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Case-Mate Barely There For iPhone 4S / 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
For those who prefer nothing to come between them and their iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4, this case is for you.
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 4.5 stars from 60 customers

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Great but broke after a few months
I loved this case - but then the very fine plastic round the dock/power connector broke after a few months and I had to buy another case.
neat fit
very pleased with this purchase, hardly notice the phone has a cover
excellent service again by Mobile fun
Not quite what i was expecting!
My case mate barely there arrived and wasn't quite what i expected as it has no protection over the front of the phone at all. I maybe should have realised from its name! however now it's on i think its great. Its well made, fits well, and doesn't make your iphone too bulky. No case can cover the screen and still leave it fully functional. The case is hard and covers the corners and back. Would recommend.
A bit pricey for what it is
I have been hunting for a cover like this, similar to one I had for my old iPhone3, and this was the best I could find. It's neat and unobtrusive, but my old one sat slightly above the screen all the way round (so that if it was dropped on its front, the case edge would hit the ground rather than the screen) and this one doesn't quite. Basically I need a screen protector as well, which I was hoping to avoid, and for what it is, this is expensive.
Yes, it's barely there
A close fit which can be difficult to remove but fits like a glove and dose the job by protecting the back of the phone.
Keeping it safe
Having spent the money to upgrade to the I Phone 4S I wanted to make sure I kept it a good as new but didn't want to sacrifice the lines of the phone as thats one of the reasons you but an I Phone.

I'd bought a case mate for my Blackberry and that did the trick as does this. All delivered in a day as well. Great product, great service
Just what I wanted
Lightweight case that will protect from scratches and minor drops. However this won't protect the iphone if you decide to bowl it down your road however. Will it bowl? no.
Casemate iPhone 4S great fit
Ordered a black Casemate a few dates after Christmas. Arrived 2 days later. Great service. Perfect fit for iPhone 4S and looks very stylish.

Overall great.
Ok but doesn't offer much protection (iPhone 4s)
The case is ok. On the plus side it is very sleek and hardly adds any bulk to the iPhone 4S. On the downsize the back of the case picks up marks very easy and it doesn't come with a screen protector. If you want something to protect your iPhone this isn't really the best product. The top and bottom of your iPhone is totally exposed so something to bear in mind.
Perfect case
Arrived ,as usual, like lightening and was easy to fit with great quality look and feel. Just wished it came with a screen saver.
Very happy!
A great item with super fast next day delivery! Does just what it says it should.
If you're looking for a simple no thrills case, th
I was looking for a case to have just in emergency when I feel like I need a bit of protection as I normally run my phone naked.

This doesn't really protect the screen as there isn't any overlap and the case is very cheaply made with all joins visible and plastic quite cheap looking. But it works.
I did drop my phone once and it landed on the back (thankfully) and all was fine.

A very good case to have "just in case".
Case Mate
Very pleased with item fits very well and quick delivery
ase-Mate Barely There For iPhone 4S
Just got my first iPhone (4S) and wanted to ensure it stayed scratch-free and in tip-top condition. This cover is just the ticket - it looks good, fits the 4S perfectly, and you wouldn't even know it's there. Nice.
Very nice case. Fits perfectly and barely noticeable. Really pleased.
Simple but very effective!
I ordered this item because as much as I love the shape and form factor of the current iPhone 4S I also worry about damaging it in daily use. I have had a few 'Barely There' cases over the years and have always found them to be well made and very 'figure hugging' on whichever handset I've used them on. This one is just as good. Solid enough to give the protection I need but slim enough to hardly noticeable in the iPhone. It fits well and it works would sum up this case nicely. Also a quick mention about the always excellent service from Mobile Fun. Ordered the case at 5.40pm on Thursday and it was on the phone at 1.30pm the following day. Thanks guys!!
Keeps my iPhone 4S looking good
Great case! Keeps my iPhone 4S looking slim - I hardly even notice the case is on. Great fit on my 4S too and it adds that extra bit of grip to the phone.
Great for avoiding scratches but don't drop it!
This is a great looking and slimline case which will protect your iPhone from minor bumps and scratches etc. but (as my shattered screen and I discovered to our cost) don't drop your phone! The thin, hard shell offers no protection at all if there's a real 'thump' involved. I've had other cases which were definitely less pretty but did a more robust job of protecting the phone.

