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Cellular Line Retractable In Car Charger with USB port - Micro USB Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ever popular retractable Micro USB in car charger now with an added USB port for charging 2 devices at the same time.
  • Mobile Fun ID 31983
$20.74 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 227 customers

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Retractable in car charger
Information good. Excellent tidy charger.
Excellent thoroughly recommendable
Very sensible and tidy piece of equipment. Excellent thoroughly recommendable.
Great charger
Fitted in car
Everything is fine from the delivery time to the way it works. Not much more to say really.
Very Happy
I have this in my car all the time now, it is so useful and easy to use. The retractable lead is brilliant and makes it easy to store and also means that you can re-wind tha cable to just the amount you need.
Very Happy
BlackBerry Classic
Hi All,

Does this support BlackBerry Classic model charging and secure !
Please suggest.

Neat in-car charger
Plugs into car cigarette lighter socket. Neat and compact for this type of thing and the retractable micro-USB cable is very convenient, with a second standard USB socket for other stuff.
Great product, does exactly what it says it does. Very fast delivery will use this page again.
Great product, does exactly what it says it does. Very fast delivery will use this page again.
Retractable cord
It was the retractable cord that drew my attention to this, it minimises storage & is neat & tidy. Nice smooth action. I'm happy with my purchase.
Items exactly as described. Just what I wanted. Fast delivery. Will definitely use again.
Poor, does not locate properly
I purchased this item with high hopes as others had generally given it good reviews. My experience was not the same, it does not seem to fit either my car or my wife's car cigarette lighter properly. It will only charge if you get hold of the device and push on it hard or push it sideways and hold it. This is, of course, not feasable if you are driving on the public road. My car is an older one, but my wifes is a 2012 model so the issue is not one of the cars age as the same issue occurs in both.
I purchased a replacement Nokia own make in-car charger and that worked satisfactorily in both cars, so the cars were not the issue.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Frederick

