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Car Mount Cradle for LG Nexus 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your LG Nexus 4 in view and fully charged while driving with the car mount cradle that supports in car charging.
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 4.5 stars from 49 customers

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i bought this item to hold my phone when i use it as satnav/ it held it perfect no falling off windscreen held very secure
Fits Nexus 4 perfectly
Fits Nexus 4 perfectly. Very, very, good quality product which allows the phone to be positioned at almost any angle. Once mounted the phone does remain in that position even if the car it travelling on bumpy road or when you are touching on the screen. The charging cable is just the right length and the charger will still charge your battery whilst running a power demanding Sat Nav App. The screen fixing is simple, with the phone in the cradle you just pull up on a lever and the round sucker fixes to the screen, a lot better than my TomTom. The phone can easily be removed with the cradle still mounted on the windscreen. Perfect for converting your phone into a Sat Nav.
great but doesn't fit covers
I got this for its quality and because some reviews indicated it fits most covers. It's quality is great however it doesn't fit the Ringke (http://www.mobilezap.com.au/37481-rearth-ringke-slim-case-for-google-nexus-4-black-version-2.htm) cover at all, I wouldn't buy this expecting it to fit any cover as it is so tight on the naked nexus. The power cable that plugs into the back of the unit is not restrained in any way, I had to wrap it around the mount itself Pryor to plugging it in to prevent it being pulled out by the tension in the cable itself. So as long as you don't mind removing your cover each time to use it, is great.
Nice and solid
Decent mount, phone fits the holder nicely.

However, access to the volume buttons on the side of the phone is not possible (or the main power/sleep button if you put it in the other way around) in the holder.

Also the holder is hugely deep (distance from screen mount to phone), this won't fit in my glovebox like my old generic one.
Excellent product and good value
I was honestly sceptical about the durability of this cradle, but after reading positive reviews decided to buy it. It's actually pretty sturdy for a plastic mount, and doesn't feel flimsy at all. It holds my Nexus 4 perfectly - the top hinged bracket folds down to keep the phone stable. You'll probably have to remove any protective bumper or case from the phone to fit it though.

The windscreen suction cup grips very well, and it comes with a circular cup with a mounted sticky pad for people wanting to attach it to the dash instead.

The supplied charger kept my Nexus at 99% battery on a 2 hour drive running google maps navigation for the whole journey, and charged it from less than 40% to full on the return trip, so I have absolutely no complaints about it.

My only small criticism is that due to the way the phone is orientated, you can't adjust the volume whilst it is in the cradle.

All told, good value, does exactly what I needed, and feels like it will last some time.
Great car mount
This KiDiGi mount holds the Nexus 4 securely in place with good positional adjustment and is obviously made for this phone.
Marked down 1 star because the power cable from the mount to the phone is just a few cm too short to allow mounting on its other side so you are forced to mount with rear speaker covered.
Premium Quality and Good Design
The extra large suction cup provides a secure screen mount and lockable arm and ball joints provide a secure permanent setup to suit the screen.

The cradle accepts the Google Nexus 4 fitted with the official Google Nexus 4 bumper, the speaker sound is not muted and the camera lens is unobstructed.

The volume control is inaccessable when mounted so needs to be set before mounting. However, the volume control does not touch anything and stays unaltered after mounting.

The Google Nexus 4 with official bumper can be mounted and removed easily because it is secured using a top hinged clasp.

Power is supplied to the cradle using the provided cigar charging lead and the power to the Nexus 4 is taken from the cradle with a short lead.

This arrangement protects the Nexus 4 USB connector from being damaged if the charging lead is accidently pulled.

This is a good quality and well designed car mount and I have no reservations about recommending it.
Car Cradle
Very good, Simple to use.
Ehh, not really worth it
First, you can't fit the phone in the cradle with the bump guard still on the phone, even if you remove the insert/spacer from the cradle. You can try and squeeze the phone into the cradle with the bump guard on, but the volume button on the phone will be hitting the cradle and randomly changing the volume of the phone. Second, the charging lead that's attached to the cradle is incredibly difficult to plug and unplug from the phone. I can say that the rest of the cradle seems pretty well built, the suspension mechanism works and adjusts fine, and the suction cup sticks like glue to the winshield. no problems there for sure.
Best car holder for Nexus 4 I've come across
I had tried other cheaper car cradles for my Nexus 4 and they were very short lived. I decided to pay a little more for this Car Mount Cradle and it has done the job very well. I've had it for nearly 6 months and I've had no problems with it at all. I recommend this car cradle for you Nexus 4!
Nexus 4 car mount
Great mount , Excellent charger , use it in my VW camper . Good delivery .
Thank you .
Well built, one potential flaw
The holder is very neat and works very well. I would definitely buy this one again. One slight problem, though, is that the hinge can be a little loose around the ball jointed part (which cannot be tightened) and so after an exceptional bump in the road (which are too common in Sussex, sadly), the phone can be higher or lower than before the bump.
Does what it says
Good secure fitting.
Sticks like glue to the screen!
Works very well with the phone fitting snuggly in the cradle. I've used it for a week and it has stayed solidly in place throughout. Only two slight niggles, first during the hot weather this week the small rubber pad that lines the clip to hold the phone in place has dropped off a couple of times when not in use, easily fixed with a couple of spots of super glue. Secondly the charging cable is a bit short for a car like mine where the 12v supply is behind the handbrake, but it still works. Overall though it is very good value for money.
ideal for me
Very good fit and phone charger just what I needed for the use of my phone as a GPS.
Good purchase - good lead time
NICE Product
This product is best for Google Nexus 4. I am having Ringke protecting case. It is bit tight when the case is on. Charging pin Is bit misfit. But overall this product is Very good.
Nicely built but a let down on one aspect
The +'s
Its a well built stand that lets you quickly dock your phone.
It is designed to allow for a case.
The -'s
I use a TPU case with my phone and find its a tight fit.
If you use a TPU case there is no way for the sound to get out.

Had there been a bigger space to allow for cases and a speaker hole I would have given it 5 stars, however now I can only stretch to 4.
Could have been perfect
With a little more attention to detail this could have been perfect.Point 1. The phone only fits one way this means the speaker is covered at the back which muffles the sound a bit not a biggie but a point. If you do put the phone in the wrong way round so you can hear the speaker better the ON/OFF button on the phone is actuated by the plastic insert frame, also the active lead at the back is not long enough to reach to the other side. Got around this by filing a small slot in the plastic and just plug the supplied car adaptor straight into the phone and not into the cradle.Only small points but worth a note. Back to the good stuff its very well made and the sucker stick to the windscreen like glue. Don't be put off by my nit picking it's a good product.
Great Car Mount, but....
I have had a Kidigi screen mount before and was impressed with the quality and the Nexus version doesn't dissapoint in this department.

My only gripe is with the ability for the mount to hold a phone within a protective bumper. The screen mount has a removable insert for this situation, but when I tried using the sat nav the sound was so quiet it was unusable.

When you taking the phone out of the cover, re-insert the insert, the sound is fantastic - it's just a shame that you can't have your cake and eat it.....!

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