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Capdase Dual USB World Power Adapter 3.1 Amp - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for use worldwide, this Capdase Power Adapter includes 4 interchangeable mains adapters and features a 2.1A and 1A USB port for recharging of any mobile device.
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 4.8 stars from 40 customers

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Just what I needed
Been using this device for a good while now and I have to say I find it really good. I actually didn't think I would use it on daily basis but now use it for charging my phone of an evening. The Item comes well packaged and all plug adapters come supplied. The adapters clip on fairly easy but you do need to have a screwdriver to hand to take them off not because they are stiff it's just for safety reasons of which I am fine with. The product is very well made and solid and shows a small blue light when plugged in. There are 2 usb inputs one at 2.1amp and the other at 1amp. I Find no difference in using this to my old charging unit I got with my phone, but more practical as I can use it abroad. Overall I can't fault this and very pleased with my purchase.
Wonderful and useful device in Travel
very useful
It's a wall charger that comes with 2 usb ports of 1A suitable for smartphones and another of 2.1A suitable for tablets.
It comes also with many adpters to use over the world. Very useful in a trip when at hotel has one wall socket and is needed to charge 2 devices like a smartphone and a tablet or digital camera battery to get another day of beautiful photos.
Perfect. Travel adaptors are so useful and can charge 2 items at one. Brilliant
Very handy device
This comes with two USB ports, one rated at 2.1A, and the other at 1A, and you can use both simultaneously. There are clip-on power plugs for UK, Europe, N America and Australia.
The device is pretty compact, approx 5 x 6.3 x 2.5 cm, excluding the detachable plug(s), so it won't take up too much room in your travel bag. It projects just over 2 cm below the socket when used in the UK. If you're using the European or US plugs, it will project to the right or left.
It worked well, charging both my devices in a reasonable time.
World power adapter
Fantastic device!!! Mobilefun service is awesome fast and reliable!!!!
Ideal for traveling
Small and convenient for traveling around euope. Able to charge both iPad and iPhone at the same time with no problem, and the bonus is I can use it at home too with the quick interchangeable plug attachments.
Works GOOD
Thanks to MobileFun, the charger arrived earlier than they promised. Immediately I plugged the charger. The light (power indicator) is a little bit hard to see under bright light and all receptacle adapters are supplied loose, there is no bag or box for them. Everything else is fine - It works, the charger stays cool under load and it looks good.
Handy little gadget; saves time.
original product didn't work for me. got on to customer service. sent me out an equivalent product that did work at no extra cost and didn't ask for the old product back. great back up service. will use again
Ideal Traveller
I purchased this for it's interchangeable plug feature for when I travel abroad, in that aspect it's just great.
As for the 2.1 amp and 1 amp output USB sockets the 1 amp is pretty much a waste of time for the Samsungs. The chargers for Samsungs latest products all seem to be 2 amp so the 1 amp product is only useful to trickle charge if you are charging two devices at the same time.
This product would be 10 out of 10 with two 2.1 amp USB sockets.
Good design for what it does
This product is an excellent mobile device and can be used world wide and is small enough to carry with you anywhere. I would recommend this to my friends
Excellent product
Reduces the clutter a little with the two outputs allowing the device to charge any smartphone or tablet. (Some phones do not like the higher charge rate and some tablets won't charge from the lower rate so output needs to match device). Will charge two suitable devices simultaneously and is very well made.
My second purchase!
My first review of this product confirmed it was a charger I had been searching for for a long time; charging as it does both 'standard' devices and those, like my iPhone 5, which requires the higher 2.1 mAh charging rate. Because it also provides the option of wall socket moulting or 'figure 8' lead connection, it's perfect for sitting on bedside table. So now we had to get another one! The products are great, and delivery service excellent. Mobile Fun is my Accessory needs first reference point.
Great product
I recently purchased this USB International charger following a trip away and experiencing issues with charging my phone and iPad

This is great. Charges the iPad quickly while also being able to charge the phone.

