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Case-Mate Tough Case for iPhone 5/5S - Violet Purple/Pool Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls with its two piece design, this black Case-Mate Tough Case for iPhone 5/5S is the epitome of protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40710
$32.41 inc VAT
 4 stars from 2 customers

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Very pleased
Got a new iphone and needed a good quality case to protect it. This was in my favourite colours, protects the phone well, is durable without being bulky. Just what I needed for my new phone. Would recommend
Tough but minimal grip
I would say for a non-wallet-type case this case gets 5/5 for actual protection of the phone. The silicone inner layer with the reinforced polycarbonate makes it pretty difficult for the phone to get damaged. The thin silicone layer on the inside of the plastic back gives the back of the phone good protection as well and not just at the sides.

However it has one main flaw that makes it difficult for me to use it. It is actually pretty slippery. The grip is virtually non-existent, so for clumsy people like me that would severely increase the risk of actually dropping the phone as it can so easily slip out of your hands!
The plastic, although smart-looking, is too smooth to hold properly and the silicone is both barely there (only for volume buttons and at the bottom is it not covered over by the plastic) but does nothing anyway to improve grip.

That being said, it provides really good protection if it does drop, but I would prefer not dropping it in the first place, especially since the screen is not covered.

Overall 3/5 as it has good protection and actually looks smart and playful at the same time! But I would be afraid to use it

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