fine. When finished I just re tracked the line and through it in the glove compartment for the next time, great job
Not used it yet but!
Bought this after several instances of been out and about in my car with a flat phone! But murphys law this hasent happened since buying. However seems a good quality product can tell it's Italian design as very stylish and matches car interior design ! Usual good service from mobile fun
Fills the gap
Just what is needed in between work and home particularly when using the internet as it uses up so much of your battery
clutter free charging
I was initially a little sceptical about purchasing this product as the lead looked to be quite thin and not as robust as most chargers. This is of course part of the design that enables the lead to retract into the unit. So far I have been very happy with the charger that fitted neatly into my cigarette lighter and is a firm connection with by HTC incredible S. The retraceable lead is sufficiently long to allow a dashboard mount and retracts neatly into the unit when not in use.
Exactly what I wanted - able to charge my new HTC Desire S in the car without wires being tangled.
I wondered if the connection would fit the mini USB - but no problems.
As expected
Product delivered quickly and works well.
At last, a Retractable Car Charger for my phone. No more miles of unnecessary wire all over the place. Plug it in & press the rewind button and all excess cable is rewound into charger. Why no one ever did this before is beyond me. Thanks Mobile Fun.
Great product - great design
This is a great product for a compatible phone, good design and the retractable cable is a fab feature, really worth buying I'd recommend it!
Excellent piece of kit!!
Fantastic product. Really useful with having the extending cable - you can have your phone positioned anywhere.

Great buy and very fast delivery.
Ideal purchase
This product was just what I needed to keep my phone charged as the battery is very poor for the phone
Neat and Tidy
Keeps cable from getting tangled around gear stick. Looks a lot neater with no free cable hanging down.
just what i needed
As above and all runing ok so far.
Works well with Desire HD
Seems to be nicely made and works fine.
charger review
Looks good and works smoothly, good idea being retractable keeps everything neat and tidy.
great idea.
I needed a car charger to fit my samsung phone. Even though it was temporary out of stock I received it in a few days, I was very pleased with it.
A must Have!
Excellent purchase, so tidy and very useful.
A superb charger. Very easy to use and nice and neat when stowing away in the glove box. The charge lead is very delicate compared to most chargers which is a good thing, as it doesn't fight with your phone like some chargers. Do be sure to unplug your phone first though before pressing the retract button !
This is actually just what I needed!!
Was worried that I had not ordered correct one for my Samsung galaxy Ace, so when it arrived could see no mention of samsung on the packaging! However, need not have worried, it fits and works perfectly! Delighted with the retractable lead, keeps it nice and tidy in my glove compartment!
Made to measure!
This is a fabulous little gadget. It does it's job perfectly and manages to look sleek and modern at the same time. Excellent value for money.
Very good product
Just what I needed. I like my phone to be on the right hand side of the windscreen. Up to now have been using a homemade extension that trailed from near the gear stick and over the stearing column. usable but not very elegant. Thi device is hardly visible and keeps the cable tight and out of the way.
Brilliant gadget
Brilliant car charger with very thin cable that recoils into the body of the charger, you just pull out the amount you need, thus eliminating all the leads that normally trail around the dashboard
A neat solution
Well-made and functional. Ideal solution to the irritation of trailing 'spaghetti' cluttering up the front of the car.
Does the job
What more to say of an in-car charger ?.
Good Idea - Poor Design.
The retractable nature of this charger certainly removes the 'What do I do with the cable when not in use' problem.
Shame though, that the design is somewhat lacking at its most vulnerable point, the connector shield. It has unfortunately partially snapped off after 3 days use (still usuable with care). The shield is wrapped around a small plastic spigot (the weak point), whereas I would have expected it to be moulded into the main body of the plastic connector.
Just the right thing
Does the job just right have charged htc and blackberry phones lead is always the right length.
car charger
Bought this for my blackberry and so far it has been great. The retractable cord is its major selling point and it is still working despite being constantly roadtested by an obsessive child! would recommend.
Very good product charges the phone very quickly. Pin insertion not as easy as the mains charger.
Brilliant Idea!
Very impressed with charger and I will be buying a second unit!
All I need now is for the makers to sell a UK mains version and I'll buy two of those.
A very simple idea perfectly executed!
No more hassle of the ugly looking winding cords! This was a good find on the net and I would highly recommend the charger.
handy compact charger
Well made and great gadget,, buy it. !!!!.
Just the job
Very neat charger. Much easier to store in the car due to the retractable wire.
Neat little product
Much better than having all that messy standard cable in the way!
The charger has a thin, flexible, retractable cable which enables me to keep the phone in the centre arm rest whilst still charging and only the required amount of extended. Much less obtrusive than the coiled cable varieties.
Charger microusb review
Really pleased with this charger, retractable lead keeps car tidier when not in use. Was concerned that thin lead might get warm during high power satnav demand on my HTC desire s, but not even a hint of this. A really good quality accessory.
Does what it says
Pocket Power
This is a very useful and tidy unit capable of being stored away in the corner of your glove box when not in use and when needed, adjusts to precisely the right length using a retractable and narrower than usual gauge of cable. All for such a reasonable price!
Superb Product
This is a brilliant and essential mobile phone gadget to have in your car. I love it. It's so neat and compact - no cables to tangle when it's not in use. I've now bought one for my wife's car and my son's.
just the job
This car charger is ideal for keeping in the glove compartment in case I run out of battery. It is very compact with not trailing leads to get into spagetti
I have used mobile fun before and this time I was I was looking for a car charger for my htc phone and came across the retractable one, absolutely brilliant cause even if I leave it plugged in there is no cable to get in the way when it is not in use. Roy ++++++++++++happy customer.
