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Car Audio FM Transmitter for Smartphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Transmit music from your Smartphone to speakers or car audio system via this FM Transmitter.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38283

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 3.8 stars from 24 customers

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Very happy about my order
My FM transmitter works well, very easy installation and no back ground noise. Delivery was on time as well.

I do recommend it if your car has no mp3 radio.
Very happy about my order
My FM transmitter works well, very easy installation and no back ground noise. Delivery was on time as well.

I do recommend it if your car has no mp3 radio.
Great gadget
I needed to connect phone to radio/cd player in car, the fm transmitter is great, with usb power lead, audio jack all combined, easy to tune in , great sound. thanks Mobilefun.
Simple, but not perfect
Bought this FM transmitter to use with my daughters tablet in the car, it is simple to set up, and once you've found a clear frequency then it is OK, not perfect but useable. The only downside is as soon as you plug the tablet in to charge then there is too much interference.
Useful little gadget
Bought this to use in a friends car (with no aux in/Bluetooth etc), for a long road trip. I use Deezer so needed to be able to get music from my phone to his car's speakers. Worked really well, good sound quality, much better than anticipated. Looks and feels a bit on the cheap side but did the job nicely. Would recommend.
cheap and cheerful fm transmitter
Cheap and cheerful with no aerials to mess with like a dab receiver - we stream digital stations over smartphone internet or play music from phone memory. Perfect for even larger smartphones like the Samsung Note. Added advantage of pass through power. Fits easily even with aftermarket cases. Only downsides are volume on radio needs turning up as headphone output limited, and no preset fm stations incase you move into an area with interference.
Not usable
Cables not long enough to charge the phone and connect to the headphone socket at the same time.
Not great, Not bad
Works okish, interferes with my remote central locking and alarm system with the car and I recieve poorer reception on my mobile while driving and using it. Every so often it has a mad moment and locks up and changes frequency.

Sounds not to bad but get mobile network interferance sometimes.
Good product
we like the car charger/transmitter. thanks!
Because the audio socket is on the top and the charging port is on the bottom. The audio lead is not long enough.

I am sure the transmitter works fine if your phone has it's connetivity close together.
works 60% of the time
nice bit of kit when it works, does not power up every time when I start the car.
excellent product.
Easy to set up easy to use,excellent sound.
well worth a look.
Just what I was looking for fitted my needs to a tee. Site is well laid out and competitivery priced.
Does the job!
I bought this to replace the previous transmitter from my old iPhone which of course like all my other docking stations etc is not compatible with my iPhone 5!

The good news is this radio transmitter works perfectly, better sound quality than my old one, only slight disappointment is it won't charge my iPhone but my other half was pleased as it will charge his Samsung so that's a bonus!

All in all good value for money, does exactly what it should and a neat little product, would recommend.
FM transmitter works well
This transmitter works very and is very easy to connect to the car's audio to produce a great sound from any audio files on your phone. It has one problem and that is that it won't charge and Xperia Z. Xperia Z and most big smartphones need 1.5 amps. The charging output is too low. You'll need to use a separate charger and have a double socket for the car. Then it works beautifully. Pity charging isn't adequate or I'd give it 5 stars.
Excellent piece of kit
Would recommend purchasing one of these works perfect with my HTC1X only problem it dose not come with a cigarette lighter to USB adaptor which was a bit of pain but still worth the money
Perfect little device for those without a aux connector
I bought this FM transmitter for my HTC One x while i'm driving to and from work.
It works perfect, just like listening to my radio, but instead I have my Gps going as well as my internet radio through my phone.
As I couldn't here the directions through the normal phone speaker.

It best one I looked at, including those on the internet, as a lot of them u can not charge your phone as well

My very Happy with it, thanks guys at mobile fun
great item but beware of usb charging power
This is a great item which looks good and gives superb sound quality. It's powered by usb so make sure you have an adapter for usb to 12v socket. But beware as the micro usb only provides 1A and most top smartphones like my Xperia Z require 1.5A so won't charge it! Otherwise very good and just have to charge phone separately

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