Sorry to hear you had problems with your item. Sounds like you might have had a faulty product. Please contact us.
Easy to use
Car charger bought for an S3. it retracts so no wires in the way. It is good that it has a usb too. On the downside it tends to pop out easy when going over bumps. overall though it does a good job
A neat unit will charge both my tablet and phone together, lead retracts so no trailing wires in the car. So far seems to be doing its job well.
Great car charger
This is a fantastic little car charger. It is small and the retractable cord makes this neat and easy to use. The extra USB port makes this a winner as it can charge so many devices including apple products as long as you have the right lead. Very happy with it.
Great Product
Great product, value for money, great service
Recommend company
Retractable in car chrager with USB port
This product is by far the best charger I have ever purchased for my Samsung S5. The retractable cable operated by a simple switch ensures that the car interior is free from a tangle of wires particularly around the handbrake. Apart from ensuring that my mobile phone is always adequately charged, the USB port is extremely useful for connecting to my TomTom Sat Nav and other devices that provide in car entertainment. The unobtrusive blue light that shows the charger is properly connected is an added refinement. I am impressed by the quality of this charger, and feel confident that it will offer a superior performance to my previous cheaper but ineffective purchases. I highly recommend this particular charger.
Cellular Line Mobile Phone Car Charger
Excellent product fast charging time with the added bonus of a retractable cable and USB Port to charge your Tablet etc. Great discount price and fast delivery.
What a great product just what I wanted and very fast postage.
neat charger
I bought this car charger as I liked the idea that when it is not in use there is no wire taking up space in my car storage. It works well and the fact that the length of the connection can be varied is really handy. It fits into the outlet in my car easily and can be stored in a small space, due to the retractable cable. The length of the cable is good much longer at full length than any other charger I have owned.
It was so good I bought a second one
I bought one of these car chargers a couple of years ago and have used it constantly. Unfortunately I managed to damage the cable when trying to overload my car and ran over the end on the seat runner. It has been so reliable that I have replaced it with one exactly the same. Easy to use and reliable.
At last-a car charger that actually works!
I have tried several car chargers over the past few years and without exception have been disappointed with them. They either don't work/breakdown soon after purchase or burn my hand!(this actually happened with the last one I bought).The Cellular Line charger I now have is brilliant. The retractable cord is a work of genius, and I can now use my Satnav and charge my phone without cluttering up the area around my gearstick. OK-it's a bit more expensive but this just has to be my best purchase of the year.
A well designed device.
A well designed device. It charges my phone as well as my iPad similtaneously. Most helpful when "caught short" with reduced battery power especially when needed urgently.
Excellent product
has exceeded expectiations whilst doing everything i bought it for. Very impressed with the build quality, size and power flow.
As requested
Charger just received-I have tried it out and so far it works.
Contact of charger to power point in car reasonable. Only criticism is that product packaging could be reduced greatly.
got one at last
i am very happy with this and its doing the job. no moor flat phone, thanks team
Ok but not great
Works as advertised, but the power/micro-usb cable feels very flimsy (very thin and somewhat rigid). Adding this to its particularly strong retraction spring, I can easily foresee how its life is going to end. However, only time will tell about this and I only own the equipment for 1 week... Since it has a secondary charging port, I also think it would improve if it provided more than 1,000ma.
Tried several times incar, does not charge phone after 150ml journey 10% in phone.
Excellent purchase
Beautifully crafted, elegant style, ideal for charging my Tablet and phone at the same time.Plunged into the car charger then connected my tablet to the retractable cable, connected my phone to the USB connector and charged up my devices.When finished pushed the retractable button and away went the cable safe inside the charger, disconnected my phone, brilliant device recommend it highly.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger with USB port - Micro USB.
I received this device veryt promptly. It is excellent, and solves the problem "How can two people charge their phones in the car at the same time"
Just what i wanted
Two devices in one it is fantastic.
easy to use
the cable is smart going out and back
charging fast
Car charger
Handy length, useful for when your phone is not directly near the socket.
Needed urgently
I already had a retractable Car Charger, but somehow I had managed to break mine. I had damaged the connector. I use my in car charger frequently alongside my daughter when she is in the car. So I ordered another expecting it to take a week or two to arrive (especially as I ordered it Christmas week). How suprised and pleased was I when it arrived within 2 days! I would not be without this little charger. This one is an upgrade on my previous model as it has the extra usb port, which is a godsend when my daughter is in the car. We can now both use the charger at the same time. When my daughter was in the car previously, I would never get a look in as she would comandeer the charger! I can't recommend this product highly enough as it is so reliable and useful.
Perfect Solution
This car charger is just the job.
Exactly what I wanted
This device appears to be good quality, arrived very promptly and works perfectly. What more can I say?!
Excellent product
Bought this item for my wife, she was fed up having a car charger that filled the glove box with coils of cable. Perfect in every way, especially as it has the usb port. Highly recommended.
Excellent charger
Delivery was very quick on the cheapest option and this is a really quality charger. Not sure about speed of charge but I'm hopeful it'll be ok. The retractable part as well very good. All in all high quality charger at an affordable price (inc post and packing).
ideal when you need to charge 2
I bought this to be able keep up the charge when driving long distances on one item (as love driving with my Waze ) and recharge another. It works marvellous and the quality is worth every penny, so pleased I have bought this.
Also not to forget, MobilFun has a great customer service and my order was super fast on it's way.
No more tangles
good compact charger, no more tangles of chargers in glove box. Also allows you to charge an iPod or other usb items.
Only worry is the 1 mm cable not sure how long it will last re-tracking in and out?
Works a treat
The days of dangling unsightly charger cables has gone with this Car Charger. While you using it you retract the cable to just how long you need it. When you finished with it you just retract the whole thing and out it away. Easy.
stylish and lightweight.
bought this item to use with my car and Nexus 4. Currently I use my Nexus as a SAT-NAV and bluetooth switched on. The charger is so far able to maintain the charge on the phone with out issue.

The usb is handy as a secondary charging option for any other accessories.

The retractable cable helps keep your car tidy and is light weight and doe snot tug on the phone at all.

