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Case-Mate Tough Case - HTC Sensation / Sensation XE - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC Sensation / Sensation XE with the Case-Mate Tough case. Rugged protection from bumps and scratches.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29903
$38.85 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 6 customers

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Good case
Really impressed with this case. It is black, not grey as the picture suggests it.

Build quality is great. Only gripe is that there isn’t enough room to get the charge cable in properly without lifting the silicon layer up a little. No biggy but just keep it in mind.
I think it would survive a drop from a reasonable height. Silicon raises the screen a good amount to offer scratch resistance. It does however make your phone larger however if you need to keep your phone safe in the real world where accident happen it’s worth it.
The case does however make the phone run warmer so be warned if your using heavy resource apps it could be detrimental.
The case does also degrade signal but nowhere near enough to put you off purchasing it (its about half a bar). If you live in a area with 1 bar signal then it might become an issue.
Overall this case offers great protection. The pros outweigh the cons and really would recommend this case. Looks the business and will take the beating.
Solid Case
Previously had a Desire HD, with a similar 'Otterbox' product, i thought that was good but this is much better, It seems to be made of more solid stuff. The previous review which said it destoyed signal strength nearly put me off, i'm glad to report that i have not noticed this issue. Not the cheaest, but you get what you pay for...
Such a shame
This is a fantastic case, build quality is superb and the phone looks great when its fitted, feels like you could drop the phone from a great height and it wouldn't break, BUT, and its a big but, the case unfortunately kills your network signal, my wife has the same phone as me and side by side the signal is always 2 bars lower with the case attached, quite often it would kill the signal completely, tried it on both phones with the same result. Will be returning item for this reason only.
5 stars for build/look but alas one for fit for purpose.

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