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Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Cellular Line Grip attaches to the dashboard of your car and firmly holds your phone, keys and more without any adhesives or residue.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32621
$10.36 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 168 customers

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Did not work in my car at all.
Great purchase
Very happy with this product. I've always had problems with phone holders that clip onto the fan or that stick to the windscreen by suction. I am amazed at how well this product holds the phone. There are some conditions it cannot cope with, such as very steep hills and the potholes I have to contend with on my way to work every morning, but these are extremes so I so wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Very easy to use.
product is useless
product did not perform as advertised and therefore a waste of money
pleased with item not a sticky as thought would be
I got this item as my car does not have a dashboard so this sticky pad is great as I can put on the door, not as sticky as hoped as my phone does fall of some times but then I do have a galaxy note so heavy phone.
Very pleased
Was a bit worried at first as a I a galaxy note 2 which is a large heavy phone, but once I found the right spot in the car, its great.
Quite good, it does the job
I bought this item wondering if it was as good as it said in the advert. At first I could not use it because it did not stick too well to the textured and polished dash of my car, it stuck TOO well to the phone, but now I have let a bit of dust settle on it I can lift my phone off the mat easily. It has never let my phone fall of even though I have driven over some pretty rough services, it seems stable when cornering as well. It is money well spent.
This fits the bill
I've been trying to figure out what to do with my new iPhone 6 in its very sleek but slippy new case when I'm driving.
I hate these holders that stick to the air vent and I didn't want one which sticks to the window.
This fits the bill Job done guys top product very sleek and the phone sticks a treat!!
Full marks 5 star
Messy and cheap
Messy and cheap. Gathers not only your mobile but every bit of dust and grit around. looks a right mess after a day in the car. Also very fidgety to use as you have to take the whole lot off the dash to remove your phone! waste of money.
It works but phone heats up on it
It works as advertised. It sticks to most areas around the dash. It can be peeled off easily by accident when trying to adjust the phone.the phone obviously just points flat out from the surface so not so good if your car doesn't have a flat area in reading distance from the wheel.my phone heats up a lot when on it.probably going for a clamp instead.
Does a fantastic job,did not know what to expect from such a unusual piece of equipment. Absolutely amazing .would recommend.
slip mat
Well the idea was brilliant. It does mould itself to the dash board. Probably hold something light. Like 2 flies which landed and got stuck when I first put it in the car. Unfortunately does not hold my Samsung note 4 very well. When it's hot and sunny it unpeals itself from the dash board. The slip mat not the phone. Be OK in the winter months and the bonus ....not many flies around.
It's defiantly worth the money for the laugh it's given me.
Great Product
Really pleased with this. Had seen it in a friends car - and noted down the make as I had previously purchased a similar but cheaper model from the internet which failed to work at all and lost its stick after three days.

This one works brilliantly well. I have had it about a month - still sticks perfectly, I can see and place it on my car in just the right place. Very happy. Use it every time I drive.
Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad
Not recommended
A tried and tested star rating possibly .
The item in my opinion is not fit for purpose it won't hold my iPhone 6
Sticky site
My new Galaxy Note 4 was too big for the ledge under the dashboard of my VW Up and there was nowhere to fix a conventional stand. This ultra-sticky pad attaches to the curved painted surface like glue but peels off equally easily without damaging the phone case or the dashboard.