Over all the design is stylish and compact, and offers the user a lightweight and efficient solution to there car hone charger needs.
Great Gadget
Best gadget I've bought for a long time. No more tangling cables wrapped aroung my handbrake and dash. Simply recoils when not in use and extends to a suitable length. Charges my phone quickly and efficiently with a handy usb attached as well. Well recommended.
Most useful gadget
I love the vast use of my Mobile phone but soon found I was forever running out of battery life and decided I must get battery charger for the far as the last time I went on a trip my phone simply died. I cannot be alone in hating cables everywhere that can get twisted & knotted this is such a neat little gadget with its retractable cable and ergonomically designed to be held easily. As I have problems with dexterity this can be an issue at times. Duel use with USB Port is an added Bonus..All around a great purchase ...highly recommend....we need more gadgets designed with retractable cables.
great product
really great product what more can i say, really handy to extend the flex and fits in car nicely
Great charger.
This is a well thought out product. The retracting cord is a brilliant. My previous samsung car charger wouldn't charge my phone as fast as I would use up battery, so even if I was to start a journey on a near full battery, by the end it would be considerably lower. This charger does the opposite, I can start a journey with only a few percent and by the end will have a fully charged battery even though I if using the sat nav the whole time.
Godd quality product
Just a bit different and a really good price, would highly recommend.
A simple accessory
A simple and neat solution to charging your phone on the go. Just plug it in and leave it in the car, always ready, and no cable mess to get tangled with, simplicity!
this devise only keeps it alive as to the life that is already in the battery already ,i was driving for 1 hour and it never charged my phone at all ,maybe because its charging wire is so thin i not know why ,do not buy
Compact, Stylish and Perfect
Having bought aftermarket items in the past, my concern was always going to be around quality and reliability.
What I received from this product was something that was exactly what I required - robust, reliable and the added bonus of it being compact and stylishly designed - all for a fantastic price. That satisfaction when you get a new model phone is the only way I would convey how happy I am with this.
cracking item
Does what it says on the tin. Best of all no clutter with trailing wires. Recommended
Super Idea for Car
I did not need this piece of kit as I have plenty of leads for my phone in the car but this is so simple and neat, no hanging wires getting in the way just press the button when finished and the lead automatically retracts so you can leave the device in your cigarette holder ready for next time and it also has the added bonus of a spare usb port if you need it. Well pleased my purchase.
Mobile Phone Charger
Very happy with service. My last charger stopped working after two uses but I was provided with a replacement very quickly.
Does what it says it does - works very well and is very space saving in my van. Very fast delivery, as ever. Thanks
Stylish and Practical
I have this fitted to the port under the front armrest of my car - all passengers can get to it and its pretty discreet. A must have in-car accessory.
phone charger plus usb
As described and looks good. Early days as just received but should do the job. Use on motorcycle so will be interesting to see the longevity of unit. Retractable cord has a lock which is good.
It is a really nifty gadget and it can charge both my phone and another phone at the same time and even when the car isn't turned on, the phones are still charging.
Amazing! Definitely a must have! Especially since I love using my phone and I also love travelling - killing two birds with one stone.
Cellular Line USB car charger
I bought this charger for my Samsung phone but it also charges my wife's Nokia phone as well. I like the retractable cord facility as it makes it very neat to store when not in use. Older charger lived in the glove compartment with other cables e.g. GPS so they were forever getting tangled with each other. So far I'm happy with this purchase.
A useful gadget
The charger looks good although the cable appears a little flimsy on first viewing. The charger is used as a standby for my mobile phone which runs its battery down in around 24 hours and hence has not received much use so far. The big test will be whether or not it is still working in 6 months time.
Brilliant item to use both phone and sat nav at same time
I love this gadget, not expensive yet such a good idea, I can use it to charge my mobile phone and use my satnav at the same time or if the children are with me they can use their dvd player too. Great item and brilliant company who send out fast and keep in touch to tell you when your items sent out.thanks :)
Just the job
This is exactly what I was looking for.
Almost had a red face though,
Plugged it in - didn't work.
Further checking determined that the fuse on my cigarette lighter had blown.
All fine now. Thanks for the excellent service.
Useful and Tidy
