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Case-Mate Tough Case for HTC One M7 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Case-Mate Tough Case for HTC One M7 is the epitome of protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38255
$32.41 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 16 customers

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great case
As ever my order arrived well in time of the delivery window. This case replaced my old flip one. Good robust case and nice to know that I can still get good accessories for my HTC One phone that is still going strong.
Ideal case for my new phone
It s fits perfectly and is as described in all the documentation I saw before purchased.

Far better than other I have seen.
Durable and stylish... if a little heavy
This cover looks stylish and feels solid. It feels nice and provides ample grip, so it feels safe in your hands (though doesn't slide into your pocket as smoothly as I'd like). It contains two layers: a softer (rubbery) inner-layer and a sturdier outer layer. They seal really nicely around the phone, leaving enough space for the various sockets. Volume control is easy to use. Power button is easy to use too, though you will feel a little of the rubber inner-layer that just runs across in that area. You soon get used to it. I must say though that it adds quite a bit of weight to the phone, probably making it twice as heavy. And, whilst it appears to be one of the thinner cases, it does add a few mm to the overall size. (I suppose it does mean that if you have small hands, you really wouldn't want any other case but this one, because most other seem bulkier). Doesn't come with a screen protector, which would've been a nice little bonus. Overall, a bit heavy but feels strong and looks good. One or two areas where the inner-layer is exposed (power button and charger) leave you wondering whether you might catch and snap it, though so far (2 weeks) it's proven to be pretty tough.
Casemate Great
Before I received my Casemate I dropped my new HTC One and was disappointed with the minor scratches however today again I dropped it on the run with the Casemate on and cringed when it went tumbling but alas it bounced all over the road and came up with no scratches.
just what i needed
excellent product and excellent service too from MobileFun, wish all on line sites were as good as this one
The design is excellent, the build quality is excellent and it protects and grips very nicely. This is my second tough case, the first one was for my iPhone 4s like a year ago. Plus with the silver HTC One the black just looks awesome. Better than the Otterbox Commuter as I have that as well and that was my first HTC One case.
Excellent Quality and Good Protection
Got this case for my HTC one. I was really satisfied with the purchase as it provides double protection to my phone - Inner soft cover & then hardshell on top of that which fits perfectly well on the phone. It gives a premium feel to the phone too. At first I thought of ordering the Double dip hard shell case but was taken aback by the negative reviews. I would strongly recommend this product to any HTC one user who looks out for durability, protection & style. Happy shopping with Mobilefun.
Good protection
I had this case for my previous HTC one X, and was very impressed with this case, so when I ordered the HTC One, I just needed to have the same case again, The order process was easy, and I was kept updated by Mobilefun when it was shipped etc, I had the case in the mailbox 4 days after I ordered it,and the case as described.. so Mobilfun I can highly recommend to others also.
Tough protection for a slick phone.
I bought this case for my new HTC One. I wasn't too keen on putting a case on my phone as it usually adds a bit of extra bulk, and you also lose the ability to run your fingers over the naked brushed aluminium shell on the HTC One.

However, the HTC One's camera sits flush with the back, so inevitably this would get scratched over time. This means you are forced to buy some sort of protection for your new shiny phone.

My friend has the Otter box. but it was way too bulky and heavy for my liking. Other cases are slimmer, but offer little or no protection and merely add a bit of plastic around your phone. This cover sits somewhere in between.

It has 2-layer protection. One, soft and rubbery inside, and a hardshell which fits really snug around it all. It has a lip which covers the front glass quite well too, and would definitely protect the phone when dropped face down.

With this case you also don't need a screen protector, as the protection should be enough to cover the screen from nicks and scratches.

It does add a noticeable amount of overall thickness to the phone, so be aware of this. But if you are in the market for something that will offer really good coverage and protection, this is it. It has a high quality feel to it, and would last practically forever.
Superb Protection - and looks good too!
Had one of these cases on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and was very impressed. After first ordering the ugly (but very durable) Otterbox Defender I ordered one of these again. Not disappointed. Superb protection - quite light... not too bulky and actually looks good (the silver speaker covers are visible) Great fit - cut outs for charging etc Volume buttons are now easier to press through the rubber casing... Now for a cover for screen and all round protection.
Very Recommended!

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