This is fair enough - you can't have a thin case and padding - but something to bear in mind.
Quality Product
Extremely good fit and very discreet. You can hardly notice the case on the phone when in your pocket. Would recommend this product to any iPhone 4 owner. Also very good value. Word of note, you will also need to purchase screen protectors as this product doesn't protect screen.
Satisfied my requirements.
Simple, easy to put on & fits really well. Gives more grip when holding the phone & has cut-outs for everything. Only drawback is it doesn't come with screen protectors & i had to buy those separately. All in all a decent buy.
Very pleased with product
Order arrived next day as promised. Case is great, really good fit and comfortable to hold. All functions are fully accessible. Not as impressed with the screen protector, it's on but found it a little fiddly to apply. Overall I am very please with the product and the service I received.
Expensive, but worth it
It costs more than most cases I've seen, but it was worth it for me as it's just what I wanted; an incredibly thin case that I hardly notice made of a nice-feeling matt plastic and good-quality screen protector. Simples.
Just as it says - barely there!
A very smart and effective case though the screen protector went on with lots of bubbles despite careful cleaning beforehand. Ditched the screen protector and the case is perfect.
Had bought a cheaper case previously but it really did look cheap and it made the phone look rubbish. The Case-Mate fits snuggly over the phone so its hardly noticable. The screen cover also is of good quality and very easy to apply.
Made to Measure!
This product is excellant! Just what I needed it is very well made, looks well actually almost invisible! So does not detract from the sleek iphone style, but it does give you a confident non-slip grip.
Excellent service and products
I have ordered a lot of products online and I must say mobile fun is the best the case I ordered is great and fits my iPhone is brilliant. I tend to to drop my phone often and this case protects and is a snug fit so you dont lose the look of the phone. So now I get the best of both worlds.
Very good case
Looks great and the one "drop test onto tarmac" I have done so far has done the phone no harm and only slightly marked the case.