Cheap as chips and does the job. What's not to like? And Mobile Fun are so reliable and efficient. Pleasure to do business with them.
Anti-Slip Pad
Works perfect even on the bumpiest roads
Super product
Bought this for my phone in car it really works saves all the hassle of fixing your phone in a holder -mount quick & easy
really useful
my partner uses it when a passenger in my car couldn't believe it would work but it did!
Worth the price
No good for a Mini Cooper
It sticks to the part of the dashboard that is almost vertical, but on the top of the dashboard, it doesn't stick one bit. So if you own a mini, don't but this!
does what it says on the tin
I used the anti slip pad on my car dash to hold my phone to use for a sat nav. It does the job well.When it loses its sticky touch just wash with warm water.
Disappointed with product.
I was not very impressed with this product as it would not grip to my dash board as advertised,but would for some reason stick to metal or glass, the phone would however stick to the pad. So I have had to throw it away as it useless.
A very disappointed customer
Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad
One of those products that really does what it claims. Still not sure how to use it to its potential. Currently holding swipe cards/receipts/coins on my dashboard. But I feel it has an even better purpose, regardless very satisfied with product. Survives our hot summers here without damage to soft touch dash.
Make sure you have sutable surface in your car
Make sure that you have suitable surface in your car for such product.
The product is sticky plastic. It looks that it is loosing the grip with time(after two week).
Sticky thing
Does just what it says and when your phone doesn't stick any longer just clean it off with a wet wipe. Great product.
Just what I was looking for to hold my mobile phone!
I bought this anti slip pad after reading all the reviews and looking at other more bulky holders. It is perfect for my car (an Abarth) which has very little space to hold a phone. This works exceptionally well, the phone has never slipped or moved and is easy to remove when needed. The pad leaves no mark when you take it off the consul. Great product and a very fast a service. No hesitation to recommend this item at a good price.
No fuss. It just sticks!!
You do need a relatively smooth piece of dashboard, steeply sloping or vertical; nothing else. No suckers or twisty bits or joints. Just press the phone against it and it sticks really really firmly.
No marks left on the dashboard and just wash and dry it if it gets a bit "fluffy". Well worth the money.
If you can't see a free space for it, don't buy it.

As usual, it arrived the next day. Always does with mobile fun.
Bought 4 more
This pad worked so well to hold my phone on the dash, I have bought extra ones to hold other things handy in car whilst camping. These pads are amazing.
Why didn't I buy this ages ago?
Does exactly as it says. I have tried various phone cradles in my car and this is perfect!!
Cheapest option- brilliant piece of ‘tech’ that really works- dramatic- watch people’s reactions!
This was the cheapest option, with a bonus of no risk of damage to the covers of my beloved iPhone and iPod Classic which I was wary of with ‘holders’. Literally does what it says – sticks to the dashboard – make sure you’ve wiped any dust off first mind. Then, whatever you want to hand, in my case iPhone and iPod, stick to it! Wonderful fun – especially when my unsuspecting friend cadged a lift: jumped in the car, turned the engine on, and ‘remembered’ the phone in my hand; plonked it onto the anti-slip pad, supposedly in order to put on my seat belt – then drove off! My friend went to grab the phone ‘before it slipped’ and was shocked when it resisted being ‘saved’! They loved it so much I know exactly what I’m going to get people for an extra birthday gift or maybe a stocking filler this year! Added benefit of delivery being very efficient so no worries about getting gifts to friends on time. Though to be fair I would order well in advance for Christmas anyway.
It works
It works, what else can I say. You might have watched a clip now buy one and believe what you have just seen.
Absolutely brilliant - simple but effective!
Absolutely amazing price of kit! Don't bother buying all these car holders that are a pain to fit in your car as all cars are different. And then once you move it will fall off and also will not hold an iPhone with a case on! But fear not...this handy gadget fits to absolute anywhere even in the smallest of cars my mini! Can be put on flat surface or curved and will still hold the phone still. Will not come off even when going over bumps or knock accidentally. Don't know how I lived without it! Top class...5 stars!
Cellular GRIP Anti-Slip Pad
Ecellent service, fast delivery. Anti-Slip Pad help me being uptodate
when driving. Nice small piece of equipment! I recommend.
So good im gonna buy another!
Sticks and holds fast to anywhere on your dashboard. Not had to wash it yet its working so well!
Good price & does what it says
Very sticky and would be confident using this to hold my phone in the car.

The only thing to watch out for is that my car dashboard is curved - apparently every where! Which is making it difficult for me to find a suitable place to put this. As while the pad will stick to curves, the phone will not stick to a curved pad.

