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Capdase Atom Plus 1Amp Universal Power Adapter - Micro USB - UK Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge any Micro USB device which this small and discreet charger from Capdase.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34019

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$6.75 inc VAT
 3 stars from 2 customers

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Mini marvel
A small wonder! Great charger that works as it should with no bells and whistles. permanantly in my suitcase and I have one at work also. 5 stars
capdase atom plus 1 amp review
I have multiple phones , this product works fine if device requires 1A or less but use it in a device such as Samsung S5 it will overheat and cut out after 10 minutes then when it has cooled down 5 minutes later it will resume charging and repeat this cycle. I have used lower power chargers to charge my s5 which do it fine but slow as expected but this device is irritating in that it cuts out and in so phone keeps alerting me its charging , also when it overheats you can just about touch it so it is worryingly hot. very nice small size.

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