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Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger - iPhone and iPod Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stlish retractable car charger for the iPhone 3G and 3GS and iPod.
  • Mobile Fun ID 24522

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 4.7 stars from 54 customers

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Perfect. Just what I needed
Does the job really well and very tidy too!
Great Product
This is an excellenmt product, well made and looks good. I was a little concerned that the cable may not be long enouogh as I have my IPhone to the right of the steering wheel on a window mount with the socket in the central console. The cable is more than long enough and as it is very thin, is also unobtrusive. Just about to order another for my wifes car. Would highly recommend this product. Have bought things from Mobilefun before and can recommend their excellent service, arrived in 2 days.
Really nice product
Read a lot of reviews before buying an in car charger - v pleased I did. This one is v good and do nice not to have a tangle of wires everywhere.
Even Better
I had the first version of this, which was superb. But the newer version just got better. The new easier to swivel head has just put icing on the cake. It's just so nice not to have loose cable flopping around in the car.
Excellent Accessory
Really glad I purchased this item. Great for the car saves having leads trailing around. It looks neat and tidy.
Retractable Car Charger
I actually purchased this as a replacement as a previous identical one fell to bits.
They are a good idea and hopefully this one will last.
Both purchased from MobileFun
Does what it should
Neat and tidy solution for ipad 4 charging without having cables trailing across handbrake/gear stick like some car charges.
Great charger
Great product,charges the phone great
Great bit of kit, no silly coiled wires trailing round. Ignore the poor reviews, this is a quality item.
Absolutely ideal
This item is the perfect solution for me, I can leave it plugged in, and with it retracted there are no wired hanging around and getting in the way.
I would recommend this item and this company to anyone.

Thank you
Perfect Accessory
The best thing is that the cord retracts inside the charger for neat storage in the glovebox & allows you to only pull out the length you need when in use.
Cheaply made
The cable itself is extremely thin and not as long as I had hoped, especially considering the considerable size of the charger.
On the first day of use the plastic protective cap on the back of the connector came away from the main section and I had to push it back together.
I think 11 quid for a product of this quality is too much money myself.
This is so cool...
I bought an iPhone and the car charger from the shop was ok but boring and looked cheap and nasty despite costing almost £20. My new wife had one of these in her car and it was PERFECT. Terrific to look at and so funky with the retractable cable and great styling. This is a well-thought out product and the site does a super job with the description, the online shopping and fast delivery. Every purchase should be like this.
Seems good so far
Well this charges my iPhone 4 up without any hassle so far. The retractable cable seems a little thin so we'll have to wait and see how it fairs in the long term but no complaints yet.