So useful but most importatnt this car charger is neat and tidy. It does away with having too many charging leads tying themselves in knots and getting in the way. This little devise can be used for 2 items at once, using a micro usb lead suitable for our Samsung S3 and Note2 and a standard USB port for charging the 2nd phone or for charging an IPad, Garmin Sat Nav etc. Once you have finished charging, the phone lead disapears swiftly at the touch of a button leaving one less cable lying around. Simples.
USB car charger
Brilliant piece of kit I can also use my Sat Nav as well as my phone
Very neat and compact
This is the second of these excellent retractable power cord units that I've bought from Mobile Fun although the first didn't have the benefit of the USB socket.
What I particularly like is that the thin, retractable cord can be shortened to the optimum length and is not at all bulky unlike the majority of charger cables; the USB socket doubles its usefulness.
A good buy
I was surprised how attractive the unit was when it arrived.
I was then pleased to find the extending USB reached my Mobile which was across the other side of the steering wheel.
The extra USB was then available to recharge my handsfree bluetooth receiver
Really handy
Great to have a device that when you put away there are no wires laying around. It is also great for charging your phone and sat nav (as an example) Many thanks
Best little gadget that I have purchased for a long time
This was great. before the cord was so short that I had to leave my phone on the seat & it kept slipping on to the floor. Now with this long extended cord that retracts with a flick of the button I can safely leave my phone in my handbag and have room to charge up anothe item too. Give a medal to the person who came up with this brilliant idea!
Great incar charger
Works great charges battery for mobile phone. Extendable chord very handy
The charger has to be inserted very carefully into the cigar lighter socket to ensure it makes a proper connection and charges the items connected to it. Not impressed! None the less it is usefull to be able to charge both items at the same time and the retractable cord is certainly handy.
does the job
just what i needed can now charge my phone and ipod in the car while travelling, ideal
Just as I expected
I ordered it on Sunday afternoon - and it arrived on Tuesday morning, beautifully packed, and it did what it said on the tin! It is a stylish addition to my car!
perfect for the job
For someone who is very technaphobe this item was perfect for charging my JCB phone and my blue tooth headset. I am not a computer user so having a USB charger was a great help and it can be charged in the car. I broke my plug in charger and this was great it did the job as good. Very good Buy and so easy tio use and the re tractable charger means it is a very tidy item to store and no twisted cables.
Better than expected
This well designed, good looking device fits well is modern cars. The thin cable used for in built micro USB element works perfectly. Great value and a bit different.
Perfect charger
I purchased this charger to power my Samsung galaxy note 2. After placing the order I read that the phone was recommended to use a 2amp charger. However I have recently used my note as a sat nav for about 2 hours, when I started the journey the phone was about half charged when I
arrived at the end of my journey the phone was fully charged.
The charger did not even get warm.
The retractable lead is perfect, plenty long enough and when you have finished using it just push the little button and the lead retracts back inside. You may want to hold onto the lead when doing this as it does retract quite quick.
The charger looks and feels good quality and I would highly recommend it.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger with USB port - microUSB
Excellent piece of kit.No more trying to untangle cables while on the move.Compact andreliable
Great Charger Unit
I bought this charger to replace a double socket can type so it freed up the drinks holder. I wasn't expecting a great deal but whow what a surprise it charges my samsung galaxy and an iPad quicker than anything I've used in car before! The looks are stylish and the retractable lead means no wires hanging round.
I would highly recommend this charger to anyone who wants to save space stop dangling leads and get fast charging on two devices. Great Product.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger with USB port - microUSB.
I'm delighted with this charger that is small, compact and infinitely more functional than the one supplied with the Motorola kit in that you can charge another USB device simultaneously. Worth every penny.
My only reservation is that the retractable lead is so slender that it could easily be damaged if not handled carefully.
Didn't know I needed it until I saw it!
What a clever idea.I spend my life in my car but hate it being untidy, now I can charge my devices on the go but hardly see the cable. I love it.
just what i needed
very handy item i can now charge 2 items at once great & thank you.
Retractable line charger
Wow, what a great device, looks good and is well finished, if you have to say more it would only be waffle. Another pleasing device.
car charger