I would recommend this product
At last a Multi Charger that covers 2mA devices
I have looked for a long time for a multi charger that will do all my devices, including those that need a higher charge rate. Now I have found it, and as always it's Mobile Fun that has come up trumps.
I bought this item for future vacations but am using it at home until then. The interchangeable wall connectors are well constructed, easy to take off and replace and works superbly.
Fine piece of kit!
As usual with Mobilefun the unit arrived promptly and though I bought it for foreign travel, it is so useful that it's in use at home already. It is well made and the interchangeable plugs are easy to fit and firm. It readily charges an iPhone and an iPad at the same time and it will certainly cut down on our electrical travel clutter. We will put it to the test in Croatia at the end of October. I'm sure it will prove to be an excellent buy, especially with 4 different plugs.
What a Winner, again.
Perfect travelling companion.
What makes it ideal are the various plugs; one for each region.
Ideal for holidays abroad in Europe.
Nice one MobileFun
Versatile, neat and effective
I saw this and thought: 'Great, two chargers in one, much more convenient on holiday than separate chargers.'
Not only is this the case, but it is easy to take the plug bit off (I can undo the spring lock with a fingernail), and then much easier to pack for travel.
The higher power USB socket charges the iPad fine, and both ports charge any USB phone, spare battery, etc, perfectly well. I've not been abroad to test it yet, but the UK plug option works perfectly well. In fact, it's so convenient, we leave it in the socket in the kitchen to allow easy charging of phones (or pretty well any USB chargeable item) etc there.
The construction is plastic, but both very elegant and fairly robust. However, I reckon if you try to use a small metal object to undo the spring catch it wouldn't be difficult to wreck the slot; I haven't tested this hypothesis, though!
The plug section fits into a figure-8 socket on the charger. This is the inspirational design feature - you can use any figure-8 ended plug (e.g. from an old radio, cassette, player, etc) to power it as an integral extension lead, giving greater versatility to where you deploy the charger without a separate (and often bulky) extension socket bank. I have found this to work well when needed.
I agree with another reviewer that the only omission is a nice holder to keep the various spare plug options in; I can see these going astray if we're not very careful about where we keep them!
Great, works a treat
Feels like a very nice well build unit. I would buy another of these if I need another charger.
Does what it says on the box!
Only intended to use this in the UK for keeping my iproducts fully charged and it does that perfectly, also excellent to put in your bag for work as the plug part comes off easily making it less bulky. All in all worth every penny. Well,done Moile Fun for supplying another innovative product!
Delighted with product
Delighted with the iPhone charger for abroad. Will be taking it to Morocco. I have tested it and it works perfectly.
Great gadget, very useful, but can’t charge Galaxy Tab when you’re using it
I bought this to charge a Samsung S3 phone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The phone charges fine when it is turned on; however it won’t charge the Tab if it is turned on and you are using it (the original Samsung charger can). The dual ports and interchangeable adaptors make it ideal for international travel and cut down on extra chargers etc., but the adaptor release mechanism is a little on the tight side.
Great device
Excellent device charges well and feels well made considering buying another one as when we are both away we have a lot of devices to keep charged!
Great little adapter
This adapter is just what I was looking for. I'll be using it mainly at home to charge both my devices, it's a bonus that I can use it world wide. Even my dad was impressed with it, so that's saying something. Would definitely recommend this product.
Great for Travel - Does what it promises
Bought this charger as was frustrated on recent trip to Europe that using USB charger in cars and on PCs there was often not sufficient power to charge the Galaxy and the Ipad charge was slow. This charger is great as charges both devices at same time and Ipad charged 1% in around a minute with both devices plugged in. Easy to use and good plug options. Only disappointment is no travel pouch to keep everything together as each plug option is separate. Not an issue if only travelling to one region but just would have been nice extra touch!!
Holiday problems solved
After carrying many different types of adapters for my phones, IPad, camera chargers etc - here comes a very handy and compact plug.
This will cover most regions of the world and means you are on track to keep everything topped up with power and ready to go!!
Wonderful charging gaget
I purchased this for our Holiday.

Our dependence upon electronic devices means we have had to take a bag of chargers in the past. With the Capdase dual USB we were able to get by with just the two, to cover two mobile phones, Mp3 player, bluetooth speaker, Camera, Nintendo DS3, kindle reader and Kindle HD fire (the HD fire was a surprise as most of these type of gadget do not cope with the current required to charge this device).

The only item it was not able to cope with was my ASUS TF300T, but in fairness thus far the generic plug supplied with the tablet is the only charger that will cope with the current required (and even this get really quite hot doing so).

I will be purchasing another capdase Dual so we do not have to have a charging regime next time.
Won't charge Galaxy tablets at full rate
It should be mentioned in the product details that this wont charge Samsung tablets at full rate. A red bar appears across the charging logo when the tablet is switched on. It will not charge when the tablet is in use. When switched off the tablet charges, but very slowly. Works fine with Galaxy S3 phone.
Up-market world charger
I wanted a charger to take away on holiday to charge up my Kindle Paperwhite, which is sold without a charger. Having done a bit of research, I like the look of this one as it appeared a cut above the rest although slightly more expensive. I have only used it a couple of times so far (and not yet abroad), but it seems to tick all the right boxes.
Travel usb kit
Super fast delivery . goods were delivered within a couple of days.
Plug looks fine and will be useful for travelling.
Super charger
Super charger with 2 outlets.
One for IPAD and one for Iphone.
Works fantastic.
Good product
A little bit wary about ordering chargers and leads from eBay. As there have been loads of problems with the. This however is a great product, good quality, fast charging and doesn't get too hot. Love the facility to connect a standard 2 prong mains lead to bring the charger closer to you with out buying a longer uSb lead which can result in a lowering of performance on the higher power requirements of tablets.
very useful in uk and abroad
A dual output charger with multiple worldwide mains plugs. Nowadays with so many things charged via USB it is important to make best use of each socket especially overnight when you want to charge multiple devices. This has the added feature of changeable world wide mains plugs so making it ideal for travelling as well.

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