Just in case anyone is thinking of updating this it would be nice to see a low profile connector without the locking tabs and a marker to show the correct orientation; like we've had on the apple cables for ages now.
Good bit of kit!
Does what it says on the pack. Looks ok in the car and works well with the iPhone. Go for it.
Just the job!
Perfect bit of kit. Just be warned that it is not compatible with the element vapour 4 case but I easily got around this with dock extender. Nice one!
Great piece of kit
This is the best mobile phone charger I've ever purchased . The fact the cable recoils is superb..no long cables interfering round gear stick etc when you're driving and the blue light to let you know it's connected and charging the phone is ideal...wouldn't buy any other type now
Perfect for what I was looking for
This item is great - my iPhone battery dies before the day is over so whenever I'm driving I plug the charger straight in. I love the retractable lead as it avoids any glovebox tangles and the charger itself looks of decent quality rather than cheap, well worth the money! Only negative is that there is no marker to show the front/back of the socket so you have to guess at putting it in the right way, which is why it gets four stars instead of 5.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger - iPhone and
Excellent product, cable recalls nice and tidy and clear blue light confirms when in use and connected.
I don't like lots of flappy cables hanging about the place,so this item looked to fit the bill. In the pictures it looks a bit bulky,but I took a chance anyway. In the flesh it is much more compact and very good quality. I've been using it now for 2 weeks and highly recommend to anybody seeking a tidy and efficient charger. TOP MARKS.
the best car charge i have had to date
This is brilliant, give my untidy car a bit of tidiness and stops me falling over the wire, can recommend enough!
Nice piece of kit
Really easy to use, stays put and looks good too. Makes a big difference not having all those curly, messy wires getting in the way. Highly recommended,
Groovy piece of kit and effective
what else can you do with an in car charger.It looks great its price is comparable with more basic chargers and it has a really groovy cable recoil mind you its pretty snappy so you have to be a bit careful especially with kids about.They love to play with it and with the constant recoil without holding it it may not last too long.Nether the less I still think it is a nice piece of kit.
cellular line retractable car charger
Excellent product no more wires all over,even when in use the wire is adjustable to whatever length you need.
Iphone Charger
Nice product, pretty sturdy, retracts easily, means you can charge the phone and put it out of sight.
Useful and addictive accessory
The charger was a little awkward to fit correctly into the cigar lighter to illuminate the 'on' indicator but it's now left in there. The iPhone battery only lasts a short time so it's really useful being able to top up the battery when in the car. It's a bit addictive too - when you're stationery it helps to pass the time by pulling out the wire and then pushing the button to rewind it repeatedly!
Car Charger
Excellent piece of kit, no more tangled wires and the best part is that it stores easier due to no external cabling,great product
Iphone car charger
It arrived in two days and it works! The light adds reassurance and the retractable cable keeps the unit tidy. Would recommend
iPhone charger
This is a really neat unit with a modern black and silver finish that goes well in my car. The retractable cable is very slim and flexible so you don't see the usual coiled mess of most chargers. The retraction system works well. I bought one for myself initially but others liked it so much we bought a further three units.
Excellent idea
I dont know why it's not been thought of sooner. Works alot better than the rubbish charger i got from another high street shop. No problems even when plugged in and switching ignition on or off. Great product
Nice and Neat
Perfect for my tidy wife's car, stylish and functional (charger that is, although so is the mrs.). Can't fault it, although don't let kids use it as a toy (the retraction is great fun though) as the necessarily thin cord may not withstand abuse. Usual quick service from Mobilefun, very happy, thank you
Ipod on the move
A great device if you need to use the ipod on the move. The retractable lead is a great function - no more tangled lead.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger - iPhone and
Fantastic piece of kit, nice not to have wires trailing around the car when in use. Storage is easy no more pinched wires in glove box doors!!
great product
If your looking for a car charger for your iPhone 4 this is great. The lead simply extracts for use and has a long reach. Then when finished simply press the button and the cable is pulled back into the case/ charger unit. No wires to get tangled up and simple to store.
Nice design, works well.
Very nicely styled, retracting mechanism a stroke of genius, it works well and keeps things tidy. Unit is a little bit longer than some in car chargers, but in our car that's no issue. The charging cord is quite thin which may make it susceptible to damage from overly clumsy use. Very happy with purchase, and MF's usual quick delivery. Using with iPhone 4.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger
I was impressed with the fact that the cable wound in at the touch of a button and could store away neatly in your car without the lead dangly in your way. It is a very modern use of technology and I recommend it to any woman or man who likes to keep their gadgets tidied away.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger - iPhone and
It is the ideal unit for charging Iphone and iPods with no messy long wrire dangling in the car. It keeps the car look tidy and does the job perfectly well. I will recommend to any one looking for a car charger for their iPhone or iPod
happyshoppers wife
Good appearance and looks very durable, good to the eye and would be happy to recommend this product to any person thinking of buying one.
iphone car charger
An excellent piece of equipment. Does what it says on the tin.
iPhone charger
This is a very neat little charger and does away with long training wires arounfd the dashboard.
Almost perfect!
This product does exactly what you would expect however, a word of warning, if using in conjunction with iphone 4 and bumper, you will have to remove the bumper to charge your phone as the connector on this product does not engage fully with the bumper in place. I probably wouldn't have bought it had I known this beforehand.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger - iPhone and
Excellent product - charges the iPhone 4 very quickly. Also looks good, which doesn't hurt.

MobileFun.co.uk's delivery and service were also excellent. Both retailer and product come recommended.
Nice product
Nice little product, does the job! Can't fault it, I'd recommend it.
Dead battery a thing of the past
Fantastic product. Usually before the day is out my iphone used to run out of juice. Now whenever I am in the car and half the power has gone on my phone I just plug in the charger and hey presto before too long back to full power. No more worrying about my phone dying on me or being stranded without a phone.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger
Quality made item that's worth every penny. The retractable lead makes it so easy & tidy to use. Delivery service from Mobile Fun was superb too. Highly recommend this product & the company I bought it from.
Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger - iPhone and iPod is a fantastic addition to charging my iPhone in the car so compact when not in use
iphone retractable car charger
An excellent product, just what I needed. Cable is plenty long enough to reach most places in my car. The 'spring', is plenty strong enough so that when you press the retract button, it's going back in!
Great value for money.
Great service from Mobilefun.

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