Very pleased!
The cover for the rear of the phone is great but getting the face protection in place and eliminating the bubbles is virtually impossible so that went in the bin after a few attempts.
Case-Mate for IPhone 4
Very impressed on how well this protects the phone yet with easy accesy to all areas of the phone. In particular like the fact that the screen is protected yet without hindering normal use of the phone.
Great Case
So I got my case very quickly. Which I was pleased with. So I opened it up and got it out. I tried to put on the screen protecter wasnt a great fit tbh but case is unbelievable. It fits brilliant and protects well. It looks great which is a bonus.
Best iphone case ive ever had
Barely notice its there. Great grip and feel
Ideal Case
This is the third Case-Mate Barely There I've purchased for various phones. They unobtrusively protect and do exactly what is needed. I wouldn't have a phone without one. I easily recover the cost by the phones condition when I sell.
The Best
Imperceptible with max protection. Just what is needed.
Great Product
Just what I needed. You can't really tell it's there and it's a really snug fit. Already had a screen protector so I got a spare now. Top marks to mobilefun as well, ordered at 4 and got next day. Really good service
Perfect, beautifully slim
I am so pleased with this case. It fits snugly, you can hardly see it on your iPhone, the perfect protection. It comes with a screen protector and I haven't thought much of the ones I've tried before, however this screensaver went on easily, without any bubbles and stuck really well, with no corners lifting. All in all, a highly recommended product - slightly higher priced totally justified!
Great case. Just as I expected.
Excellent case
This is a very good case for the iPhone 4 and i highly recommend it, fits prefect and very quick delivery, only problem I had was with the screen protector.
great item
I had a case-mate barely there for my 3gs, this one is just the same. Great item.
Casemate barely there
A great cover which shows apple sign due to the hole in back
Case-Mate Barely There For iPhone 4 - Black
Very neat and much admired by colleagues. Haven't tested the protection it offers yet!
CaseMate - Good
Very good fit, nice matt finish, good quality, no rough edges. No restriction to any functions. I really like it.
Very fast delivery from MobileFun as always.
well worth the money !!!
Just got this case and its quality,it fits snug on your iphone4 and you barely know its there,5 out of 5 !!!!.
Good cover
This is a good cover fits easily and neatly and barely changes the appearance of the phone
Case mate barely there
Having seen several other cases on the Market I chose the case mate thanks to the good reviews and I can happily say that it was the right case to get, the case offers good protection to the phone whilst not changing the dimensions of the phone. Friends with the iPhone 4 have been impressed enough to go out And buy this case after seeing mine. All in all the perfect case for my needs.
Case-Mate - my experience
I was pleasantly surprised to feel the quality of the product which although smooth, was not slippery and likely to be dropped - am I tempting providence?
The fit was tailor made with all the buttons easily touched and the Apple logo showing proud. The effect was of not having a case at all. The only niggle for me was the screen protector which I never succeeded in fitting since when removing the sticky paper holding it a residue of paper was left on the screensaver and could not be removed. Other than that, I'm very pleased with it.
Case mate for iphone 4
Excellent case and screen protector, only grumble id that I have to remove the case each time I put it in the car holder, I have to remove the case and it would be a real rsult if the car holder was available to take the phone in the case.
Good Case
This is a very nice case wich is easy to fit and adds almost no extra bulk to the phone. It also looks very stylish on the phone. The downside is that it will not protect your phone from anything other than minor scratches.
iPhone case
The barely there case for the iPhone 4 is a great addition, after dropping the phone just yesterday, I'm sure it would have been damaged if it didn't have it on.
Great case
This case is great. It's very thin, very light and very easy to put on and take off unlike some cases. It's great as it also comes with a screen protector and a cloth which are nice. It get's 5/5 from me and I would recommend it to anyone.
Nothing better
If you want a top quality case for your iphone4 without adding bulk this is the best. Feels nice to hold & does not attract dirt or fingermarks.I am extremely rich & fussy & would recommend this to all.
Simply perfect!
This must be one of the best cases in the world for the iPhone 4. It fits perfectly, i mean it, no cracky noises when you squeeze the sides, nothing, it looks great due to its minimum dimensions and thickness and it feels great. The opening for the camera lens and the led flash is big enough, but the opening for the apple logo should have been 2 mm lower.
Highly recommended!
Brilliant iPhone 4 case
The best, sleek, slim and exposes the Apple logo!
Brilliant case!
Great case for the iphone 4, protects really well without being bulky at all. In fact it is very thin indeed so doesn't spoil the look of the phone at all.
Shame i messed up when i was applying the screen protector and had to abandon it, nevermind!
Case-Mate Barely There For iPhone 4
Excellent fit and phone still looks good. No reception problems with it on either.

Welcome touch was the front screen protector!
iphone 4 case
Kept the phone looking good and took away the signal problems.
Quality Product
This is on a par with the incipio feather case - slightly more "encasing" - but the nice touch is the cut out on the back enabling the apple logo to be visible.Where as the incipio has a "cut away" section for the volume/silence buttons - this case/skin has a surround, useful in that it helps prevent catching by accident - the "silence all" switch.... It also helps protect the iphone signal as it prevents contact with the metal casing. Better than iphone bumpers as it givers rear protection too.
Does what it says on the tin
I bought this after reading other peoples' reviews of this case and similar ones on various forums.

The reason I chose this was because:
* It's slim and doesn't add significantly to the size of the phone
* The cut outs are generous, easy access to all ports, volume controls etc
* The cut out around the camera is large enough not to interfere with the flash

Comes with screen protector, which I didn't bother with.
Not that keen on the cut out that let's you see the Apple logo on the back of the phone.

Overall, a pretty good buy though
Very slim and discreet
The case was slim and stylish as described, it suites the iPhone 4 and doesn't detract from the design.

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