One tip is that if you get excited (like me) pull it out of its protective plastic and get it covered in cat hair you can make it sticky again by using selotape. Simply using the tape to clean it makes it nice and sticky again :).
Poor product; buy an air-vent holder instead
This item is supposed to hold your phone securely to the dashboard by bonding stickily to it despite any bumps in the roads or sharp turns etc. However, the product simply doesn't work. It dropped my phone four times within the first hour of use, and no matter where I placed the pad on the dashboard or window, it still dropped the phone. Not very useful if you're trying to use your phone as a sat-nav. After an hour or so, the stickiness of the pad itself wore out and that flopped onto the floor too. I'm sending this product back today and getting an holder that will attach mechanically to an air-vent instead.
Just what I needed
Does exactly what it says!
Waste of money
I had my doubts about this but because it was so cheap I thought I'd try it. Waste of time and money. It lasted about a week. It stuck so firmly to my phone (with a case on) that when I pulled the phone off the mat, the mat came off the dashboard with it.
Great, Works like a charm
Great, Works like a charm on any surface, even leather.
It loses the required stickiness.
Very disappointed that this doesn't work as billed. It was ok on day 1 but on day 2 it wouldn't hold the phone which dropped off.
Amazing ,you need to get one.
Really love this item.
It really does what it claims to do.
Unbelieveably sticky and grips my textured dashboard without a problem .
Going to buy some more as I can think of loads of uses for them.
Be nice to have different colours or a clear one too.
Brilliant gadget ,get one, or two or three.You get what you pay for and its great.
I was extremely hesitant that somthing like this would be able to hold the behemoth that is my Galaxy Note 2 but once again I was proven wrong by a truly great product from Mobile Fun. It had held my phone securely not once letting go. Does exactly what it says on the tin. You will not regret this item!!
Excellent Product
Just what was needed. "Does what it says on the tin"sticks well and holds well.Ideal substitute for a phone holder without looking clumsy and obtrucive
Absolutely Fabulous
Just the job,iPhone sticks like glue and easy to remove,great idea.
Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad
Everything Kenny from Edinburgh said about this produect in December is exactly the same as my experience!
It truly does what it claims to do. And it was delivered almost unbelievably quickly too.
My advice is to buy more than one because you'll find dozens of uses for it.
So Easy...No mess.
I drive an mx5 sports and as you can imagine there is not a lot of free space in the cabin, and I have tried several different types of phone cradle with no success.This is the perfect solution requiring no drilling, gluing ect to mount the phone. I did not want a screen mount as I already mount the Sat nav this way and don't want the screen cluttered. Well done!
Genius !
Once again this company have turned up trumps!!! so far everything i have bought from them has been great value :) This is such a simple yet SO effective way of keeping my iphone where I need it when driving! The other plus is that I can also " tack" the end of my charge lead to it so I don't have to grope round the floor of the car locate it. No more risking damage to air vents trying to attach other phone holders. Or having to try & find a convenient place to put a screen holder- I'm fussy, I don't like anything on the screen as I find them a distraction.
My phone stays in place even when driving up/down our rather 'bumpy' road too - which I had been a little concerned about.... Especially as some other phone holders had failed this test ! GREATwhen I'm using the sat nav app . Considering the price paid it is excellent value for money :) grab one while you can :)))))
Just what I was looking for!
This anti slip mat is amazing. I was fed up of having to buy the phone holders which stick to the windshield and then wobble and shake when you drive. I'd managed to break my last one and thought I would give this a try. It works perfectly, even on a lightly textured dash surface. It works especially well if your phone has a smooth glossy back. I stuck it to my fridge and then attached my phone and this was on a vertical surface. Excellent.
Not as sticky on the dashboard as I would have liked.
Works well on flat surface, and the phone sticks to the pad like glue. However, when placed on my dashboard which has curves and a textured surface, the pad moves around, so I have to find a spot that is not ideal, and out of reach.
Now that's what I call non slip
+ Sticks anywhere
+ Leaves no residue
+ looks reasonably smart - easy clean under tap
+ works with most handheld devices
+ moulds to any surface
+ works at least up to 45 degrees with smart phone