Good charger
Works perfect in my truck, haven't tried it in my car. 2nd one I have bought as lost the 1st.
So handy and neat
What an excellent piece of kit!
amazing value, it sits out of sight with the cable retracted when not in use and adjusts to the precise required length when needed. I'll repeat the cautionary note made elsewhere though; the cable retraction is worthy of indiana jones so care is best exercised!.
Looking for a resonably priced in car charger this product fits the bill. Well built and at a good price.Also being retractable means it can be put away tidily after use.
Not much I can say about this other than it works and stores away very easily!
Great item
Great - no trailing cables in the car and a good price.
Very pleased
I bought this as I was doing a charity motorbike ride from Lands end to John 'O' Groats on a Honda C90 & had wired in a 12v connection to charge my phone, the fact that the wire retracted was just what I needed as the last thing I wanted was trailing wires to get caught in wheels etc. What a great piece of kit & it charges my phone :-)
In-car Charger
No messy wires hanging around & it does the job you want it to do ( charge your phone )
Retractable charger
Nice little charger, but the cable is a little flimsy.
Stylish, compact and reasonable price
Stylish, compact and reasonable price, Cord retracts conveniently
Brilliant product!
The problem with most car chargers is the amount of cable cluttering the glove box, and also the amount of cable left trailing whilst in use, but not with this. When in use, just press the button to take up the slack and when you're finished, press the button again to wind the cable completely, all ready to stow away in the glove box. Caution! Be sure to feed the cable back with one hand while pressing the button with the other, it's got a terrific whip. A brilliant product though, buy it!
car charger
Compact,no curly wire dangling. Works a treat.
This car charger is great. It takes up very little room and the retractable cable is a very good feature.
Neat and easy to use
Excellent compact in-car charger. Retractable cable is a great plus, as you need only play out as much cable as you need and the cable doesn't get in the way of the gear-stick or hand-brake. Cable zips back in a flash when you've finished for convenient storage.
Great Piece of Kit
This car charger is great! No wires to get in the way. Would definitely recommend it to others.
A blessing in disguise
Haven't we all at times complained when we have got tangled up with cables etc festooned throughout our cars, now you have no need to. Once the charger is plugged in and connected to your appliance, whatever it may be, you simply rewind at the touch of a button all excess of wiring. You are connected but tidy, when you disconnect you simply rewind all wiring into the charger, really could not be easier.
Couldn't be better
I read some reviews before purchasing this item but I am over the moon with it. It is plenty long enough when open to reach where I want my phone positioned and tidy when not in use.
Great, tidy in-car charging option
Very Happy. Great VFM. Admirably charges device(s) in-car, yet doesn't leave an untidy trail of cables when not needed. One extremely minor criticism, beware the ferocity of the cable retraction when you operate the button!!
Handy item
Does what it says on the tin.... Useful for me for long journeys or using the navigation on my Nexus as it eats battery. Stores away tidily.
Good Product
The retract is good and strong, it feels well built though time will tell.

Overall a good, simple, effective design. Very pleased with this.
Brilliant product! No messy curly wires all over the dash. Nice long retractable cable very tidy. Everybody whos seen it wants one !!
What I needed
Have car chargers for everything except my HTC Desire, then this offer came along. Works as required and easily stores in centre console "cubby hole". Always there now if I need it.
I am especially pleased with the fully retracting lead.
A great Product - A really good idea!
I wanted a charger that I could use in the car for my Samsung Galaxy S,but did not want to have wires trailing everywhere. This product is perfect! So good in fact that I've ordered a mini usb version for use with my Tom Tom Sat Nav, which also works perfectly!
Excellent car charger
Does the job really well and is tidy - full marks to the designers.
Neat car charge solution
I like the retractable cable but could do with the cable being a few inches longer for use in my car. Otherwise this is just what I wanted to keep my mobile phone charged when on the move.
This is great. no cables hanging around in the car when not in use. also very easy to put into your pocket or handbag no trailing cables getting caught up in everything. well made.
Great piece of hardware
This is just about the best little invention I have come across.
I have it sitting a little above the contacts in the 12v socket so it is not switched on, until I connect to my phone and it does not look out of place because of its quite attractive design.
The very thin cable is very unobtrusive and can reach from the centre console to my phone mounted next to the 'A' pillar on the offside of the dashboard without getting in the way of anything.
It can also keep up with and indeed exceed the power draw of the sat-nav feature of the phone.
Definitely 5 star product and highly recommended.
Exactly what I've been searching for!
Brilliant product. Prompt service. No more coiled springy cable that yanks the phone out of it's holder in to the passenger footwell.Plenty long enough & excellent fit into lighter/12v battery socket. Very reasonable price indeed & well worth it!
works fine with HTC desire + satnav
Having heard that the Desire absolutely gulps down its battery when using satnav, etc, I was specifically looking for a car-charger that would deliver more juice than the phone was taking out of the battery. I asked about the charging rate but Customer Service couldn't help me with a figure (although they tried hard - please note that neither the packet nor the charger quote a rate in mA or A). Anyhow, I'm using Co-Pilot 8 and even with it running at full-tilt, I still get a net increase in charge. Charger plugs in nicely to my cigarette lighter (I've got a 2005 Renault Modus) - no wobbling, etc. All good :)
the very thing
Just what I wanted works a treat and quick delivery.
Elegant and practical item made to a high quality standard. Much better than having trailing leads!
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