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Capdase Xpose & Luxe Case Pack for Samsung Galaxy S3 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The white Xpose & Luxe Case Pack offers custom made protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3 and also includes a screen protector and foldable stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36151
$24.34 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 55 customers

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Great value for money, not only a bump case, and phone case, but a screen protector and stand too.
Love the 'cut outs' in the outer case so that you can see the bar details without having to remove the phone from the case.
Only drawback, it is a little bit bulky.
thats what I need
In everything is OK, and offer to phone all safety.
Simply Perfect
I didn't realise exactly what was included when I purchased this product.
I thought this was just the case, so I was pleasantly surprised what was in the box when it arrived.
The Xpose soft jacket fits perfectly, and all the functions of the phone are unimpeded.
The screen protector does exactly as it says, plus it doesn't show up finger marks, as the screen does without it.
The desk stand was something else I wasn't expecting, but it has come in extremely handy for in the office.
And finally, the Luxe case.... it's made to measure, so no chance of the phone 'falling out'. plus, the special caller ID window is in exactly the right place.

This product is fantastic value for money, and as always, Mobile Fun delivered in super quick time.

Thanks :)
Product for Samsung
J'ai acheté un kit étui pour le Galaxy S3, je l'adore! Il est de qualité, bien fait et élégant! De plus, le service chez Mobilefun est super! Délai de livraison respecté et suivi du produit a été génial! J'ai recommandé le site à plusieurs de mes amis!

Merci et à la prochaine commande!!!
well thought out phone protection pack
this is a very good package, protects phone well and suits my working life (construction) perfectly.
Only downside is that the inner case interferes with the volume control when putting the phone to sleep, maybe its just me as my previous case broke up near the volume control.
An excellent item
I am a person who is reliant on his mobile for business. I am also very funny about scratching or damaging my phone. My old leather slip case had seen better days so I decided to look for a new one.

I read the reviews on this product and thought I would give it a go. Lets just say it does not disappoint. First you get a case that surrounds the back of the phone. The quality it very high and does not mark at all when handling the phone. The slip case is make out off a semi ridged plastic which keeps the phone nice and safe. There is a hole cut for the notification light, a must if like me you may not alway hear or feel the phone vibrate. There is also a hole cut for the section of the screen that displays the name of the person calling. This is good as you do not have to remove the phone to see who is calling. Also on the back is a hole for the speaker, making it very easy to hear your phone ring. As with other reviews, you do get a desk stand which I did not use. You also get a screen protector, which due to my track record with them, I decided not to use.
This is an excellent product
Great Value!
You get 2 case's, one for casual use and one fit for a building site!! The screen protector and phone stand are just a bonus! Like the ability to attach a lanyard.
Great package
This is 4 products in one and is great value for money. You get a screen protector, a lightweight clip over case which leaves the screen exposed and a more substantial case into which you can slip the phone whilst it still in the lightweight the case. This is useful when you want to give your mobile more protection when it's in your bag or glove compartment. The phone is gripped by the case so it won' t fall out. The 4th item is a small desk stand to hold your phone. It looks more like an puzzle from a Xmas cracker but it's great fun trying to figure out how it works!
Ticked all the boxes
Early days but so far so good.very good fit rubber case ,protects the phone when using out of the outer case,makes it easier to handle and less chance of fumbling / dropping.outer case well made,looks good,although makes the phone chunky,not an issue though.window on the outer case could be further over to aid checking phone for time/calls.have not used stand as yet,another thing to carry about,although could be of use.
Capdase Xpose & Luxe Galaxy S3
Fantastic cases. Recommend to anyone. Great service too!
The perfect case!!!
Ive had a few cases for the galaxy s3 all pretty decent but I fancied something a little different and came across the Xpose lux its by far the best case ive had to date...great quality and offers good protection for your handset , 2 off my friends have also purchased one since ive had mine as it also looks the business. Thumbs up mobile fun!!!
Ultimate case!
I have been looking for one for my Galaxy S3 and found it on Mobile fun. Had this for about a week now and love it. It is Rugged, looks stunning and most importantly feels good and safe in hand. I have close to 4 hours of train/tube commute everyday and this product seems to have been built for such a tough daily use.
quality case,slim and classic.
have been used this company before,won't go wrong.
Simply outstanding.
Ordered at 5.30 delivered 10.30 the next day. Fantastic product just what I was looking for, excellent quality and great value for money too. I will be using this company again. 10/10
Nothing else needs saying.
Awesome Case and Protector
I wanted two things for my new phone - good routine safety for when I'm knocking round the house and a robust but smart outer shell for when I'm out and about. Well I got both with this product! The skin is fabulous- both protective and unassuming. The outer case is elegant and strong. Buy this!
perfect fit
This case fits the galaxy s3 like a glove and keeps it well protected. It keeps my phone safe and clean at work( no easy feat) and also looks cool . Perfect!
Excellent Protection
Having invested in a Samsung S3 I wanted to ensure that I protected it properly with a case. Initially I purchased a relatively expensive leather flip case, (not from mobile fun), however within four months I found that the stitching was already coming undone on the clip and so wanted something better.

