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Car Mount Cradle & Charger for Google Nexus 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Google Nexus 5 in view and fully charged while driving with the car mount cradle and included charger.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42637

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 4.5 stars from 23 customers

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Great Cradle
Great Cradle for your Nexus 5 in the car.

The Nexus sits nice and firm in the cradle in either Portrait or Landscape mode.
Very good product, perfect fixation. The behind micro USB for the charger fix very hard but is better just leave it fixated all the time. The charger works very well. Cannot use it with cover.
Good but not the best
I,m kind of happy that i dont have to reatch for the phone in the car ,i have experience the motorola droid car dock and it was the greatest car dock i haved experience,im goin to have to do some more settingin order to fully apriciate this car dock
Great product
Works perfectly, phone is secure and the cord is a good length!
Car mount cradle and charger for Google Nexus 5
Excellent product. As described you can use it with a slime protective case. The cradle provides various options to position your device to allow the best view of the display. Easy to clip in and remove your phone while still holding it steady. I have tried many other cradles before and wish I had purchased this first.
The product delivered is outstanding, the build and material quality is excellent and fits my Nexus 5 perfectly even with a Spigen slim protector cover fitted (once the insert is removed from the cradle) . It has numerous position options as well.

Fast delivery as arrived next day.

MobileFun customer service is excellent.

Would recommend this company for the service and products it provides. :-)
Best phone holder charger ever,fast postage highly recommended dealerthanks
Spot on...
Can't fault this product... phone fits like a glove, the unit is sturdy and very versatile. You'd need a very odd shaped car to not be able to find a decent mounting point! Good work!
Good value for money
Easy enough to set up and fits the phone perfectly, not had any vibration or movement when the phone is in the cradle and it charges surprisingly well despite the drain from using the Sat Nav and having a variety of other apps open. My only issue with it is that my phone doesn't fit with the official Nexus 5 phone case (yes I've taken the cradle insert out too :-) Not really a hardship to pop it back in it's case once I'm done though. Good value for money
car mount & charger for Google phone
Just what I expected. Good quality and prompt delivery
Car Mount Cradle & Charger for Google Nexus 5
The product is just excellent, I can't say any more than that. I am extremely happy with it and it works perfectly. A very acceptable delivery time also. Thank you MobileZap!
excellent compact design
Very compact and functional. Noon obtrusive when not in use. Would have loved to have a 2a charger though
excellent compact design
Very compact and functional. Noon obtrusive when not in use. Would have loved to have a 2a charger though
does the job
Does what it says on the tin but can rattle a bit on some road surfaces. Overall, good product.
very good products
Functional but requires fiddling
* Can be oriented in pretty much any direction.
* Fits the Nexus 5 spot on.
* Rugged construction means it stays in position.

* Requires quite a bit of fiddling to set up
Superb Car Mount (fits the bill)
This is truly the best cradle I could find for the Nexus 5. First the phone fits perfectly with a slim phone protector case installed but it is just as snug if you have no protector due to the removable part of the cradle. The cradle can be attached to ether window or dashboard. The unit is also supplied with a decent fast charger cable and works perfectly with the cradle setup. Cannot fault the quality for the price ether. Get one NOW!!!

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