- is there such a thing as too sticky - takes a bit of a pull to get device off it when new.
- does have a slightly mouldy smell but appears to reduce over time
Very sticky sticky pad
When I first tried to use this sticky pad, it was so sticky that it stuck to my iPhone 5 (without its case) rather more than my metallic dashboard. So every time I picked up the phone it peeled off too. It took a week or more before I realised that the iPhone was less sticky in its plastic case and the sticky pad worked better on the black trim of my dash. So now I have somewhere to pop the phone out of the way. Not safe to touch the screen while driving though: you still need to answer calls via bluetooth.
More than it seems!
I have been looking for something like this for ages! I immediately bought two as my car seems to have no large flat surfaces. It has proved very useful to keep in place several items, ranging from my phone to the pound coin my wife keeps in the car for the supermarket trolley. Also the one placed on top of the dash is firm enough to allow me to stick the Garmin Satnav holder onto it - excellent use for it.
Read the write up on this item and i thought it was to good to be true, but ordered one to try it, well i was stunned, did everything it stated it could do, so ordered another one for my other car.Even been telling my freinds about it and proving to them it does work.
Fantastic stuff!
Never thought I could take a chance with my expensive iPhone 5, but it proved it, fantastic stuff.
Make life so much easier
Great product, I not only put my IPhone on it, it keep most things in one place and not worries of sliding around. Will recommend to anyone. :-)
Does more than it says
received by due date, one for my car one for wifes.Have had a similar thing before but this one was definately stickier and holds to dashboard and anything put on it really well.
This is magic. No need for cumbersome items stuck to windscreen.
No doubt I will find other uses and may need another one!
Didn't think it'll work but it does!!!It works even if you have your phone cover on. Great!!!
Fantastic stuff!
Never thought I could take a chance with my expensive iPhone 5, but it proved it, fantastic stuff.
Does an excellent job.
Does exactly what it says. It's very, very sticky, and doesn't leave any marks on your phone. Just the job for keeping my phone from sliding all around the car.
Utterly amazing
Sometimes a purchase results in disappointment when the item doesn't do what it says on the proverbial tin. This is not one of those times. I would recommend one of these anti-slip pads to anybody, the more sceptical the better as they are going to be seriously surprised (in a good way!). Effective and good value item, excellent seller that despatches the item immediately ... I can't recommend it highly enough.
sticky, yet not sticky!
great product. sticks to my dash. leaves no residue when you peel it off, just a clean space in the middle of my usual dashboard dust. holds phone well even in tight sharp bends. maximises space whilst keeping car clutter free from stands and suction holders. every car should have one.
Didn't work for me!
Bought this to use in L R Discovery.
I couldn't find any area in which it would work.
The grip was marginal at best.
really is good
this antislip pad really does do what is said. really glad i bought this, just buy it..!!!
Works better than I expected
I was sceptical about the claims at first so put it on the worktop and my phone stuck to it. I then stuck the pad to a cupboard door and lightly pressed my BlackBerry against it. It stuck solid, so much intact that removing it left the battery cover on the pad.

The only thing I would note is that it is not as sticky when your mobile has a rubber effect finish to it.

Other than that it's awesome and highly recommended.
Item arrived the day after I ordered it, even though it was sent to me first class, just a week before Christmas.
Love the product, tried it out, and it really works!
Solved my problems
I have been looking for an unobtrusive way of securing a variety of items in my car and this solved it. No fitting - just put it in a handy spot.
Put your phone, sun glasses or other items that you want to keep in front of you and they stay there. As a bonus it means I don't forget them when I get out of the car!
Does what it says on the tin
Even though my dash is pretty well polished etc, etc still stuck down a treat and used horizontally happily takes 2 phones side by side.
Neat, looks the part, and certainly hangs onto the phone or anything else you want to stick to it, even with minimal contact area.
Saves the hassle of windscreen suckers and vent clamps.
Just drop your phone it the general area and there it is.
Very simple and tidy.
Surprisingly awesome
I'll be honest - I bought two different holders for my iPhone 5, because I just didn't believe that this anti-slip pad would work. The reviews and descriptions just seemed... well, too hopeful. I'm not usually quite as sceptical as this, but as this was only about £8 and the other one I got was £10, I figured it was still cheaper than getting a Brodit, and if the anti-slip pad worked, then it would be vastly less unsightly than the Brodit.

Delivery was ridiculously fast. As in, I don't think it was possible for it to be faster in any way.

So, I tentatively opened the packaging and took it out to the car, finding the suitable place on my dashboard. The space I wanted to put it on was nearly vertical, but the review and description suggested that this would be ok, so I slapped it on. Yep, it stayed on my dashboard. Step 1 complete.

Next step, stick my iPhone on it. So I did, and it didn't make any kind of sound to suggest that it had stuck, so I assumed it hadn't. But when I started to pull the phone away, it clearly *was* stuck, and quite firmly too. So much so, I let go, and took the car out.

It stuck to the dashboard like a limpet. They stick to things really well, right? I hope so, as that's the kind of impression I'm trying to give here. The phone just stuck. And getting it off again was just as described - you effectively peel your phone off, and therefore assume there will be a veil of sludge on the back of your phone, but no, it's clean as a whistle.

I've used it variously in the past few days, and it's been solid as a rock. You certainly don't need your phone to be in contact with the entire pad, or the entire back of your phone to touch the pad; my phone has stuck firmly to the pad with a very small footprint actually being on the pad, and it's been totally solid.