After reading a number of reviews I plumped for the Capdase Xpose & Luxe Case Pack. On arrival I found it very easy to fit the inner case and the fit of the main exterior case was excellent. It gripped the phone with just the right amount of tension, not too loose that the phone is in danger of falling out but not so tight that answering the phone became a battle with the case.

I am very happy with this case, probably more important is that I feel reassured that my precious phone is protected.
Capdase case
I was looking for a good quality case to protect my phone and this most definitely is it. the moulded case is a perfect fit and the case part is well made and robust, all around excellent way of protecting your samsung s3. it comes with a little stand which is ok but hardly worth it and you also receive a screen protector.
very good build quality, has a little window which works and is useful. Also a nice exterior feel for my fingers
Using this with my Speck case and all is well
rubber moldings that usually get picked off quickly are sturdy as is the stitching
price is pretty good for the quality to be fair, definitely will recommend this actually
A bargain
I brought this on Friday and got it today (saturday) an amazing idea now I can use either or both cases, both are very well made and protect the phone superbly 100x better then any of the official cases out at the moment.
Spot on!
Lovely case just what I wanted. Rubbery phone cover fits like a glove, and the outer case is tough. Also has a cutout in the outer case so when someone calls it displays the're name, saves you from taking phone out of case even though you'll have to anyway :D

Very good case going to see if I can get a similar one for my Nexus 7.
very happy .
Was very satisfied whith this it was just what I was looking for so would give it 10 out of 10. Thank you mobilefun .
Amazing Value
I don't normally leave reviews but felt compelled to with this product. It really has a quality feel and isn't a reflection of it's relatively low price. I'd expect this to be around £30 (not a suggestion!). It's a very snug fit and protects the phone very well. You get a lot in the package - the main pouch, a rubber case (very nice feel) and a Capdase screen protector. The screen protector covers more of the front of the phone than others I've seen and seems very clear and easy to clean. I'm sure I could use the phone in this case for 2 years and it would come out at the end as it came from the factory. Only thing to bear in mind is it adds some bulk to the phone but that's not really a concern for me, especially considering the amount of protection it adds. That and the fact I grew up in the 90s where phones were designed for briefcases and not pockets...
Just what i wanted and a lot more
It has a felt textured inner which protects your screen. The two cases combined are a perfect match and im so glad ive brought this item. Its more than exceeded my expectations and will be buying this item again. Its a dream. Thank you Mobile fun
Best case
I bought this case to find extremely protection for my phone. Fits well and is easy to be removed off to the pouch. Free screensaver as good quality too. Good quality product for this money. I hope mobilefun bring some more products to this brand Capadase. Highly recomended
Sulit! (Worth it)
I have a Galaxy S3 bought 2 different cases already. One was made of plastic after just two days I took it out and to my surprise there were 2 little scratches at the chrome sides (or metal sidings whatever its called) So I got a new one which is rubber on the sides and a plastic panel covering the back. After a few days took my cell out and again little scratches at the back of the casing. So I went online and checked other products and that's when I learned about Capdase... This Value Pack is worth every penny and its price is significantly cheaper than the Otterbox cases which also tend to be a little to bulky for my taste. Hope I was able to help you guys! Much love netizens we have a good product here for your expensive S3
Perfect protection
Hey. I've always looked after my phones and so spend a long time searching for a decent case to fit my latest purchases. The Capdase ticked all the right boxes with me, as I not only wanted a case/cover for the phone, but a protective sleeve to go over the top of that. The small window to view who's calling is great, saves taking the phone out on every received call. While it does increase the phones overall size, I don't think its excessively so and still fits neatly in my Jean pockets.
If you're looking for a great case for your S3 offering decent protection, then look no further. I've gone for black, but would love to see more vivid colours available........ orange for instance as its my favourite colour ;-)


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