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Sorry, but Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad

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Product Reference: 32621

The Cellular Line Grip attaches to the dashboard of your car and firmly holds your phone, keys and more without any adhesives or residue.

  • "Very pleased"
  • "Surprisingly awesome"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

East Sussex
Anti slip pad
30th October 2015
Very pleased
Was a bit worried at first as a I a galaxy note 2 which is a large heavy phone, but once I found the right spot in the car, its great.

iPhone 5
6th December 2012
Surprisingly awesome
I'll be honest - I bought two different holders for my iPhone 5, because I just didn't believe that this anti-slip pad would work. The reviews and descriptions just seemed... well, too hopeful. I'm not usually quite as sceptical as this, but as this was only about £8 and the other one I got was £10, I figured it was still cheaper than getting a Brodit, and if the anti-slip pad worked, then it would be vastly less unsightly than the Brodit. Delivery was ridiculously fast. As in, I don't think it was possible for it to be faster in any way. So, I tentatively opened the packaging and took it out to the car, finding the suitable place on my dashboard. The space I wanted to put it on was nearly vertical, but the review and description suggested that this would be ok, so I slapped it on. Yep, it stayed on my dashboard. Step 1 complete. Next step, stick my iPhone on it. So I did, and it didn't make any kind of sound to suggest that it had stuck, so I assumed it hadn't. But when I started to pull the phone away, it clearly *was* stuck, and quite firmly too. So much so, I let go, and took the car out. It stuck to the dashboard like a limpet. They stick to things really well, right? I hope so, as that's the kind of impression I'm trying to give here. The phone just stuck. And getting it off again was just as described - you effectively peel your phone off, and therefore assume there will be a veil of sludge on the back of your phone, but no, it's clean as a whistle. I've used it variously in the past few days, and it's been solid as a rock. You certainly don't need your phone to be in contact with the entire pad, or the entire back of your phone to touch the pad; my phone has stuck firmly to the pad with a very small footprint actually being on the pad, and it's been totally solid. Quite frankly, I don't understand how on earth it's so sticky, but it really is, and it's wonderful. I never did open the other phone holder, it's redundant.

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Why Buy?

  • Adhesive-free silicone holds mobiles, keys, and more at up to 90° angles
  • Flexible design contours to any dashboard
  • Leaves no residue on your device or car
  • Fully washable so you can return it to as-new condition when dirty


Adhesive-free silicone holds mobiles, keys, and more at up to 90° angles

Made from a special silicone material, the Cellular Line GRIP can hold any mobile phone, keys, sunglasses, and more with ease. Simply place your items on the pad, and they'll stick like glue for the duration of your journey. You can position the pad wherever you like as the adhesive properties work from flat up to 90°, which is fully vertical. As the GRIP contains no glue, it is not harmful to the environment and will not damage your device.

Flexible design contours to any dashboard

The silicone material of the GRIP is completely flexible, so will wrap around your dashboard no matter what the shape or texture. This means it will work in any vehicle, so when you change your car you don't need to change your GRIP. The GRIP measures 143 x 80mm, so is big enough to hold any mobile phone, but small enough to store in your glove box when not in use.

Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip PadCellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad

Leaves no residue on your device or car

Thanks to the lack of adhesives in the GRIP, it leaves no residue on your phone when removed. It also will not mark or stain your dashboard no matter how long you leave the GRIP in your car.

Fully washable so you can return it to as-new condition when dirty

Over time, the GRIP will attract dust and dirt which will lower the adhesive properties. To return it to as-new condition, simply wash the GRIP and once dry it will be as sticky as the day you bought it.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 143 x 80mm

Key Details

  • Mounting Type: Dashboard
  • Part No: GRIP


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