Quite frankly, I don't understand how on earth it's so sticky, but it really is, and it's wonderful. I never did open the other phone holder, it's redundant.
anti slip pad
this pad is great so so sticky nothing moves on it any phone any device GGGreat
Works a treat
For those wanting a simple and easy way to use your phone to navigate you to your destination but don't want the hassle of a fiddly phone holder this just works. And is cheap. Granted it's not perfect - if you don't have a handy area in your car to stick it then it's positively useless. Also sometimes you can end up in a comedy situation when the pad peels off with your phone. But all in all, it's like magic and works for big heavy phones too.
Does the job well
it does all it claims to what you see is what you get would recomend
Simple, easy, it works
Watched the vid. Cheap simple. Versatile is the key thing. Use it anywhere for most things. My only problem is the Audi A3 dash is flat or vertical with best posn taken by vents and audio. Believe the sticky claim ! An added bonus is the new car smell it gives off
Sticks like S#1t
I have a Peugeot 308 with a wavy plastic dashboard, no decent surface anywhere to use a normal non-windscreen mount stand - but this mat sticks perfectly to the sloping fascia and holds my One X without me worrying about it flying off. It's holding my phone to the dash at a rakish angle so I can see the screen to use as a SatNav and it looks like it's defying gravity. I've given the car some stick playing Rally Driver on some twisty roads in Wales - the phone and mat didn't move at all. I Recommend this to anybody that wants a hassle-free no-drill no-marking easily removable and totally amazing in-car phone holding device.
Simple and effective
Absolutely no fuss or mess with this, holds onto phone without any danger of slippage. Round corners or over bumps, does away with need for a magnet and stick on piece of metal as with other products.
sticky pad
It does work but....... it does not stick on fabric as stated in the sales blurb and not all and any items stick to the pad, if you want to use it for your sunglasses or similar you really have to push them on to the pad otherwise they fall off!
Personally, I will not trust it with my very expensive phone or tom tom!
sticky works anywhere
Could not find a mounting position on our Skoda where we could see the Satnav working on our phone. So we tried sticky on the radio window--a perfect position!
So our phone will hang vertically all day without falling or getting hot which is a problem on hot days abroad when mounted on the dash or the windscreen. Oh --the radio still works properly.
Cellular Line Grip Anti-Slip Pad.
this was an excellant purchase, it took me a minute to get it off my hand where it was so sticky.
This is a great piece of equipment. No large stands to hold the mobile, just this sticky pad. I can also assure people that when the mobile phone is laid on this pad you can go over some nasty bumps, even sleeping policeman (speed bumps not real policeman), and it does what it ses on the box, it stays put in one place.
Would reccomend to others.
Sticky sticky
This is a really good product, works like it says it will. although I had to take my phone from it's case to make it stick properly.
Biggest problem is finding a suitable flat surface in our mk4 Mondeo to stick it - there is just enough space on the radio console.
When it gets 'unsticky' a quick wash with the pots and pans has it all sticky again - much like those octopi we threw at walls in the 80's.
4 stars just because it's not quite as 'magic' as it first appears.
it works
to put it simply the product works, it does what it says it will do. in fact its almost too sticky and difficult to get your phone off it.
Excellent device
A most useful addition to the interior of my car. Easy to stick on the dashboard and keeps the mobile and other similar devices safe and totally secure.
Works perfectly
Does exactly as it says, my I phone stick to the dash fantastically instead of flying around , I even bought a spare for my van !!
Does what it says it does
The pad sits on the dash board at alarming angels but still holds the phone perfectly!
Anti slip pad
Just what I've been looking as dashboard on car is not straight and have had trouble finding something to suit,this is ideal and perfect for me
Anti Slip Pad
Had others before this one and all were only marginally able to do the job. This device from Mobilefun sticks anything to anything. Amazing just like their delivery service. They put the rest of their industry to shame when it comes to customer service.
How did we do without it!!
Excellent product. I use one for my i phone and one for my Taxi P.D.A.
.... like super glue......
The Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad is like setting your phone onto a super sticky surface... it won't let you down. It's like super glue. But it's not sticky, it won't irritate you. If you want to bolt your phone on a non-slip surface then you can't beat the Cellular Line GRIP Anti-Slip Pad. Buy it now.
It works!
Brilliant! It works just like it says in the ad.
Great but need to keep it clean!