a fantastic piece of equipment we can charge kindles and mobile phones when we are out and about. no need to take personal chargers when we go away and its very handy having a retractable cable as it doesn't interfere with any of the controls on the car like loose cables would. really pleased and definately worth the price.
Neat little gadget
Having bought a naff charger.
Decided that I should buy this one one because of the reviews.
I can honestly say I am really pleased with this. It charges quicker than expected and the bonus that my doaughter can also keep her Iphone charged too!! The retractable cable is unbelievably thin and it works fab. When retracted it's nice and tidy no tangled cable in the glove box. Its worth spending a little extra for this nifty charger.
Neat and tidy
Pleased as punch, great accessory neat and tidy in the glovebox due to the retractable cord and can add a USB charger cord
So good I bought THREE
Very useful
Very well-made
Very neat
cellular retracable car charger
as stated works fine and when you have finished with it for the day it retracts so no wires so nice and tidy
Does the business
Bought this for my HTC Radar,works a treat extends and retracts which keeps everything neat and tidy.
USB port is handy for charging other devices.Superfast delivery from Mobilefun as usual.
Exactly what I had been looking for
I bought this charger without the usb port last year and used it constantly. It is neat, robust and does an excellent job. It travelled all over the country with me in my motorhome. Very often the only reason I needed to find a site with an electic hookup was to charge my laptop. When I saw the new version with the usb port my dilemma was solved. Great product.
Does the job
The charger seems well made from quality plastics. It charges my Galaxy S3 with the sat nav in use, charge actually goes up which isn't true of all car chargers. There's enough cable to reach from the bottom centre of the dash to the corner of the screen, the cable doesn't pull on the phone and the retraction works smoothly. Marked only 4 stars because it's a bit of a wobbly fit in the lighter socket and I have to keep an eye on it to ensure that it doesn't wobble loose and stop charging.
Very compact
Great charger brilliant idea to have a retractable lead, no more un-tangling the lead before you use it!
Good product
This is the second one I've bought and like the first it does the job admirably. The retracting feature means that there is no cable cluttering up the car's fascia. Thoroughly recommend it.
A neat unit
The charger is a neat unit with a retractable lead and it charges two units at the same time using the USB port.It works well.
perfect design
i hate curly car phone charger leads that clog up the glove compartment. So this brilliant neat and compact charger with its retractable charge lead is perfect.
Brilliant just what I needed.
This is really great, because it's retractable the phone doesn't need to be close, it can be on a holder on the dash.Because it has a USB port, it's also great for using with other products.
Exceeds expectations
If like me incar chargers a more akin to a mini power sub station, then this is the USB charger for you. I like the fact that it has a long lead(i.e. can reach from ciggy lighter to dash mounted phone). Also it does not have that spring loaded cable which pulls the dash mounted device to an awkward angle and ensures that the connection break within 6 months. Overall worth the few extra quid for a good product. Also like the extra USB port to enable a second device to be charged without a bulky splitter. Over very happy with my purchase and have recommended it to friends
Nice looking and well made car charger
I bought this to use with my car cradle. I really like this - it keeps the wires nice and tidy when stretching from your lighter socket to the cradle.
It also has a usb port for charging other devices - what is not to like about this?

Would recommend this product!
I had the earlier version of this charger and was very pleased with it, so when I needed a new charge for work I opted for this version, so that I could charge not only my phone but other devices as well.

This charger keeps up with the GPS usage of my phone, and also has enough charge to fully charge my phone... Definately recommend it.
The perfect perfect Item
This is such a fantastic item, I've tried so many different chargers and there is none like this, I'm so happy with this little gem,its always in my handbag/my car.I will recommend to my friends and family.
Lead too short
The retractable cable is too short for my use. Fortunately the USB socket allows me to plug in a longer lead. The whole device is too big and gets in the way - it should be angled so that it doesn't protrude so far from the lighter socket.
Neat solution
I wanted to have the choice to recharge my phone or the power my TomTom or both together using one 12v socket in the car...this neatly fits the bill. It's colouring complements the car interior nicely but tucks away neatly when not required. It a well made and quality looking product.
Top product & fast delivery too
The car charger arrived much quicker than I had anticipated even though i select economy delivery - thanks MF :)

The product does the job perfectly!

Highly recommended
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