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Brodit ProClip Console Mount - Jaguar XF 09-14 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Attach your Brodit holder to the console mount of your Jaguar XF with this custom made ProClip Centre mount.
  • Mobile Fun ID 17479
$6.47 inc VAT
 2 stars from 1 customers

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I have used Brodit pro clips and active holders for many years, spanning two PDAs and three phones and three different cars.

In the past I have always been pleased with them.
However I am somewhat disappointed with the pro clip for the Jaguar XF.

I am using this pro clip with an existing active holder for a Samsung Galaxy S3 having changed cars.

The fitting as usual was straightforward. However I feel the position is very inconvenient. Although the pro clip itself does not interfere with the door for the storage area, once a cradle is attached that does interfere and has to be moved out of the way to open the door. The position is also such that passengers bang their knees on it getting in the car. Also because of the design the angle at which the phone is held is far from ideal.

All in all I shall probably be looking for an alternative.

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