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Case-Mate Barely There for HTC One M8 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
For those who prefer nothing to come between them and their HTC One M8, this protective 'Barely There' black case by Case-Mate is for you - in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43980

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 4.7 stars from 3 customers

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Case fits perfectly and has a great grip
As above case is excellent and good quality
Excellent - just what I was expecting
This is a review for the Black case...
First of all I must say I had a "Barely there - Black" for my HTC One X and loved it.
I agree with other reviewers for the Clear that I wanted to keep the excellent style of the M8, so ordered it. However, and this is a personal view, I didn't like the very smooth surface of the Clear case and its feel in my hand, as opposed to the Black, which has a very slightly "velvety" feel to touch.
I therefore returned the Clear and ordered the Black, which has now arrived and I must say I am happy to forgo the style of the M8 (I can still take the case off if I want to!) for the feel of the Black case.
I must also add that the MobileFun service was excellent, the returns process was completely hassle free and took a total of 10 days from my initial order, delivery, return and re-delivery of the Black case. 10/10
Snug but not snug enough
My old case
I had the same case for my HTC ONE X and it was great, didn't add much to the overall size and always snapped on very tightly to give a snug fit. The old one also had a slight lip over the front which meant you could put the phone face down on flat surfaces without worrying about scratching the screen. Old case = 5stars

The new case
This new case for the M8 is good but isn't 100% compared to what I'm used to. The case is a perfect fit all round but just isn't as snug as the last one, don't get me wrong it will never fall off but it doesn't snap-on. There also isn't a lip over the front to allow you to put the phone face down. New case = 4stars

The case is still good and I'm going to see how I get on before looking at getting another one.

Also...your M8 comes with a perfectly respectable slim-line hard rubber case. So bare that in mind before you pay out for a case.

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