I didn't have a flat space - at any angle less than 90 degrees where I could put this but thought I'd get it and give it a go anyway. It is brilliant in it's sticking power to the car even though it is over the hazard button which protrudes, and overlaps a little of a a vent either side of it. However, if the pad isn't clean then the phone doesn't stick well to it at all - I find I have to give it a wipe and let it dry every other time I use it (easy enough with wipes in the car but if you're using it all the time it might be a pain; I only need it occasionally. My phone does have a plastic case, though.) If it's clean, the phone sticks really well. Although I've not ever had another car phone holder, one definite disadvantage is that it can't be angled to make it easier to see/to avoid sunlight, but if you can position it closer to you this might not be a disadvantage for you. 4 stars rather than 3 as it doesn't say you can angle it so I can't penalize it for that, but not 5 as it has to be kept very clean to work.
did what it said on the tin
having used a similar item before i was'nt too surprised at the simple fact that it does what it claims and works really well.
Ideal for the curved dashboard
at last someone has thought of the modern car dashboards. Does what it says no moe slipping or falling on the floor of your iPhone, etc !
Very Impressed
I must admit to being wary of anti slip pads but it really does what it says eg.90 degree grip.The Galaxy is a bit large for the pocket sitting in the car so this product is a god send Thankyou mobile fun.
Get a Grip!!
Excellent much needed accessory. Good size, very good grip, but the most important part of the deal, lies in the quality of the supplier, MobileFun, Good price, truthful advertisement, and a delivery that other companies cannot match.
I am delighted with the Pad.
Cellular Line GRIP Anti-slip Pad
Excellent product.
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Amazing Grip
Over the years I have tried a wide variety of mobile phone holders, grippers, suction mounts, air vent clips and the like. None of these have proved totally satisfactory. This pad is the first solution that has worked. It is larger than expected, and is flexible as well as being very sticky. It can be adhered to any curved surface, which can be horizontal, vertical, or anything in between. The phone needs only points of contact to hold it in place. It can be stuck to it vertically, with no other support, and will remain there without once falling off for entire journeys. To remove it is simply a matter of peeling it off, with no sticky residue left on it. Similarly the pad can be peeled off the dashboard, without leaving those irritating indentations that all sucker type holders leave.
I recommend this product and will probably buy another. I have no relationship with Mobile Fun or the manufacturer of this product other than as a satisfied customer.
Not a slip up
Sticks to dash
phone sticks to pad anyway I want
On screen suction holder only fits horizontally.
Now it grips up, across or in any position.
A real surprise
I'm tired of silly mounts that block up vents or fall off or don't hold your phone - this was a last resort. As always, my order arrived quickly & I thought, despite reading favourable reviews, I would find something to criticise about this pad. Wrong, wrong, wrong ! My car hasn't got too many flat surfaces, so I slapped the pad on a curved bit of the well polished dash. Blow me down, it stuck ! Right, on went my HTC - about the size & weight of a breeze block & blow me down again, that stuck ! Spiderman couldnt have done it better ! Right, test drive time. Boy racer turns, kangaroo starts, up the steepest mountain in Norfolk ( alright - that wasn't too hard a test ) and my HTC didn't once tremble. Tried my sat nav, a CD, was tempted to try the neighbours cat - everything stayed where I stuck it. Even impressed my son in law, who knows my usual buying skills leave a lot to be desired. All I threw at it stuck, then came off easily when required without any residue. Washed it when it got a bit dusty ( no - it wasn't cat hairs ), good as new. Its brilliant. BUY ONE !!!!!!
Very handy
I got this for my HTC One X. I couldn't find an in-car holder that sounded any good so I went for this. Works excellent in my Alfa Mito, I didn't think there was a suitable place to put it at first but then I tried it on the right hand side of the radio, it covers a few buttons but only ones I don't use. My friend tried it in her seat ibiza and unfortunatly it wouldn't stick to the textured dash. It works best on smooth plastic!
Great product
I received my line grip within 24 hours of ordering, impressive service!

It has proved to be exactly as described in the advertising blurb, held my phone very securely on a variety of inclined surfaces and some surfaces which were uneven.

One problem I did find was the way dust particles are attracted to it, however it is very easy to clean in soapy water.

Good product, well done!!
Anti-Slip Pad
What a great product. I have four of these pads now. Looks good, neat and very effective, will hold a mobile 'phone, satnav or radar detector.

Esay to position, grips the dash and the device and yet leaves no trace when you come to remove it.

Top marks to Celluar LIne for yet another product full of design flair and so very functional.
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